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Spy or Die Trying expansion now Available from Warm Acre

Code Blue. If you hear that while in a hospital, it means someone's having a very bad day (I used to work as a supervisor for housekeeping at a large hospital here in the Atlanta area). Code Blue is also the new expansion that's available for Spy or Die Trying from Warm Acre. This new set takes you below the waves. How well-pressed will your tuxedo be underneath that wetsuit?

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Warm Acre Games adds new pledge levels to Spy or Die Trying Kickstarter

Warm Acre Games has one week left on their Kickstarter campaign. They've added some new pledge levels to help get them to their funding goal.

From the update:

Our Kickstarter campaign for Spy or Die Trying is now past the half-way mark and we have an exciting announcement!


Although we originally planned to produce metal miniatures as a stretch goal, we received so many requests for them that we’ve now decided to include them in the main Kickstarter.

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Spy or Die Trying up on Kickstarter

Warm Acre Games launched their Kickstarter for their next board game, Spy or Die Trying.

From the campaign:

The game features fast-paced combat and a unique stealth system that gives agents the option of using silence or violence to take on the base.
Time itself is a resource, agents can ‘spend time’ to accomplish a variety of actions (from breaching doors to sabotaging the base’s generator) but they must spend it with care – every minute takes the world closer to doomsday and victory for the SWORD.

It’s time to spy… or die trying!

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Baker Company Vietnam War miniatures now available at Warm Acre Games

Warm Acre has some new Vietnam-era models available over in their webstore.

From the release:

The Vietnam War miniatures from Baker Company are now available at warmacre.com.

We cast the Baker Company miniatures for Danny, the owner, and since we love these miniatures so much, we have asked whether we can sell them, too!

These 28mm scale (from foot to eye) miniatures come in packs of eight.

Here are some of the items we stock:

Vietnam War U.S. Special Forces Firefight: £9.00 GBP
Vietnam War U.S. Special Forces Patrol £9.00 GBP

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Warm Acre Releases a New Card Stock Building

Warm Acre Releases a New Card Stock Building:

From their announcement:

This card stock model once constructed, will give you a realistic three dimensional watering hole for your 28mm scale miniatures. Ideal for any modern wargame (1950s -present and beyond). Whether its a stronghold during a zombie outbreak, invasion by Spatz-Natz on British soil or as a location on a street devolved into violence, you will find “The “Pub”as a great addition to the tabletop. This model is simple to construct and there are some basic instructions to help you build “The Pub”

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Special Hour of Glory auction for Help for Heroes

Warm Acre is having an auction to raise funds for Help for Heroes. From their announcement:
As well as running a wargames company, I'm associated with the cadet movement in the U.K., and I deal with many ex-forces personnel, and also many kids that will join the armed forces (or already have). Many of these will or have needed the support that Help for Heroes gives, and I would like to help out in whatever small way I can. To support the Help for Heroes charity in the U.K., we have decided to auction copies of our game Hour of Glory through eBay, using their donation option, and will be pledging 50% to Help for Heroes. I'm not sure how well this will work, but I hope that many of you will support us.

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