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Warm Acre

Code Blue. If you hear that while in a hospital, it means someone's having a very bad day (I used to work as a supervisor for housekeeping at a large hospital here in the Atlanta area). Code Blue is a
Warmacre Games has their holiday sale happening now over in their webshop. Some of the sales prices are up to 50% of their regular MSRP. So you can pick up games like Spy or Die Trying for a lot less
Warm Acre Games has one week left on their Kickstarter campaign. They've added some new pledge levels to help get them to their funding goal.From the update:Our Kickstarter campaign for Spy or Die Try
Warm Acre Games launched their Kickstarter for their next board game, Spy or Die Trying.From the campaign:The game features fast-paced combat and a unique stealth system that gives agents the option o
Warm Acre has some new Vietnam-era models available over in their webstore.From the release:The Vietnam War miniatures from Baker Company are now available at cast the Baker Company mi
Warm Acre has their game of WWII zombie-killing fun over on Wargame Vault.From the release:War-torn Europe in 1945 is about to experience a new kind of horror. Even as the Third Reich crumbles beneath
Warm Acre Releases a New Card Stock Building:From their announcement:This card stock model once constructed, will give you a realistic three dimensional watering hole for your 28mm scale miniatures. I
Warm Acre is having an auction to raise funds for Help for Heroes. From their announcement: As well as running a wargames company, I'm associated with the cadet movement in the U.K., and I deal wit