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Tomorrow is the last day to get your pre-order in for the newest Bolt Action sourcebook from Warlord Games that looks at the Canadian and British sectors during D-Day. If you're waiting on one last pr
While the French army was initially defeated in WWII, the French people didn't take German occupation laying down. Everyday citizens took up arms to do anything they could to sabotage, disrupt, and ot
Stuck at home? Nobody to play games with? Still want to get some minis gaming on? Warlord Games is here to help. They've released their Bounty Hunter campaign for Strontium Dog. No other players neces
The Judges can often feel like they're the only ones out there in Mega City One keeping the populace safe. Well, if you're at home alone and also want to keep the citizens of the city safe, you can us
Since many of us are still in lockdown due to the pandemic, going out to the gaming store and playing isn't really feasible. As such, playing at home is mostly what we can get. And if you're looking t
You know, sometimes you just want a real surprise, even if you buy something for yourself. If you're looking to get a bunch of parts for various figures to use in some projects you're working on, you
The thing about bringing actual peoples into a fantasy world is that all of their magic and mythical creatures can take a more direct act in the game, whereas it tends to stay on the fringe in a histo
Yes, I realize that the Celts are real people. And yes, I know that Warlords of Erehwon is a fantasy game. But the former is getting an army in the latter, as the game's designer, Rick, has been addin
WWII had many tense moments and battles. Exploiting gaps in enemy lines. Covert missions. Desperate defensive actions. In this scenario new Bolt Action scenario from Warlord Games, the British assault
The ancient Meso-Americans are making their way to Warlords of Erehwon in a new supplement coming soon. Along with the regular troops, there's plenty of mythic creatures that will also be taking to th
Warlord Games and Skytrex Military Models have been working together for a while, but the two have become even closer as Warlord Games has fully and officially acquired the model-makers. This will exp
The French army wasn't able to withstand the German onslaught in WWII and the country eventually fell. However, the French people weren't going to have any of this fascist occupation and so many took
Though France was defeated in WWII, that doesn't mean that they stopped fighting. An underground resistance quickly formed all over the country. These insurgents were well-armed and coordinated, able
The Italians are making their way into Victory at Sea with a starter set soon. Want to see what's going to be in there? This is the preview that you're looking for.
While a lot of focus in WWII games is on the US, Germany, Britain, France, and Japan, there were a lot more factions involved, including the Italians. Their fleet will be making its way into Victory a
Anyone else want to call them Pokebatts? I mean, they're battleships that fit in your pocket (well, if you have extremely huge pockets, I suppose). That is to say, they're smaller ships that still hav
Want to get your hands on some treats this Halloween and spend a little less on them so you can buy more candy? I thought so. Well, then head over to Warlord Games' webshop and pick yourself up some f
To this day, international shipping is how much of the world gets its goods. During WWII, the chain of supply stretched across the Atlantic as the US sent supplies to the Allies even before their form
A major component of the German navy, submersibles were a game-changer in both World Wars. In Victory at Sea, players can add these submarines to their fleets. In this article, Warlord Games looks at
Commando forces played a major role in the landings at Normandy for the Allies. In this article, we get a little look at them historically as well as see a new special bundle deal for the D-Day: Briti
While the starter sets and a couple other kits have been available, the full rulebook for Victory at Sea is just coming up for pre-order soon. If you want to get a look inside this repository of all t
The new British & Canadian Sectors field guide that's coming out for Bolt Action won't only focus on the Allied side of the battle line. Facing off against them were part of the Luftwaffe Field Di
While many people focus on the American sections of the D-Day landings, the action was truly all the Allies working together. In the upcoming campaign book for Bolt Action, they take a look at the Can
As the article points out, the Romans aren't strictly a fantasy thing. They were real. However, this list doesn't try so much to be historically accurate as it tries to be fantasy accurate. There's ce
First used extensively in WWI, aircraft really came into their own in WWII, with air power being a major factor in many battles during the conflict. In this article, Warlord Games looks at using the a