Total War: Warhammer Announced

SEGA, along with Creative Assembly, and Games Workshop, have announced Total War: Warhammer. Total War is in it's 15th year and ready to bring some high fantasy to your computer screen. The new video game will be a turn-based campaign game where empire building is paramount. They have posted up a trailer video that you can watch below the cut.

From the announcement:
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TGN Editorial - Press Announcement Pique

Associate Editor Enrico Nardini pulls out a pernicious problem present in Games Workshop’s latest press announcement. See what has him piqued! tgn-editorial_360 There are times when I feel like Games Workshop is in a position where they can do no right. 2014 did show improvement in some areas. Did you ever think you would see bundle deals that had an actual and meaningful discount? How about new starter sets that once again, could be considered a value for your gaming dollar (including units you might actually want to purchase)? Yet, in the age of the $25+ single figure blister, it’s hard to not think that there are still systemic issues in GW’s attitude and business model that may be causing their continuing profit backslide.
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TGN Feature - It's the End of the Old World as We Know It

TGN Associate Editor Enrico Nardini speculates on the rumors of dynamic change in the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles.


Yep. It's a cliched title. Sue me. If there is one thing Games Workshop (GW) fans have been conditioned to accept (much like victims of Stockholm Syndrome), it's receiving news of upcoming releases via leaks and rumors. It's so pervasive now that , as a conspiratorially minded individual, I often wonder if this pattern of rumor, leaked photos, and eventual confirmation isn't a calculated marketing ploy to generate buzz. Sure, sites posting rumors and leaked images shut down on occasion, victims of GW's legal team. But, couldn't that be done to keep up appearances. Karl Franz doth protest too much, methinks.

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