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Warhammer Fantasy

It's early Sunday morning, and that means packing things up here in the room. It's the final day of Adepticon. If you've been here, I hope you've had a good time. If you've not been here, I hope the p
Well, it's the 4th of July and Britain has sent the US a present. That being Games Workshop has posted up the rules for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar on their website, for free, along with all the Warscrol
Well, we're getting close to the new version of Warhammer Fantasy Battles from Games Workshop. There's been lots of rumors and half-heard things being passed along for quite a while. Well, you know th
You can now get the Warhammer App for your Android devices (for those of you that don't have Apple products). The App is free to download and has some pretty neat features if you're wanting to be kept
Forge World will be one of the many vendors headed to Salute, the UK's premier gaming convention. They want to make sure that if you want to buy something from them that they'll have it on hand (becau
Games Workshop adds to their pre-orders with some new stuff. For those following along with the Warhammer Fantasy releases, they have their Khorne Daemonkin book in various forms, from electronic to d
Games Workshop added a new hero to their pre-order page for Warhammer. Well, anti-hero is probably more like it, unless you think that the slaughter of your enemies in the name of your insatiable god
Games Workshop added to their pre-orders page for Warhammer. The new products include Khorne Wrathmoners and Skullreapers (including a web bundle) as well as their Archaon book (with a hardcover, an e
Games Workshop is seeing red. They've started taking pre-orders for their new Khorne Bloodthirster mini for Warhammer Fantasy. One of the most iconic demons of the Warhammer world got itself a resculp
It's another Saturday. Hopefully you've got something fun going on.Anyway, here's the reviews we found during the week (it was apparently a big week for posting reviews. There's quite a lot to go thro
Games Workshop added a bunch of new Skaven to their pre-order page, including new Stormfiends, a new Grey Seer, a Skaven Warlord, and some Warlock Engineers.No extra word on bubble-universes, though.S
Games Workshop's rumor mill is running hot and heavy with speculation about the upcoming 9th edition. Much of it revolves around the losing of certain factions as well as the creation of new ones (sou
Games Workshop starts off this new year with a new pre-order for all your Warhammer Fantasy players. This one's the new Verminlord.It's... $90. That's... a lot.It's a pretty nice looking model, though
Games Workshop is taking orders for their new End Times: The Curse of Khaine books in digital, hardback, and even limited edition form.SourceFrom the post:Ulthuan teeters on the brink of ruin as Daemo
Graven Games gives you their thoughts on the Nagash Book 2 from Games Workshop in this new review article.SourceFrom the article:Following on from the mammoth First Book of the End Times, the second b
Games Workshop has some new sets up for pre-order on their website, including their new terrain bundles, army sets, rulebooks, and Glottkin.60040201002_GlottkinStdEdENG0160040201003_GlottkinLtdEd01990
Games Workshop has added some more Nurgle models to their Warhammer pre-order page.Orghotts DeomnspewMorbidex TwicebornBloab Rotspawned Source
Cold and flu season is coming. What a perfect time to talk about Nurgle!TGN's Enrico Nardini braves the potential for contamination and takes a look at what these new Nurgle releases hold for Warhamme
Games workshop has started taking orders for their new Warhammer Fantasy minis in league with the chaos god of pestilence, Nurgle.BlightkingsGutrot SpumeScions
Games Workshop has had some photos leaked of the next Nurgle minis they'll be coming out with, including a new Champion.Nugle 1Nurgle 2Nurgle 3 SourceFrom the post:The user Shala GW Tilea is proving t
Graven Games gives us a look at the new Nagash book in this new review article.SourceFrom the post:All across the face of the Old World the dead are uneasy in their graves and the winds of Shyish gust
Games Workshop has added some new undead minis to their pre-orders over in their webshop.ArchaiHarbingersSpirit Hosts
Games Workshop continues their undead pre-orders over on their website.ArkhanBlack01Mannfed01Neferata01 Source
Games Workshop has a new limited edition Nagash model they're taking orders for over in their webshop.SourceFrom the website:The ultimate collector’s item for the truly loyal devotee of Nagash. This W
Play Unplugged takes a look at the new Dwarf Gyrobomber from Games Workshop in this unboxing article.SourceFrom the article:Play Unplugged's Thane Enrico Nardini unboxes the latest in dwarf air superi