New Adeptus Mechanics Rules Posted

Game designers aren’t infallible. Sometimes, they come up with rules that don’t quite work out. They’re human. It happens to all of us. What’s best, though, is to learn from your mistakes and fix them. Well, the original Adeptus Mechanicus rules weren’t quite what people were looking for, so the Forge World team gave them an update. You can check them out now.
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Games Workshop Taking Orders For Armiger Warglaives

Giant robot alert! We’ve got giant robot alert!
Let’s go to the visual.
Hmm… it’s looking like a new one from Games Workshop. Makes sense with their Titans book they just released. Check out and maybe order an Armiger Warglaive.
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Games Workshop Taking Pre-Orders For Imperial Knights Codex

If you know me, you know I love giant robots. So, while I’ve not played 40k in quite a long time, the addition of even more giant robots to the game certainly has me stopping and going, “hmm…” and then going to check my bank account. Games Workshop has started taking pre-orders for their Imperial Knights codex, as well as new kits, widgets, dice, and more.
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Alpha Legion Primarch, Squads, and Doors Available to Order From Forge World

*leans in close to everyone’s ear and whispers* “Hail Hydra…”
Ok, so that’s a different franchise, but it works in this particular instance, since Forge World has started taking orders for new Alpha Legion figures (their symbol is the hydra, if you didn’t know). The new kits include Alpharius, the Primarch of the chapter, as well as a Tac. Squad and a Terminator Squad, plus doors for your various tanks and transports.
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New Warbands Available to Order From Games Workshop for Age of Sigmar and 40k

Have you ever gone to put together a new model you just got, only to find out that your glue is missing, or glued shut, or you’ve run out, or has run dry? I hate when that happens. Thankfully, with these new kits for Age of Sigmar and 40k that Games Workshop is selling, that’s not an issue. They’re designed to simply fit together without the need of glue.
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Games Workshop Taking Orders For New Harlequins Codex

Why so serious?
A fan-favorite army that existed and then didn’t for quite some time, the Harlequins are getting a new Codex for 40k. You can pick up these stealthy, laughing jokesters now. They’re Eldar, but without the angst. Pre-orders are being taken now for the updated Codex, along with a collector’s edition.
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Codex: Deathwatch Available to Preorder From Games Workshop

Humanity is beset on all sides by foes. The Xeno. The Witch. The Heretic. All of them would undo the empire in an instant if they could. That’s why the Deathwatch are there to keep us safe. They head where no one else will and fight of things that nobody else could. The new codex for Warhammer 40k is available to pre-order now for this rugged, rag-tag group of fighters.
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New Aurox APC Available to Order From Forge World

Slogging it on foot into battle is no fun. You’ve got enemy small-arms fire, the possibly difficult terrain, and have you ever had to smell what’s going on out there? Whenever possible, taking an APC to the combat line is going to be a better option. And for your Imperial troops, they can now hop onboard an Aurox Armored Transport. You can order yours now from Forge World.
They’re also doing a “last call” for Elysian Drop Troops if you want ’em.
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Forge World Taking Orders For Terrax Pattern Termite Assault Drill

No, this isn’t a story for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles minis game. Though I can guarantee that I had this toy back when I was a kid. No, the Terrax Pattern Termite Assault Drill is for 40k, and you can order yours from Forge World now.
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New Drukhari Codex Available to Order From Games Workshop

The Drukhari are what the Dark Eldar are apparently being called these days. I have to say, it certainly sounds more interesting of a name than just Dark Eldar. Anyway, they have a new codex coming out and you can get your name on the list to pick it up right when it’s available. There’s also the data cards you can pick up as well, plus some various force bundles.
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New Necrons Codex Available To Order From Games Workshop

We keep getting told by experts that AI is one of the most dangerous threats to humans. Well, if the 40k universe is anything to go by (and, I mean, why shouldn’t it be?), they’re right! Out in the depths of space, the Necros are gathering their forces and launching an assault on all the flesh-beings of the galaxy. You can order their new Codex, along with some units and starter bundles now over on Games Workshop’s website.
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Games Workshop Previews From Adepticon

Adepticon is the place for miniatures games. Pretty much every gamer knows that. The event is 4 days of tourneys and events. It’s also a place where miniatures companies make announcements about what they’re coming out with for the year. Arguably the biggest there is Games Workshop’s announcements. Well, we’ve got ’em and now you can read ’em. Long story short: next 3 Codices for 40k (Imperial Knights, Deathwatch, Harlequins), Combat Roster army-building software, Deep-Sea Elves, Age of Sigmar CCG, and several more.
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Forgebane Box Set Available to Order From Games Workshop

I feel like we should be listening to Anvil – Metal on Metal when typing up and reading this post.
In the grimdark future of the 41st millennium, the soft, fleshy, biological form is seen by many as old and outdated. Why have bones that can break and are hard to replace when you can just have carbon fiber? Why have a fleshy meat-brain that can get old and deteriorate as opposed to a solid-state hard drive? Both the Adeptus Mechanus and the Necrons have both decided that trading out organic compounds for technological constructs is best. And these two group are facing off in the Forgebane box set, now available to pre-order.
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Friday Snippets

Well, we finally made it to Friday. Seemed to take its dear, sweet time. I’m certainly ready for the weekend. It’s Board Game Day up at the library tomorrow. I’m gonna try and stop by and see what’s shakin’. I’m also going to be hitting F5 on the FedEx tracking site today as I wait for my package to be delivered. Because that’s just how things are. So, while I try and make sure I don’t totally break my keyboard, let’s get to some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Kraken Dice Weekend St. Patrick’s Sale Happening Now, New Escher Weapon Sets Available to Order From Forge World, and Free Gipsy Danger added to Pacific Rim Extinction.

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New T’au Codex Available To Order From Games Workshop

You know, I remember when the Tau first came out. The joke was that their battlecry was, “AH! Not the face! *cowers and covers face*” Mostly because they were one of the better ranged threats in the game, but couldn’t quite handle melee so well. It’s been a while since I played 40k, so I don’t know if that’s still the case or not. Maybe this new Codex makes them a melee powerhouse. You’ll have to order yours to find out.
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Forge World Taking Pre-Orders For Constantin Valdor For 40k

Back when I was a janitor at KSU, the guy in charge was Frank. He gave us our orders for the day. Which offices were we supposed to clean. Which areas needed what done to them. All that kind of stuff. For the space janitors (that is, the Legio Custodes), their leader is Constantin Valdor. Forge World is now taking orders for him over in their webshop.
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New Legio Custodes Model and Bits Available From Forge World

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Space Janitors have the coolest gear. Forge World is taking more orders for some Legio Custodes bits, as well as the Shield Captain. You’ve gotta have people in charge of the group, or you might end up mopping up something someone else already did, and that’s certainly no good.
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New Space Wolves Available To Pre-order From Forge World

Space puppies!
I know, I know. They’re Space Wolves. But, to me, every dog’s a puppy, even if it weighs 240 pounds and it can bite through a parking meter. I’m sure the Space Wolves don’t like being called Space Puppies, but they’ll get over it if you scratch them behind the ears and tell them they’re a good boy. And if you’d like to expand your pack, there’s several new Space Wolf sets available to order from Forge World.
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New Imperial Fists Available To Order From Forge World

The Imperial Fists are siege masters. They can topple any structure. And the fortifications they, themselves, make are some of the strongest in the galaxy. Forge World is cranking out new Imperial Fists figures. You’ve seen the Rogal Dorn, but they’ve added honor guard and others like that over in their webshop.
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New 40k and Necromunda Releases Available to Order From Forge World

Bit of a shotgun release week for Forge World. You’ve got a new Primarch in the form for Rogal Dorn. You’ve got some Legio Custodes characters and bits (space janitors have the coolest gear). Then there’s the Space Wolf terminators and bits. And, of course, new Hired Guns for Necromunda. Like I said, a bit of everything going on.
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New Nazgul, Tank Doors Available From Forge World

Two ends of the spectrum over on Forge World’s ordering page this week. On one hand, you’ve got the next set of Nazgul figures for The Hobbit. On the other hand, you’ve got doors for Rhinos and Land Raiders for a whole bunch of different Space Marine chapters.
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New Thousand Sons, Adeptus Custodes Releases Available To Order From Games Workshop

You know what’s annoying to clean up? Sand.
It gets everywhere. It ruins the wax finish on floors. It’s a pain to try and get rid of. So I can see why the Adeptus Custodes might be getting a bunch of reinforcements. They see the new Thousand Sons stuff coming and they just know that those heretics are going to track sand all over everything. Ugh. Just the worst! How inconsiderate!
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Win an Astraeus Super-heavy Tank From Forge World

The month’s almost over, but that just means there’s one last chance to win something from Forge World. The previous have all been titans and walkers of some type. This time around, they’re going sans-legs with the Astraeus Super-heavy tank. Put in your order and you could win.
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New Adeptus Custodes Available To Order from Games Workshop

I swear, space janitors have the coolest gear. I wish that I could’ve had stuff like this. The best we got were the portable power washer stations with all the different soaps right on them. But I guess if you’re going in to clean up after xenos and heretics and whatnot, some soap and hot water isn’t going to be enough. Games Workshop is taking pre-orders for a whole host of Adeptus Custodes figures, as well as their new codex, over in their webshop.
Oh, and a Primarch. There’s that, too. 😉
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Forge World Giving Away An Acastus Knight Porphyrion

Forge World is continuing their January of giveaways. This time around, it’s an Acastus Knight Porphyrion that you could win. Just head to their webshop, make a qualifying order, and you could be getting something huge in your shipment for nothing at all.
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Forge World T’au KX139 Ta’unar Supremacy Armour Giveaway Happening Now

Forge World is taking January as an opportunity to give away some free stuff. They’re on their third giveaway. This time around, it’s the high-tech-looking T’au KX139 Ta’unar Supremacy Armour. Just head over to their shop and spend £50 this week and you’ll be added to the drawing.
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Forge World Giveaway Week 2 Happening Now

All this month, Forge World is giving away titans. Each week, a new winner will be announced who will get themselves one of these massive machines of war for nothing. This time around, it’s those space elves, the Eldar, who are having the spotlight shined upon them. If you want a free Revenant, head over to Forge World and make an order.
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New Space Wolves Praetor Available to Order From Forge World

We all know that I’m more of a dog person than a cat person (well, really, I’m a bear person, but you can’t find them down at the local pound too often). If you’re like me, and you want to extend your love of dogs to the tabletop, there’s a good chance you’ll want to play the Space Wolves. Well, Forge World is expanding their line with the new Space Wolves Legion Praetor, available to order now.
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Bio-Titan Giveaway Happening At Forge World

I live in Georgia, and the bugs here can get pretty big. Maybe not Florida or Louisiana big, but there’s been times I’ve found a multi-legged monster hanging out in a dark corner of my apartment. Thankfully, I had Raid on hand. Well, the inhabitants of the 41st Millennium need really big cans of Raid for when the Tyranids show up, and Forge World is giving away one of the biggest ones they’ve got.
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The Horus Heresy Rulebook Due Out This Year

The Warhammer 40k universe has quite an expansive history. Much of it focuses around the pivotal moment of the Horus Heresy. The Emperor’s greatest creation, Horus, turns against him, having listened to the call of the gods of Chaos. A massive civil war ensues, the ripples of still being readily felt some 10 thousand years later. For those that want to head back to those days for your games, you’re in luck. While originally delayed, the Horus Heresy rulebook will be available this year. And considering how much time is left in “this year,” that means it’s damn-near here.
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New No-Glue-Required 40k Sets Available To Order From Games Workshop

Pretty much every veteran gamer has stories about when they were new to the hobby and had their first nasty run-in with superglue. I was assembling a pewter Carnifex while still also trying to use it in a game. I was using too much glue, not letting it set properly, and, of course, it was a disaster. Well, Games Workshop looks to be taking a line from Bandai and is releasing several sets for both Marines and Chaos that don’t require any glue at all.
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New Dark Angels Available To Pre-Order For 40k

Back when I was playing 40k regularly, my two main armies were Orks and Dark Angels… I guess I have a thing for green armies. Hey, when you buy green paint in bulk, you save. Well, the Dark Angels are getting themselves updated for the latest edition. A new Codex, as well as army bundles, characters, and dice (you can never have too many dice) are all available to pre-order now.
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New Blood Bowl, Blood Angles, and Hobbit Pre-orders Available From Games Workshop

Games Workshop’s a little bit of all over with this week’s set of pre-releases that you can order now. The biggest one is probably the new Blood Angels codex, as well as a bunch of units for them, including Primaris Marines with Blood Angels insignia. Second would be the Blood Bowl items, which includes a new Elf team, along with an Elf pitch, team cards, and other various and sundry. Finally, there’s some new The Hobbit releases, including a Battle Companies book.
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Red Scorpion Kits Available to Order From Forge World

Well, the Scorpions are red (and I don’t mean to say that the classic metal band is communist), so that’s kinda Christmas-y. Anyway, even if it doesn’t really tie in with the holiday season (not like every story this month needs to), if you’re looking for Red Scorpions items for your 40k armies, now’s the time to head over to Forge World, as they’ve got some new characters, a new dreadnaught, and some item kits to help you build the army you want.
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New Necromunda, 40k Releases Available To Order From Forge World

It was kinda hard to decide which of these two I wanted to feature. On one hand, you’ve got Necromunda, which I know has been a fan favorite for quite some time and is about to hit gaming tables again. On the other, you’ve got a superheavy tank, which is just below giant robots on my own personal scale of “cool.” But I went with the new Necromunda figure. But really, the tank looks pretty awesome, too (IMO).
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