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Warhammer 40k

It's hard to say "this is a new unit coming to Forge World," because lore-wise, this is actually one of the oldest units around. They're the Destroyer Squads and you'll soon be able to add these radia
The Black Templars are getting the spotlight on them soon in 40k. That includes new books, new kits, and new character minis. In this instance, we get a look at the upcoming figure for High Marshal He
There's a new box set for Kill Team coming soon. In it, the Sisters of Battle will be facing off against the T'au. We get a look at the stat blocks for a unit apiece in this preview. And the fact that
The Orks are getting some new pre-releases this weekend. Games Workshop has been swinging back and forth between Orks and Orruks. This time around, it's the sci-fi boys with some reinforcements. Have
The Black Templars are on the march again. They're one of the next factions getting the spotlight on them from Games Workshop. There's a new army box coming for them for 40k, and you can get a look in
It's not just a new starter set that Kill Team will be getting in the near future. There's a new expansion coming your way as well. It features the T'au and the Sisters of Battle failing to talk out t
Gen Con is underway and that means lots of announcements from the show. Games Workshop certainly has had several. First off, they've got a new starter set coming soon for Kill Team. And it involves my
A tale as old as time. A song as old as rhyme. Word Bearers and the Ultramarines. I think that's how it goes, anyway. Forge World is taking pre-orders for Argel Tal and a pair of Ultramarine Praetors.
Want to get out there and play in a group of connected missions with your 40k armies? Then you'll want to head over to the Games Workshop website as they've started releasing free pdfs of various camp
WAAAGH!!! The greenskins are marching to war in the grimdark far-off future. Games Workshop has started Orktober early with the new Ork Codex for 40k, as well as several new minis kits that you can pr
How do you WAAAGH!!? There's more than one way, for sure, each with their own advantages. Personally, I'm all for Speed Freeks. Red Ones Go Fasta (which... the hell are the speed freeks in this articl
More than just 40k, Games Workshop likes to bring you different board games that take place in the setting, giving you new ways to play. They've been working on a pair and are ready to show off a litt
WAAAGH!! The Orks are getting a new codex soon for 40k. It's got all sorts of new tricks to pull out of... well... a lot of Orks don't have sleeves, so... ... But anyway, get a look at some of the spe
Every month, Games Workshop releases a new, exclusive miniature and coin to their Games Workshop stores. This month, it's a new Ork mini for 40k. Go and show your WAAAGH!! with pride.
WAAAGH!! A new Ork Codex for 40k is coming to pre-orders this weekend from Games Workshop. But that's not all. There's also new kits, including a new Combat Patrol box that'll get you a pretty good st
WAAAGH!!! Games Workshop is coming out with a new codex for the Orks in 40k and, of course, as a greenskin through and through, I'm here for it. Check out the new kits that are coming to pre-order thi
A trio of new kits are available to order from Forge World this week. They've got two new Iron Fist figures, one in Terminator armor and the other... not... Finally, there's a set of 10 graviton guns,
Burning heretics is a classic move since... well... just about forever. However, in the far-off future of the 41st millennium, they don't just tie someone to a stake and light a pyre. They take the py
There's a lot of stuff coming next weekend from Games Workshop. However, arguably the biggest release actually hits mid-week with the release of Warhammer+. That's coming Wednesday. Get a reminder abo
With Kill Team and 40k being so connected, players may want to bring a favorite squad from one game into the other. Well, Games Workshop is giving you ways to do that and we get a look at how in this
Been wanting to get into the world of 40k but haven't been able to find a good place to start? Want tips and tutorials on painting figures as amazing as you see on the splash pages? Want to get new fi
Orks don't respect a lot, but what they do respect is strength. Show how strong you are and you'll get a following of Orks in no time. So, it's no surprise that Mozrog Skragbad has a following, since
The Tyranids are unlike other armies in 40k in that they're a race of creatures that share a single hive mind. That lets them manifest abilities across different parts of the battlefield thanks to the
Rather straightforward set of pre-releases from Games Workshop this week. It's Kill Team and all Kill Team. Box set. Rulebook. Compendium. Dice. Terrain. Accessories. Everything. Head on over and chec
We're 1/3 of the way through August. There's relatively little 2021 left to go. But that doesn't mean there's nothing interesting still to come out from Games Workshop. They're showing off the rest of