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Warhammer 40k

Thursday. I could generally get a handle on Thursdays. This week seems to be going by fine, so I'm good with it. Start of the week went by quick, but unlike last week, where I woke up on Thursday and
Killing machines of ancient origin, the Necrons have had a lot of time to create the perfect weapons. In Kill Team: Pariah Nexus, the new box set coming soon, they'll have some new rules and upgraded
Games Workshop has a new crop of releases available to pre-order most Saturdays. So, what's coming this Saturday? Well, plenty if you're into Kill Team, 40k, and Necromunda. Have yourselves a look-see
Primaris Workshop... I mean, Games Workshop has a preview of some new Primaris Marines coming in the Pariah Nexus set for Kill Team. Have yourselves a look at the Heavy Intercessors.
This year's 40k miniature character based on those found in the Black Library books is Captain Uriel Ventris. This Ultramarine is getting a new mini soon, as well as some new rules. Get a look at some
The Drukhari (apparently what they're calling the Dark Eldar these days) in 40k are getting themselves an update soon in the form of a new codex. They're also getting new box sets to go along with it.
Age of Sigmar and 40k have a bunch of spin-off games based in those universes. Well, Games Workshop will be coming out with three more this year. For 40k, there's Doomsday Countdown and Fireteam. Mean
My old Marine faction of choice, the Dark Angels, are getting a new codex. The book is up for pre-order now on the Games Workshop website. But even if green isn't your favorite marine chapter color, t
The Dark Angels are almost three chapters in one. You have the straightforward-ish regular Battle Brothers. You have the fast-attack Ravenwing. And then you have the super-tough, terminator-focused De
Sure, you might think that the White Scars are the fast-assault Space Marine force. But for me, when I think of Marines on Bikes, I think of the Ravenwing. In this preview from the upcoming Dark Angel
The Dark Angels are getting a new Codex soon. Pre-orders will go up this weekend. But what new things can players find inside? Well, as usual, GW's giving us a good look. In this preview, we get to se
So, you've got your Lord of the Rings figures on order. But what about this upcoming weekend? What will Games Workshop be bringing to the shop? Well, they've got a whole bunch of Dark Angels (one of m
Games Workshop has been giving us previews of this for a while and now it's ready to order. You can head over to the GW webshop and pre-order your own Codex: Death Guard for 40k now. When you get it a
With the pre-release of the Death Guard codex for 40k coming up just around the corner, Games Workshop is showing off a little more of what you'll expect to find within. That includes a new HQ choice
Forge World is roaring back to life after the holiday break with two new kits that you can head over and pre-order now. You've got the Night Lords Contekar Terminator Elite unit and you've got the Esc
The Death Guard Codex for 40k is coming to pre-order this Saturday, and GW is trying to make sure you're well-informed about what's inside. They've posted up some more previews, this time focusing on
40k, but skirmish sized, Kill Team will be getting some long-anticipated expansions this year. In this first preview of the series, GW takes a look at Space Marines and Necrons and what some of their
Games Workshop rolls into the New Year with a big batch of releases upcoming this weekend. What've they got in store? Well, the plague arrives with the Death Guard for 40k. But that's not all. There's
The Death Guard codex is coming soon, and with it, a new wave of plague and contagion (be sure to wear a mask and wash your hands). In this preview, we get a look at the Plague Companies that will be
Games Workshop has posted a big update for Warhammer 40k. There's new errata, new clarifications, and an overall points overhaul of units and items in the game. There's a good chance your army changed
At least once a year, you have a birthday. That holds true for your local gaming stores, too, including your local GW shop. For their birthday (or anniversary, if you will), they have special minis av
Games Workshop certainly has a lot coming up this year. They've got a short video giving us some glimpses of what we can expect in the upcoming months, as long as some stills and more info about one i
It's Christmas week and the last full week of the year, but Games Workshop still has some figures they're coming out at the end of the week. On both Friday and Saturday, new minis will go up for pre-o
There's been a bunch of new books coming out recently for 40k as well as a couple box games from Games Workshop. And no matter how clear a rulebook is written, there's bound to be questions. And that'
Look, minis games aren't cheap. And most of us that play them have a dream army we'd love to get but haven't scraped together the funds for it yet. Or maybe you're wanting to start a new faction but d