Photos from Day 4 of Gen Con

Well, Gen Con wrapped up yesterday. Today's a travel day for me. Then we'll get you back to a closer-to-regular posting schedule tomorrow and going into the rest of the week. It's impossible to thank all the people who made this show so awesome. There's just too many to list (and my brain is still far, far too tired, even after some sleep). But it was an amazing show. Every year, I wonder if "The Greatest 4 Days in Gaming" is going to be false advertising or not, and every year, it proves itself correct. The show does, truly, deserve that title. Anyway, here's the last galleries from the show. I hope you like 'em.

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Midweek Corner Snippets

As I've said numerous times over the past couple weeks, Gen Con is coming. Like... tomorrow. There's going to be, oh, about a bajillion things going on, so it's best to stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories. Plus, since we didn't get it on Monday (and there's a chance I might not be able to get to it tomorrow), let's go ahead and get some Terrain Corner pieces in here, too.

So, in all we have: 1-48TACTIC now has free add ons, Warzone Studio Releases Gigafactory Battle Mat, Brigade Models Releases 2mm Scale City Blocks, Crocodile Games Releases Remastered Abominable Snowbeast, Badlands: Fantasy Gaming Mat Available from Pwork Wargames, New Statuesque Female Heads on Sale for 10% off, Darkmook Paper Miniatures Releases Supernatural Western Town Terrain, A Dog's Life Introduces Tillman the Skateboarding dog, The Army Painter Announces Runewars Paint Sets, and Arid Plain! Fantasy Gaming Mat Available from Pwork Wargames.

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Crocodile Games posts new painted Trojans

Crocodile Games has been revving back up to bring you more Wargods content. Here's a look at their new painted Trojans.

From the update:

We got the master castings of the first batch of Trojans from our moldmaker last week, and so we thought we'd show you how well they paint up! Both of these were painted by Debs FitzPatrick, and we think they came out great!

Less than a week to go before we start the Kickstarter!

If you'd like to see more and larger photos of these, join the fun on the Croc Forum

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Crocodile Games releases new Abomination for Wargods

Crocodile Games has a model in theme for the season coming out this month for Wargods: the Abomination.

From the update:

October is here, and with it comes spooky Halloween fun! To kick of the festivities, we have opened the tomb and unleashed a new Abomination... An undead sphinx for WarGods of Aegyptus !

This spectacular new four-piece miniature was sculpted by Benoit Cosse, and comes on a 40mm square base. It is available NOW in the Croc store and will be available to retail stores and distributors later this month.

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Pandora's Box, the WarGods Summer Campaign has begun

Crocodile Games have announced their latest Summer Wargods campaign - Pandora's Box. From their announcement:
The WarGods summer campaign is underway: Pandora's Box. Someone has stolen the legendary box that contains all of the evils in the world, and is letting them escape. The forces of Order must unit against Chaos, in a war for the future of the Antediluvian World. Full details for the campaign are available on the Croc Forum. Join in and organize a local event, and all participants will receive an exclusive Crocodile Games Event Miniature.

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Wargods Mycenaean preview 2

Crocodile Games have posted two new pieces of concept art for their upcoming Wargods Mycenean releases - King Agamemnon & Honor Guards. Wargods Mycenaean preview From their announcement:
Here is the new preview for our upcoming Mycenaean release: King Agamemnon and his Honor Guards. The concept illustrations were done by Des Hanley, and Todd Harris has done the sculpting... we'll be showing off the finished models in a week or so. Agamemnon will come with 2 Honor Guards, and the finished miniatures will include a sword & scepter for Agamemnon, and sword and tower shields for his guards. Come back tomorrow for a preview of some of the new Mycenaean tower shields. In the mean time, I present, the Great King Agamemnon and his Honor Guards:
  • King Agamemnon
  • Mycenaean Honor Guard
To see larger versions of the concepts, check out the: Croc Forum.

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