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Wargames Holiday Centre

Wargames Holiday Center is getting the word out for another new gaming event they're running. This time it's WWII.



From the announcement:

We're taking up an almighty challenge in running some ot the biggest and best WWII 54MM games. Starting with Battles in '44.
Hundreds of models on superb terrain.

Wargames Holiday Centre has another gaming event coming up. This time it's for your Roman fans.



From the announcement:

Refight some of the most important battles of the Roman Empire. There will be four battles of which you will all get to play at least once throughout the weekend.

Wargames Holiday Centre will be holding a massive Waterloo gaming event later this month. Reserve your spot to join in on this gaming event.



From the post:

Waterloo 20th-22nd June 2014 . There are still places open for this most prestigious of duff ups!! Make sure you book early though as this weekend fills up pretty quickly. No with Spring in the air and the Sun upon our faces we are feeling somewhat generous here at the Wargames Holiday Centre…we will knock 20% off the price of this weekend for those dropping me a line and mentioning this special offer……go on…treat yourself!

So, just to whet your appetite a few shots of this iconic battlefield.