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Wargames Foundry

Wargames Foundry is having themselves a sale on God of Battles, their fantasy miniatures rules set, over in their webshop.SourceFrom the announcement:Wargames Foundry has started off with not only a n
Wargames Foundry has their Foundry Paints now available again, being re-released over on their new website.SourceFrom the re-release:Wargames Foundry have now made available their entire range of pain
Wargames Foundry has some new Kev Adams orc minis that had been previously unreleased. They're now available over in their eBay store.SourceFrom the release:Wargames Foundry have made available a numb
Foundry Models is pleased to be holding a painting master class being given by Will Hannah.From the announcement:Will Hannah master miniatures sculptor and painter whose previously Worked for Games Wo
Play Unplugged has another of their unboxing articles up. This one's for the ABC Warriors packs from Wargames Foundry.From the article:Who wouldn’t want someone to fight their battles for them? 2000 A
Play Unplugged opens up and unboxes Centaurs & Pan and Satyrs from Wargames Foundry.From the unboxing:Wargames Foundry is one of a few companies that are hobby triple threats, producing great miniatur
Wargames Foundry adds to the God of Battles line with the releases their Spawns Tag Team.From the release:The release day for Wargames Foundries God of Battles event was a great success and saw gamers
Wargames Foundry is looking to update their website as well as do an overhaul on their inventory offerings.From the announcement (there's a lot to read after the cut, by the way) :We've been running F
Wargames Foundry will be holding an open house at their headquarters to celebrate the release of God of Battles.From the invitation:Wargames Foundry on the On the 1st and 2nd March 2013 10:30am is ope
Wargames Foundry releases new models for the Spanish Condottiere, the French Collection and new Italian Wars. From their announcement:BRAND NEW SPANISH FOR CONDOTTIEREThis new Condottiere collection f
WarGames Foundry has announced the pre-order for the Japan and Korea books.From their announcement:PRE-ORDER Japan and KoreaJapan and KoreaArmies of the Nineteenth Century: Asia Written and Illustrate
Wargames Foundry has new undead calvary models.From their announcement:Terrifying new models for your Undead Armies; decaying cavalrymen on skeletal horses!
Wargames Foundry has announced Pre-Orders for Condottiere.From their website:CondottiereTHE DOGS OF WARby Frank ChadwickEdited by Jake ThorntonOur brand new rule book for re-fighting the battles from
Wargames Foundry has a brand new miniature line. From their announcement:BRAND NEW ITALIAN WARS!Unlike many periods of history, the forces of the Italian Wars consisted largely of mercenary companies
Jake Thornton has posted his concluding article covering the recent Wargames Foundry ACW Open Day. From their announcement: The concluding part of Jake's report on the Foundry Open Day, with terrain
Jake Thornton has posted a report from the Wargames Foundry ACW Open Day. From their announcement: Barely recovered from his Kings of War Tournament reportage and review, Jake reports on the Foundry
Wargames Foundry have added new 28mm Blood Gorged Beastmen figures to their online store. From their announcement: Our Beastmen are big, brutish and bloodthirsty, ideal for building a whole army or
Wargames Foundry is now accepting pre-orders for their Bull Run To Gettysburg American Civil War rules. From their announcement: American Civil War Rules and Campaigns for re-creating the bitter figh
Wargames Foundry will be celebrating the release of their American Civil War rules with a pair of Open Days. From their announcement: To celebrate the release of Foundry’s new American Civil War rule
Wargames Foundry is now accepting pre-orders for their Central Africa arms and armies book. From their announcement: Tribal and Colonial Armies in the Congo, Gabon, Rwanda, Burundi, Northern Rhodesia
Wargames Foundry have posted a teaser animation for their upcoming American Civil War rules - Bull Run to Gettysburg.
Wargames Foundry is offering several MDF base bundle deals. From their announcement: We have some big bumper bargain bundles of our most popular bases. These bases really do save you hours of wor
Wargames Foundry have sent details of the Foundry Summer Event. From their announcement: On Friday 29th and Saturday 30th July we will be celebrating the release of our new Central Africa book with a
Wargames Foundry have posted information about their summer events From their announcement: This summer we've decided to hold a couple of themed events, so we're giving you advance notice of the date
Wargames Foundry is looking for freelance painters. From their announcement: Can you paint in the Foundry style? Would you like to see your work on our website and in our publications? Get in touch w