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Wargames Foundry

Wargames Foundry is having themselves a sale on God of Battles, their fantasy miniatures rules set, over in their webshop.

God of Battles


From the announcement:

Wargames Foundry has started off with not only a new move and change of manageemnt but a sale as well with their God of Battles Rule set only £12.50!
The book has over 285 full colour pages, weighs over 3.2 lbs. and contains hundreds of exquisite Kevin Dallimore photos.

Wargames Foundry has their Foundry Paints now available again, being re-released over on their new website.


From the re-release:

Wargames Foundry have now made available their entire range of paints on the new website. The Foundry painting method uses three shades of each colour: building up in layers from dark to light to easily achieve a realistic three dimensional shaded effect without the need for blending. The paints come in 20ml pots and can be purchased individually or in palettes of three, which include a base colour, a shade, and a highlight.

Along with the paints, the Foundry Paint Sets are also available to order from the website again. For the first time, and with the exception of the starter set, these paint sets are available with or without brushes. This makes them much better value for those who already have brushes. Foundry have also added a new Tryout Pack, consisting of 10 paints at a reduced rate.

Wargames Foundry has some new Kev Adams orc minis that had been previously unreleased. They're now available over in their eBay store.


From the release:

Wargames Foundry have made available a number of previously unreleased Orcs and Ogres from Kevin "Goblinmaster" Adams. They're currently only available through ebay through goblinworld and goblinfantasy.

Foundry Models is pleased to be holding a painting master class being given by Will Hannah.

From the announcement:

Will Hannah master miniatures sculptor and painter whose previously Worked for Games Workshop, Foundry, Wizards of the Coast, and Co-winner of 2000 Origins award for Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Figure Miniature, has move to Nottingham.
However rather tha just quietly enjoy a little quiet time Will Hannah has started a painters masterclass on the first Saturday of the Month at Foundry Models. This has started to become a successful endeavour with all class of painters gaining valuable skills along the way and best of all its all free to pop down and enjoy.

The next event is the 6th July 2013 from 10:30

Free tea and Coffee and Biscuits.

Play Unplugged has another of their unboxing articles up. This one's for the ABC Warriors packs from Wargames Foundry.

From the article:

Who wouldn’t want someone to fight their battles for them? 2000 AD’s series featuring combat robots designed to resist atomic, bacterial, and chemical weapons, is one of it’s most iconic contributions to the comic book world. Wargames Foundry must agree as they have multiple packs featuring miniatures of these unique characters. Let’s crack some packs, and take a look!

Play Unplugged opens up and unboxes Centaurs & Pan and Satyrs from Wargames Foundry.

From the unboxing:

Wargames Foundry is one of a few companies that are hobby triple threats, producing great miniatures, paints, and books. But how can you decide what miniatures to unbox when you are talking about a company with such a robust figure line? Having reviewed Jake Thronton’s Tribes of Legend, it seemed only fitting to unbox something from their Greek Mythology range of figures. This episode looks at the Centaurs and Pan and Satyrs packs.

Wargames Foundry adds to the God of Battles line with the releases their Spawns Tag Team.

From the release:

The release day for Wargames Foundries God of Battles event was a great success and saw gamers from various areas of the country attend and battle it out. The smooth and dynamic play of the game meant that several battles were fought out to a bloody conclusion, much to the enjoyment of those watching.
From this small-key event saw the germination of an evolving idea, from the game designer jake Thornton and some enthusiastic gamers on the day leads to Foundry Arena.

Quote from Jake Thornton's Blog:
“…from now on we’ll be having a God of Battles meet on the first Saturday of each month, at Foundry HQ in Nottingham.
“My idea is simply to play games of God of Battles with the various armies that I and others are building. Anyone is welcome and there is no charge. If you haven’t played the game and want a demo then feel free to potter along and we’ll show you how it plays. You don’t need to bring an army as there’ll be one about, I’m sure.
Alternatively, if you already have an army and/or know the game then the more the merrier. There are half a dozen tables to game on and lots of space so there’s no problem fitting an extra general in. You don’t have to come every time, just pop along when you can make it and fancy a scrap!
If we have enough regulars then I’ll probably try out some new ideas I’ve got, mainly based around campaigns and more scenarios. As GoB is so quick we’ll be able to get 2, 3 or 4 games each in a day, so a mini-campaign in a day is entirely possible.
Mainly though, this is just a place to come and play ”

Marcus the new manager of Wargames Foundry understandably has also expressed interest and excitement with this new project, and has agreed to not only offer the shop floor space and several tables for the games to be run on. Which for those with a sharp eye will recognise some of them from being featured on a Television show; But has even proposed an epic original Space Hulk game and an all day campaign of their wild west game system, The rules with No Name.

So exciting times with Foundry.

Wargames Foundry is looking to update their website as well as do an overhaul on their inventory offerings.

From the announcement (there's a lot to read after the cut, by the way) :

We've been running Foundry since last June. Our plan was to wait at least six months before we made any major changes. We felt it would take that long to get to the bottom of everything. We can't really claim to have actually got to the bottom of quite everything yet.
However, we have now started getting on with those changes!
Wargames Foundry will be holding an open house at their headquarters to celebrate the release of God of Battles.

From the invitation:

Wargames Foundry on the On the 1st and 2nd March 2013 10:30am is opening its doors in order to celebrate the momentous release of God of Battles a 28mm tabletop wargame.

The game created by renown games designer Jake Thornton, who has created a what could be considered a breath of fresh air in an already full fantasy wargame system.

The system is innovative and active, bringing a quick death and fun system back into the Sunday afternoon gaming sessions.

Jake Thornton will be there on both days to talk to anyone who will listen about GoB and run folk through the rules, and maybe into a

If you have some fantasy mini's feel free to bring a small army along. And Foundry is looking for players so bring yourself bring bribe or beg anyone you can think of to come on down.

More advertising the better.

Remember tea/coffee and biscuits are available.

Wargames Foundry, 24-34 St marks Street, Nottingham NG3 1DE

Wargames Foundry releases new models for the Spanish Condottiere, the French Collection and new Italian Wars.

From their announcement:

This new Condottiere collection features the Spanish; tough and experienced professionals, both as mercenaries and fighting for the Spanish crown. They would also make great additions to your Conquistador forces! This collection includes; Spanish Pikemen and Crossbowmen, Stradiots, Ginetes, plus a Demi Cannon and Artillery
WarGames Foundry has announced the pre-order for the Japan and Korea books.

From their announcement:

PRE-ORDER Japan and Korea
Japan and Korea
Armies of the Nineteenth Century: Asia
Written and Illustrated by Ian Heath
The latest volume in our acclaimed series of military books provides a detailed study of the astonishing reinvention of the Empire of Japan during the 19th century.
Wargames Foundry has new undead calvary models.

From their announcement:

Terrifying new models for your Undead Armies;
decaying cavalrymen on skeletal horses!
Wargames Foundry has announced Pre-Orders for Condottiere.

From their website:

by Frank Chadwick
Edited by Jake Thornton
Our brand new rule book for re-fighting the battles from the age of the Condottieri brings all the richness and atmosphere of the Renaissance to life on the tabletop.

Unlike many periods of history, the forces of the Condottieri consisted largely of mercenary companies fighting for the highest bidder and the promise of plunder. It was a colourful, turbulent, and dramatic time where treachery, skulduggery and intrigue were the order of the day!
Wargames Foundry has a brand new miniature line.

From their announcement:


Unlike many periods of history, the forces of the Italian Wars consisted largely of mercenary companies fighting for the highest bidder and the promise of plunder. It was a colourful, turbulent, and dramatic time where treachery, skulduggery and intrigue were the order of the day!
This first collection includes; Pikemen, Briganti (swordsmen), Militia Pikemen, Infantry Command, Handgunners, Crossbowmen and the Condottiere himself!
Jake Thornton has posted his concluding article covering the recent Wargames Foundry ACW Open Day. From their announcement:
The concluding part of Jake's report on the Foundry Open Day, with terrain building, cabinets full of unreleased miniatures and Foundry's ambitious aim.
Jake Thornton has posted a report from the Wargames Foundry ACW Open Day. From their announcement:
Barely recovered from his Kings of War Tournament reportage and review, Jake reports on the Foundry ACW Open Day that was promoting their new rules: Bull Run to Gettysburg. Concluding part tomorrow.
Wargames Foundry have added new 28mm Blood Gorged Beastmen figures to their online store. Blood Gorged Beastmen From their announcement:
Our Beastmen are big, brutish and bloodthirsty, ideal for building a whole army or as monstrous foes for tabletop role-players. This first release of Beastmen includes; masses of murderous Brutes, mad Musicians, a wild Shaman and a hulking Herdlord.
Bull RUn to GettyburgWargames Foundry is now accepting pre-orders for their Bull Run To Gettysburg American Civil War rules. From their announcement:
American Civil War Rules and Campaigns for re-creating the bitter fight for supremacy amongst the warring states. If you are interested in painting, collecting or gaming in this turbulent period of history, then this book is for you. As well as rules, campaigns and painting-guides, this book contains many articles that set the scene and atmosphere of the times, and is lavishly illustrated with stunning full colour photography of lots of painted models. 160 pages A4 Hardback - highly illustrated, full colour throughout. Post Free
Wargames Foundry will be celebrating the release of their American Civil War rules with a pair of Open Days. From their announcement:
To celebrate the release of Foundry’s new American Civil War rulebook, ‘Bull Run to Gettysburg’, we will be throwing our doors open once again on Friday 12th & Saturday 13th of August! For those who want to get a feel for this fast paced game, we will be running two special scenarios on Friday and Saturday. Gaming starts on Friday at 11am and 2pm, and on Saturday at 11am, and anyone is welcome to come along and join in the action. The author, Dave Bickley, will be with us on Friday 12th and will be happy to discuss all things ACW related. So come and have a chat and pick up a signed copy of his new book. We have also restocked our bargain bins to overflowing with a great selection of discontinued and bargain blisters and paints! Refreshments are on offer as always, and doors will be open 10am until 4pm on Friday, and 10am until 2pm on Saturday. For those who register with us in advance we now have free parking! (email and let us know you want to register for free parking at the open day)
Central Africa coverWargames Foundry is now accepting pre-orders for their Central Africa arms and armies book. From their announcement:
Tribal and Colonial Armies in the Congo, Gabon, Rwanda, Burundi, Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland, 1800 to 1900 Written by Chris Peers The latest of our acclaimed military publications features armies of the era of exploration in sub-Saharan Africa. It covers the area now largely occupied by the countries of Gabon, the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville), the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia and Malawi. 152 pages, 120 figures, 53 illustrations and 4 maps. Post Free. A4 sized hardback with traditional linen and gilt binding. This was the archetypal ‘Darkest Africa’ of 19th-century exploration, and Central Africa describes the organisation, tactics, costumes and weapons of the protagonists in this unique theatre of conflict. Chris Peers’ authoritative text is accompanied by many photographs, maps and drawings of warriors, troop types and flags.
Wargames Foundry is offering several MDF base bundle deals. MDF bases From their announcement:
We have some big bumper bargain bundles of our most popular bases. These bases really do save you hours of work. You'll no longer have to spend your valuable evenings whittling away to make bases... Precision laser cut in Medium Density Fibreboard for all your wargaming basing needs.
Wargames Foundry have sent details of the Foundry Summer Event. From their announcement:
On Friday 29th and Saturday 30th July we will be celebrating the release of our new Central Africa book with a specially themed open day. The author, Chris Peers, is joining us on Friday 29th to support the release of this latest addition to our historical publications. This is a great opportunity to chat to Chris and ensure that your copy of Central Africa is signed by the man himself. To help bring the contents of this new book to life, we will be running the Darkest Africa game from our Compendium throughout both days. This game, also written by Chris Peers, pits a small band of doughty explorers against the savage warriors of a Tribal Chiefdom. In addition, on Friday 29th Ronnie will be demonstrating how to build fast and cost effective African tribal huts. As if that wasn’t enough, there will be special offers in-store on our entire Darkest Africa range, our ever popular bargain blisters and paints, as well as free tea, coffee and other refreshments (provided you get to them before the staff.) Doors are open 10am - 4pm Friday 29th & 10am - 2pm Saturday 30th, so feel free to come down and join in the fun. Just don’t forget to bring your elephant gun…
Wargames Foundry have posted information about their summer events From their announcement:
This summer we've decided to hold a couple of themed events, so we're giving you advance notice of the dates now. More details will follow in future newsletters and on our website.
  • 29/30th July Darkest African Adventure
  • 12/13th August American Civil War
If these first two events prove popular we may hold more in the near future.
Wargames Foundry is looking for freelance painters. From their announcement:
Can you paint in the Foundry style? Would you like to see your work on our website and in our publications? Get in touch with Andy for details on 0115 841 3000 or email him at