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Wargames Factory

Wargames Factory is now shipping their new 28mm US Army Infantry box sets.

From the announcement:

Wargames Factory has released their 28mm WWII Late War American Infantry. 30 highly detailed, hard plastic multi-part figures for $19.95.

Wargame Factory proudly announces the release of their new line of WWII miniatures.

From the announcement:

Wargames Factory announces entry into WWII with a double release- 15mm and 28mm hard plastic German Infantry Late War. This release is to be quickly followed up with 28mm American Infantry with more kits in both ranges on the horizon. Our sculptor and mold technicians put a ton of effort into achieving a phenomenal level of accuracy and detail in each of these kits!

Wargames Factory shows off a preview of their 15mm WWII Germans sprue.

From their preview:

Some new 15mm Germans for your WWII gaming fun. The figs look extremely customizable, letting you personalize your force. Always a plus there.

Wargames Factory announces 15mm WWII Germans.

From their announcement:

Wargames Factory announces 15MM WWII Germans!!!
We are always in the midst of designing new sets and are very enthused to share news of our latest and soon to be released kit- 15MM World War II Germans! The kit will contain 84 single-part figures complete with bases & will retail for $19.95.
These figures are being cast right now and our team is blown away by the high level of detail we were able to capture in these little guys! Stay tuned for more photos and information soon- we believe you will be just as excited about these new miniatures as we are.

Wargames Factory has just released Ashigaru Missile Troops and Ashigaru Yari Troops, the two newest releases in their Rising Sun line:

From their post:

The 16th Century Ashigaru sets are made for model builders and war gamers interested in warfare during the Warring States Period of Japanese History.

They each contain 25-multipart miniatures.
Wargames Factory Samurai Released:

From their announcement:

Wargames Factory has released their first set of Samurai- "Samurai of the 16th Century".
This set contains 5 sprues. Each sprue contain 5 Samurai with weapons and accessories for a total of 25 figures. This set includes 25 square 20mm x 20mm x 2mm bases.

Wargames Factory Blow Out of a Painting Contest:

From their announcement:

45 Chances to win- $2,700 worth of prizes!
Submit your best, personally painted Wargames Factory miniatures.
Prizes will be awarded in 9 categories: Myths & Legends, Dark Futures, Horse & Musket, Alien Suns, Might of Rome, Wars of Empire,
Legacy of the Greeks, Rising Sun & Hammer of the Gods!
There will be 5 prizes awarded in each category:
1st Prize is a $100 gift certificate to the Wargames Factory web store,
2nd Prize is an $80 certificate, 3rd Prize is a $60 certificate,
4th Prize is a $40 certificate & 5th Prize is a $20 certificate.
Login to our website for full details:
Wargames Factory have released their 28mm plastic Greek Heavy Armor Hoplites boxed set. Heavy Armor Hoplites From their announcement:
Now available to order: Classical Greeks in Heavy Armor - Hoplites
  • 30-miniatures per box
  • 28mm plastic multi-part miniatures
  • Figures come unassembled and unpainted
  • Suitable for use as any Greek city-state army including Athens and Sparta
  • They are either armored in bronze or linen cuirasses, have helmets, shields, spears and can be given swords
  • Shield decoration not provided
  • $19.95 MSRP (that's about $0.67 per figure)
Distributor and retailer orders went out this week so check your FLGS for availability There is a limited supply of these figures left in our warehouse for web orders; replenishment delivery is due in a couple of weeks by sea. Thank you for your continued support of Wargames Factory
Wargames Factory have posted some more details about the pricing and contents of their upcoming 28mm sci-fi Shock Troops Heavy Weapons boxed set. From their announcement:
Wargames Factory is pleased to announce the first expansion to their Alien Suns Range - Shock Trooper Heavy Weapons Teams. Sprue and production models preview. Product specs are:
  • Retail $19.95
  • Set contains 3-Heavy Weapons Sprues and Crews (6-figures and weapons) plus 1-Officer Sprue (2-figures).
  • There are a variety of heads and other options plus loads of extra heavy weapons.
  • Figures are 28mm and compatible with many popular sci-fi wargames
  • There are 4-different weapons that can be made from this set including:
    • Heavy Energy Cannon
    • Dual Multi-Bareled Chan Gun
    • Mortar
    • Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher
  • Availability - mid to late-September 2011
Wargames Factory have posted photos of assembled samples and the sprues for their Shock Trooper Heavy Weapon figures. Shock Troop Heavy Weapon From their website:
There has been a lot excitement and interest regarding our soon to be released Shock Trooper Heavy Weapons set. The Heavy Weapons sets are now on their way from manufacturing to our distribution center. We are pleased to present the first pictures of assembled Shock Troop Heavy Weapons. (Please note that these are tests runs, the quality of the plastic in the production runs is significantly better than what you will see here.)
SamuraiWargames Factory have posted a preview of their upcoming 28mm plastic Samurai figures. From their announcement:
We expect the box set to contain 25 Samurai Figures. The armament will consist of Katana, Wakizashi and Yari. All will be armored with separate torsos, heads and legs. Arms, at the time of this posting, will have the weapon molded to the hand though that could change. Options for unit leaders will be included and some of the heads will be bare and a few may have face masks; all will have the option for Sashimono (back banners). Standard bearers and musicians will be found in our upcoming Ashigaru set (which, at the time of this post, will have 30-Ashigaru in armor and armed with either Yari, Yumi or Teppo ). Other sets planned in this range are Samurai Cavalry (12-figures) and a Samurai Lord with Retinue (6-figures). All sets, at the time of this post, will retail for $19.95 USD. Tentative release date is October/November 2011 for the Samurai. We are doing final tweaks on the sculpts and we would like all feedback to be directed to our home page at the link provided so we can take into account any corrections or ideas from those interested in posting constructive criticism. Mold cutting will probably start at the end of next week.
War Spanish Succession Cavalry sprueWargames Factory have posted a preview of their 28mm plastic War Spanish Succession Cavalry sprues. From their website:
The first round of test plastic has been run through the War of Spanish Succession Cavalry molds. We're very pleased with the quality even with test plastic, the production runs will have additional surface treatment and higher quality plastic! The WSS set will contain two different sprues: 4 of the Rider sprues, 3 of the horse sprues and 12 separate bases. Below are Front and Back images of the Rider sprue and a front image of the horse sprue.
There was a bit of an issue this morning when the comments section for the latest Wargames Factory post was used to post comments about the legal status of the current plastic Greek Hoplite figures. The first two comments were posted by Tony Reidy and Howard Whitehouse both ex-employees of Wargames Factory. I've reposted them here.
Wargames Factory will be making their 28mm plastic Greek Hoplites available again.

Painted Hoplites

From their announcement:
Wargames Factory is pleased to announce that product number WGF-LG004, Greek Heavy Infantry - Hoplites/Spartans will be available in just a few more days. We're taking advantage of some low shipping rates and having them sent by air to our fulfillment center in Utah and we'd like to know how many we should have on hand for your initial orders (you can combine your Hoplite order with regular restocks as well). If you order through a distributor please contact them so that they can adjust their pre-order numbers.

Features of the set include:
  • 30-multi-part/multi-pose figures can be built from each set.

  • Molded in 28mm hard-plastic (approximately 1:48th scale but suitable for 1:60th, 1:56th or 1:48th scale)

  • Figures appear in Bronze, Leather or Linen (Linothroax) Armor, carry a Shield (Hoplon) and come with Greaves and Helmet (Corinthian Type)

  • Figures are armed with Spears and Swords (Kopis Type)

  • MSRP $19.95 (about £12.00 or €14.00 not including VAT)

Persian CalvaryWargames Factory are now offering their 28mm plastic Persian Cavalry from their online store. From their announcement:
The year is 480 B.C. and the forces of the Persian God King, Xerxes, numbering some two million men, cross the Hellespont and marched like a swarm of locusts to invade and enslave Greece. Held for seven days at the pass of Thermopylae by a force of 300-Spartans and around 3,500 of their Greek allies, this vast horde was eventually defeated at Salamis and Plataea. Could you do better? Each Persian Cavalry box set contains 12-Persian Cavalrymen and an assortment of weapons to give you the variety to create any cavalry unit fielded by the Persian armies under Darius or Xerxes. $19.95 per box. Check out our website specials and don't forget your bases.
Persian Infantry Wargames Factory are now offering their 28mm plastic Persian Infantry from their online store. From their announcement:
The year is 480 B.C. and the forces of the Persian God King, Xerxes, numbering some two million men, cross the Hellespont and marched like a swarm of locusts to invade and enslave Greece. Held for seven days at the pass of Thermopylae by a force of 300-Spartans and around 3,500 of their Greek allies, this vast horde was eventually defeated at Salamis and Plataea. Could you do better? Each Persian Infantry box set contains parts for 24 Persian soldiers and an assortment of weapons to give you the variety to create spear men, archers or any other infantry unit fielded by the Persian armies under Darius or Xerxes. $19.95 per box. Check out our website specials and don't forget your bases.
Wargames Factory have added their 28mm plastic Skeleton Warriors to their online store. Skeletons From their announcement:
Shambling mounds of bleached bones rising up from the battlefields where they were struck down; corroded weapons and shields clutched in their lifeless hands. Their sightless orbs in skulls denuded of flesh searching for the foes of the dark powers that command them from their resting places. Skeletons are the ultimate soldier as they no longer fear death and have, in fact, become death itself for every foe that they strike down rises again to swell their ranks. Each Skeleton box contains 30 Skeleton warriors and an assortment of weapons to give you the variety of creating whatever force suits you best. $19.95 per box. Also don't forget to purchase bases with your skeletons. Check out the Web Store for our specials and don't forget your bases (we have them for sale too).
Wargames Factory have posted a preview of the 28mm plastic Shock Trooper Heavy Weapons troops. Heavy Weapon Trooper From their announcement:
We've just posted a 3D-view of our new Shock Trooper Heavy Energy Cannon and gunner on our website. Come check it out! We'll be releasing them as soon as we approve the samples that are in rout to us now and get them painted. Set comes with 3-heavy weapons crew (2-per weapon) and 3-officers. The set includes 9-model infantry and heavy weapons to make 3-each of the following - Missile Launcher, Energy Cannon, Mortar, Heavy Chain Gun. That way you can arm your teams however you like and have lots of bits left over. This set will come with bases and retail for $19.95 USD.
Wargames Factory is having a sale on their 28mm fantasy Orc plastic sets. From their website:
Our Orc Warband set is on sale for 30% off until Friday Jun 24th.
Wargames Factory are now selling their plastic bases on their online store. From their website:
We've added a new section to our web store; "Individual sprues and Bases". Initially available in this section are 3 new plastic bases to improve the look and stability of your figures. We'll be steadily adding sprues from all of our various kits to this section as well. So if you are needing spare parts or looking to mix sets and kit bash keep your eyes on our new store section.
Wargames Factory have posted images of the 3D sculpts of their upcoming 28mm plastic Shock Troops Heavy Weapon miniatures. Shock Troops Heavy Weapon From their website:
We hope you enjoy this first sneak peak of Shock Trooper Heavy Weapons. We welcome your constructive criticism and feedback! We'd ask everyone to be specific about their likes and dislikes. For example if you feel the rocket launcher is not large enough don't just say "I don't like the rocket launcher" instead let us know you feel it should be bigger.   If you're loving some of the helmet designs don't just tell us they're awesome, let us know what you like about them. We're excited about viewer and customer feedback.
Wargames Factory is having an inventory reduction sale on their stock of War Spanish Succession plastic figures. From their announcement:
For a limited time starting today through Tuesday May 17, 2011 Wargames Factory web store is offering WSS box sets at $9.95 per box (no minimum, you pay shipping). That's over a 50% savings (models run approximately $0.28 each)!
The new majority shareholder of Wargames Factory has sent a letter responding to public comments made about his acquisition of the company.
Public Statement from Wai Kee Hui regarding Wargames Factory It has been a little more than 2 months since Tony Reidy posted his “Open Letter to Wai Kee Hui” on The Miniatures Page website. I was aware of this “letter” at the time of posting and although I was annoyed at his unprofessional tone and angered at what amounted to many outright lies, I decided that my best course of action was to stay out of online politics and instead focus on trying to get the company I had recently become majority shareholder of into functional order. The past 2 months have been extremely busy with trying to figure out what orders had been placed and paid for before I took over, inventorying product that was still in stock at Triangle and setting up a new order platform and shipping facility. These goals have now been accomplished, with all outstanding orders shipped and our web store reopened. Throughout this process I was cognizant of the defamation of character my associates and I were receiving in Cyberspace at the hands of Tony Reidy and Howard Whitehouse. Even though at many times the temptation was strong for me to jump in and tell my side of the story, I refrained from doing so while we were struggling to put Wargames Factory back on track. Now that we are on the road to recovery, and in lieu of increasingly slanderous postings being made by Tony and Howard, I feel the time has come for me to set the record straight.
Wargames Factory have re-opened their online store. From their website:
Wargames Factory customers. We have completed sending our backlog of orders both in the US and Internationally. And we are pleased to announce that we have reopened our web store for business.
Check out their website for full details.