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Wargames Factory

The week continues along. This has been a pretty good one, I must say. My new dice came in. So I'm happy about that. We're also getting ever-closer to the weekend. I'm making plans not only for Saturd
Warlord Games has really been growing this past year or two. They've really upped their releases for Bolt Action, Hail Caesar, Pike & Shotte, and Black Powder. They stepped out of their norm of histor
Hey kids,Laundry's getting cleaned, red beans and rice are in the pot for dinner, and I'm about to do some editing for the next issue of Ravage. In the meantime, he's some of the shorter stories we fo
Wargames Factory will be having a big sale this Friday through Monday over on their site.SourceFrom the announcement:We will be having a huge Black Friday web store sale! Every kit we carry will be at
Wargames Factory now has a new box set of Colonial Militia as part of their American Revolution line.SourceFrom the release:Colonial Militia are now shipping from our web store! This versatile kit con
Wargames Factory is having a special sale over on their webshop this weekend. Go check it out.SourceFrom the announcement:We decided to skip Gen Con this year, to focus on getting our new kits out. Th
Battle Brush Studios has posted a review of the plastic British Infantry box from Wargames Factory.SourceFrom the article: It has been a while since my last review of a Wargames Factory kit, but recen
Wargames Factory is happy to release their new American Revolution British Infantry plastic box set over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:AWI British are here. 30 highly detailed, multi-part, h
Wargames Factory has released their new WWII American Rifle Company box set over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:This kit contains 92 hard plastic, highly detailed figures with bases. Include
Wargames Factory tossed out their old and busted forums and have launched the new hotness ones. And they're giving away stuff, too.SourceFrom the launch:The new & vastly improved Wargames Factory foru
Play Unplugged has posted another of their Technical Emmy-award-winning reviews. This time it's Apocalypse Survivors: The Men from Wargames Factory.SourceFrom the review:It's beginning to look a lot l
Play Unplugged takes a look at Wargames Factory's Apocalypse Survivors: The Women (how much for the women?) in their latest unboxing article.SourceFrom the article:Play Unplugged‘s Enrico Nardini unbo
Wargames Factory is another in the list of companies having a sale this weekend.Still need to pick up my Leviathan Mortis...From the announcement:ANNOUNCING HUGE WARGAMES FACTORY BLACK FRIDAY SALE! We
Play Unplugged has yet more GenCon interviews for you. This one's with Wargames Factory.From the interview:Wargames Factory continues to impress with competitively priced, quality plastic kits. Play U
Play Unplugged posts up another of their world-famous unboxing videos with Wargames Factory's Apocalypse Survivors: The Men set.From the article:Urrrrr… Brains… Wargames Factory knows how to survive a
Play Unplugged talks with Daisy Nanton from Wargames Factory while at Historicon 2013.From the interview:Play Unplugged?‘s Enrico Nardini travels to Historicon 2013 in search of all things awesome in
Wargames Factory has some new WWII Russian Infantry available over in their webshop.From the website:The Red Army was the dominant Allied land force in the European theatre of "The Great Patriotic War
Wargames Factory is running a sale on their Orcs over on their website. Go get yourself some greenskins for not quite as many greenbacks.From the sales sheet:Big sale on our ORCS kit happening on our
Wargames Factory just released their Apocalypse Survivors: The Men box set over on their website.From the release:Apocalypse Survivors: The Men are now available for sale in our web store. Need some A
Play Unplugged gives us another unboxing. This one is for the Zombie Vixens from Wargames Factory.From the unboxing:Zombies, zombies everywhere, but not a brain to eat. There is no lack of zombie prod
Wargames Factory is having a Labor Day sale.Starting Friday at noon until Monday at midnight (USA Mountain Time), we will be offering a 25% discount at our webstore for our entire line. This includes
Battlemart previewed these (former) beauties a little bit ago. Now they're available for sale.From the release:The long-awaited Zombie Vixens from Wargames Factory have arrived and are now ready to sh
Frontline Games teamed up with Wargames Factory and is running a special deal. Buy the Zombie Daze box set from Frontline, and you'll get the Zombie Vixens set (we showed them off recently) from Warga
Wargames Factory presents the lighter side of the zombie apocalypse with their new Zombie Vixens.From the release:We are truly excited about our new Zombie Vixens, which are set to debut at Gen Con (A
Wargames Factory just released some new Samurai Cavalry. That's pretty neat.From the release:Wargames Factory adds Samurai Cavalry to their Rising Sun line of 16th Century Samurai & Ashigaru. Kit cont