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Wargamers Consortium

The Las Vegas Open was held last weekend in Poughkeepsie, New York... err... I mean, it was held in Las Vegas. Yes... anyway, that was this last weekend (didn't get to go, sadly). Well, several people
The Wargamers Consortium and Games & Gears have teamed up to bring you their first terrain piece, the Ingenium Mortis. Check out the video.SourceFrom the announcement:The Wargamers Consortium and Game
Wargamers Consortium has a new episode of Alternative World posted. This time it's Hitech Miniatures' Terrorizers.SourceIn this episode:In this Episode of Alternative World, we look at Hitech Miniatur
Wargamers Consortium posted an editorial talking about the re-launch of Demigods Rising over on Kickstarter and how they've turned a failed campaign into a new successful one.SourceFrom the article:A
The Wargamers Consortium has posted episode of 7 of Hobby Watch up online for your viewing pleasure.SourceIn this episode:So we're talking more stuff that you probably already heard about! Stuff like
The Wargamers Consortium posted a new episode of Alternative World. This time, it's an alternative for Typhus.SourceIn this episode:In this episode of Alternative World, we take a look at Scibor's Ang
The Wargamers Consortium had a little chat with Frontline Gaming while at Adepticon and figured they'd share the video with you.SourceFrom the post:We pulled Reese aside at Adepticon to talk a little
Hobby Watch has posted episode 6 of their vidcast up online for your viewing pleasure.SourceIn this episode:Another episode of Hobby Watch is out now. Cover stuff you may or may not have heard about y
Wargamers Consortium takes a look at the Linked Barricades set from Wargamma in this video.SourceFrom the post:In this episode we take a look at an alternative model for your Aegis Defense Line by usi
The Wargamers Consortium is raffling off a 3,000+ point Salamanders army for 40k with the funds going to Help for Heroes charity.SourceFrom the video:The wargaming community has come together to donat
Wargamer Consortium has some more coverage from GenCon 2013 with their video interview with Geek Chic.From the interview:The Wargamers Consortium sits down with Geek Chic at Gencon to find out what's
Wargamers Consortium stopped by the CoolMiniOrNot booth at GenCon 2013 and had a talk with Mike Shinall about the new updates to Dark Age.From the interview:We dropped by the Dark Age booth at GenCon
Wargamers Consortium posted up more coverage from GenCon 2013 with an interview with Catalyst Game Labs about Battletech.From the interview:We sauntered over to the Catalyst Game Labs booth to see wha
Wargamers Consortium stopped by and talked with Anton Torres from Fantasy Flight Games while at GenCon 2013 and they chatted about the upcoming releases for X-Wing.From the interview:What's in store f
Wargamers Consortium had a quick chat with the guys at Ninja Division while at Adepticon about the Robotech RPG Tactics game.From the interview:At adepitcon 2013, the Wargamers Consortium stopped by N