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Goalsystem is over on sale over on Go get yourself a copy.

From the sales sheet:

Goalsystem rules from Scott Pyle are on sale for 20% OFF, this Friday (11/30/12) at No codes needed.

Goalsystem Delves now has their game rules PDF available over at Wargamedownloads. Go check it out.

From the announcement:

The Kickstarter successful Goalsystem Delves from Four-Color Studio has been released in PDF form at

Goalsystem Delves provides rules and adventures for playing character-driven skirmish games in fantasy worlds of mysteries, magic, and monsters. These rules harken back to the days of classic dungeon crawls and the world’s most popular fantasy RPG. Players take the roles of a group of hardened adventurers seeking treasure, glory, and the defeat of the festering evils that remain hidden in the darkest corners of forgotten dungeons.

Goalsystem Delves seamlessly blends RPG and tabletop miniature elements into a fast paced tabletop experience that provides the depth of an RPG with the fast paced action of a tactical miniatures game. Delves plays fast, allowing players to run a multi-encounter Adventure in a single session and epic campaigns over multiple sessions.

Using the proven and popular Goalsystem, Delves delivers character driven action that’s deep enough for RPG gamers and fast enough for miniature gamers.

The Department is now available to download from Wargamedownloads. Why not get your copy now?

From the update:

A new rules set using the Goalsystem from Scott Pyle.

The Department is a tabletop miniature game set in a near future America where Fabricated Human Simulants, also known as fabricants, walk among us. Players take on the role of agents from the U.S. Department of Fabricant Management, a government department charged with policing fabricants and fighting the increasing instances of fabricant-related terrorism. The Department is meant to be the first tabletop police procedural game that requires no Game Master to play. Players will use sleuthing, investigation, interrogation, and combat to hunt down and stop fabricant terrorist cells.
The game draws heavily on the noir and police procedural dramas and blends in elements of robotic sci-fi. The Department is not cyberpunk: it's Blade Runner meets Law and Order meets I-Robot meets American Gangster meets Mad Men meets The Maltese Falcon and more.

Wargamedownloads announces the availability of Golgo Island Studio's Neutron York 3k on their webstore:

From their announcement:

The place is New York,
the year is unknown,
the future is unwritten…

Neutron York 3000 is a post-apoc skirmish game brought to you by the Golgo Island Studios and supported by a range of 28mm miniatures by East Riding Miniatures. It features:

Alternate activation. Move one figure, then your opponent does the same.
Simple no-chart, no-math combat mechanics. Just roll some D6s and immediately read the result.
A campaign and experience system. Take your gangers from Rookie to Legend status, and fit them with the best weapons available.

Scenario-building tools. Use them to make your own scenarios, or use the ready-made samples provided.
A point system that comes with a complete Character/Force Builder.
Join one of the eight factions described or design your own, be it for a campaign or one-off games.
Plenty of extra rules. To further enrich your NY3K games, rules for vehicles, non-player characters and mass battles are included. is now offering PDF copies of the Labors of the Gods by Scott Pyle. From their announcement:
Form a warband and adventure through Bronze Age Greece in a world where living myths walk among men. Build Demi-Gods, Satyrs, Centaurs, Amazons, and more. Battle your opponents' warband and the cursed children of the fallen Titans to recover ancient knowledge and gain the favor of the Gods themselves. Featuring skirmish-level action designed for 15mm or 28mm miniatures from any manufacturer, Labors of the Gods utilizes the tried and tested Goalsystem game engine made popular in previous releases like SuperSystem, Chaos in Carpathia, and Chaos in Cairo. Labors requires only a handful of miniatures and fistful of six-sided dice to play, and includes a full campaign system and five pre-made scenarios to get players right into the action. Clash with titanic foes and undertake legendary journeys on the tabletop with Labors of the Gods.