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Warcradle Studios

A new posse is making its way to the dusty and outlaw-filled streets of the old West. They're like nothing that your standard cow-poke has ever seen before. They're the Viridian Clade, and if you want to be the fasted gun in the West and have yours before anyone else, you'll want to get your name down on the list. Pre-orders are available now.
Well, it's back to the old grindstone. But we'll always have the memories of the weekend that just went by. I hope you got some gaming in. I did. I tried out Photosynthesis, as well as taught Guild Ball to a friend. It was a good time had by all. But now the focus is on next weekend, and whatever cool games I'll be playing then. They might require terrain. And, if they do, I want it to look good. So, without further ado...

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Wild West Exodus Previews New Terrain, Fantasy Flight Games Releases Playmat For Twilight Imperium, New Dunes Planet Space Gaming Mat Available From Deep-Cut Studio, and New Plastic Box Sets Available From Tabletop-Art.

Warcradle Studios has taken over production for the Dystopian Wars line. If you're a fan of the game, or perhaps looking to see what the new company will be doing with the game, they've got a special offer you can sign up for. Just put your name on the list and you'll get a free version of the Dystopian Wars 3rd Edition rulebook. Pretty simple, really.
Well, it looks like Warcradle is on the move again. The new studio making Wild West Exodus has made a deal with Spartan Games that they will continue on the Dystopian and Firestorm universes. They've posted up a video discussing the new announcement, and we can look forward to more updates in the coming months. Check out the vid below.
September is a time for change. We've got a new season starting up in just a couple days. The leaves are starting to change color. Warcradle Studios is also coming out with a new edition of Wild West Exodus. In fact, the first couple sets are available for pre-order. So if you want to be the first gamer on your block with the hot, new edition of the game, you can put your name down on the list now.