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Hello there, everyone. I hope your week is going by well. Mine is. I just had a very nice bento box lunch and am ready to give you some bite-sized items as well, in the form of some gaming news.Today'
Wednesday is once again upon us, dear TGN readers. We've been having a busy week at the office. I'm working on a few review articles that're coming up, and yesterday we shot a new unboxing video.But t
Board Game Playmat [3'x5'] Cushioned / Water Resistant
Welcome back to Saturday, dear friends. Hopefully you're enjoying the day. I've been running around like crazy this morning, getting stuff done before I head to my friend's place this evening for gami
It's another Sunday. Time for some more of the shorter, bite-sized stories that we've come across in the past couple days.Also, yesterday during D&D, our party almost blew up the world (or at least an
Warchimera keeps your little mans safe from enemy strafing attacks with the releases of their new Hammer Anti-Aircraft Defender Tank.SourceFrom the release:We've just released new amazing vehicle - Ha
Warchimera will have their new Hammer APC available soon over in their webshop.From the release:The most wanted new transport vehicle for 28mm scale battles is here!This 6-wheeled beast is ready for t
Warchimera gives you more options to customize your models with their new Jungle Warriors Backpacks.From the release:Hi there, We just added new product - a set of 5 backpacks for upcoming new set of
Warchimera has a new vehicles accessories pack to help spruce up your tanks, trucks and other vehicles.From the announcement:We've just added new set of vehicle accessories. Camo, backpack and a canis
Warchimera gives your little mans some more protection with the release of their Bunker as part of their Universal Defense Line terrain set.From the announcement:Hi there, We've just added new part of
Warchimera has added a new Tank Emplacement to their Universal Defense Line terrain set.From the announcement:We've just added new part of our Universal Defence Line - and it's really huge.A tank empl
Warchimera gives your troopers some good cover against enemy fire with the release of their new Defensive Line terrain elements.From the release:Warchimera is very busy working on new products. Our la