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War is Coming

Winter is coming.
Wait, crap. Winter's already here.
War is over, if you want it.
Wait, no, that was last month.
War is Coming. There we go. That's the name of the new mass-combat fantasy miniatures game by Shieldwolf Miniatures, who have their Shieldmaidens vs Orcs Kickstarter campaign for the game running now.
Shieldwolf Miniatures is just flying through stretch goals like a wyvern... in fact, they just unlocked their Orc Wyvern for their campaign. They've also added a bunch of models from their webshop, at a special Kickstarter price, to their campaign as add-ons.


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Shieldwolf is just shredding through stretch goals on their War is Coming Kickstarter campaign. They've got new artwork, new pledge levels, and a new army they're showing off. Who doesn't want giant ice warbears and goblins? I know I do.
The campaign's more than 5x funded with still 24 days left to go to check them out.


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