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Wappinshaw is being held next weekend. Will you be attending?From the announcement:The Glasgow Wargames Show - Wappinshaw - is on the 1st of June. Venue is the Kelvinhall.For directions, a list of tra
Wappinshaw headed to Carronade this past weekend and has posted up their photos of the event.From the article:Carronade - the wargames show in Falkirk, Scotland was held on the 11th of May. Here are s
Wappinshaw has set a definite time and place for their show for this year. Will you be going?From the announcement:It will be held on the 1st of June at the Kelvin Hall. This is a much bigger venue th
Wappinshaw spent the weekend at Claymore 2012, the Scottish Wargames show. Check out the report.Saturday the 4rd of August saw Claymore - the Scottish wargames show - being held at Telford College, Ed
The Wappinshaw Wargames Show is coming to Glasgow this weekend. Go and have a good time meeting with other gamers.From them to you:Wappinshaw, the Glasgow Wargames show – will be held on the 2nd of Ju
Wappinshaw, the Glasgow Wargame show is scheduled to be held on June 2nd. Check it out.From the announcement:Wappinshaw, the Glasgow Wargames show – will be held on the 2nd of June at the Royal Concer
Wappinshaw is only six days away. From their announcement: It is now one week until Wappinshaw, the Glasgow Wargames show. Pictures of the venue for visitors and traders to be posted on Wednesday. A
The Wappinshaw event in Glasgow now has its own blog. From their announcement: Wappinshaw - the Glasgow wargames show has a new blog to help keep you updated. Wappinshaw is on the 4th of June at the