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Waning Gibbous Games

Waning Gibbous Games has fulfilled their Kickstarter and now has Larceny, their party card game for conmen and grifters, available in their online shop.



I was just playing this yesterday. And a good time was had by all.
I won one hand by having the guy carrying his vintage Dr. Who reel drop it when he was attacked by bears. Discuss
Waning Gibbous Games has a new game play video up for Larceny, their party card game up on Kickstarter.
Editorial: I had a great time with the guys from Waning Gibbous while at DragonCon playing Larceny. You should go check out the game. Don't forget we also posted a TGN Review of the game.


From the update:

Ok crew we're entering the home stretch. The campaign ends Friday evening so if you've been holding out, or you know someone who is on the fence: now is the time to convince them.

Waning Gibbous Games (still love that name) has posted up another gameplay variant for Larceny over on their Kickstarter campaign.
They've made it to 60% of their goal. I played a bunch of this at DragonCon (and before that, even, did a review. You'd make me happy if you checked it out.


From the update:

We had a productive weekend and shot some great video! We're ready to announce a brand new gameplay variant:
Black Bag Job

In spy and thief circles, the "black bag" is a catch-all term for the toolkit a thief might take into a job. We've taken the concept of planning for your heist and incorporated it into Larceny.

In the Black Bag mode, the Chief outlines a heist as usual with one Score and two Catches. The Crew then draws 10 cards and discards down to 7, building their toolkit for the heist. The Crew then plans out a heist using 2-5 cards, similar to the Best Laid Plan variant. Their goal is to convince the Chief that their plan is the best.

Waning Gibbous Games posted up a new game mode for Larceny, their party game that's looking for funding over on Kickstarter.
Don't forget, I did a review of the game a couple weeks back.


From the update:

Troubleshooters Mode

Troubleshooters is what we call a team vs team variant of Larceny. In this mode, the Crew takes on the role of security troubleshooters, proposing ways to protect and to steal the same Score. One team plays from a hand of Catch cards, while the other plays from a hand of Fix cards. Both sides draw one hand of cards and play until one team has either protected or stolen the Score four times. Neither team draws new cards during the round. Each team plays the card that they would use to either protect or steal the Score, taking the Score itself into consideration. You might protect a bottle of wine differently than you would a rare stamp, or a pile of gold, and likewise your tactics to steal a flash drive would differ from how you might steal a vintage car. Cards are played face down and it's up to the Chief to make the call as to which is more effective.

Waning Gibbous Games just got their Kickstarter campaign for Larceny underway yesterday. They were kind enough to send me an advanced copy of the game to check out and share my thoughts about it with you.

So let's take a look at this new party card game in this installment of TGN Reviews.

The copy that Waning Gibbous (love that name) sent to me is pre-production, so I won't be commenting on the quality of the game contents since what I've got are not the final versions of things, but the gameplay is still the same.
Waning Gibbous Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new party card game, Larceny.
They've sent me a preview copy of it. Expect a review posted up later tonight.

From the campaign:

Larceny is a fast paced party game where you and your friends plan one heist after another. Each round a different player is the Chief and decides which solution is best to overcome the inevitable catch in your perfect plan.

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