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It's always good to give to charity. And if you get some cool prizes back for it, bonus. Well, over on the WAMP forums, they're looking to raise money for Tommy's. As part of that, you can buy tickets and potentially win some awesome stuff? What kind of stuff? Well, they're going to be showing off new prizes daily from now until August 20th.
Man, no day has felt entirely "right" this week. Monday was an amalgam of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Tuesday was like a Monday. Wednesday was kinda like a Friday. Yesterday was like a Saturday, but a lot busier. Today's... still getting started, honestly. But it doesn't entirely feel like a Friday. I guess that's what happens when you bookend 2 days at the office with days working from home.
Well, one way that today is going to feel like a proper Friday is by serving up some bite-sized gaming stories. Also, pizza for dinner. But that's not until this evening.

Today on the platter we have: Quizmania Coming To Kickstarter, Donate and get a Free Book From Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Expedition RPG Launches Quest-Writing Competition, New Xyston Miniatures Releases Available, Wamp releases two new 1/12th Scale busts, Pipmen Playing Cards Up On Kickstarter, Ravage: Dungeons of Plunder Coming to Kickstarter, and New Legion Armoury Releases Available From Kromlech.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!
Or, for those of you not in the US. Happy Wednesday!
As for me, I'm going to be busy when I get home. I need to bake another pumpkin pie, put turkey 1 into the brine bucket, speed-thaw turkey 2 (place in cold, running water for a couple hours), and make whipped cream for the pies (cream, sugar, and spices). Gonna be very busy, but should be fun. But to have enough energy for that, I need to nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today we have: New Infinity Dice Sets From Corvus Belli, New Bases Available From Micro Art Studio, BattleScribe 2.0 Released, Dungeonland PnP is now available and Kickstarter Stretch Goals are revealed, New Alien Heads From Ramshackle Games, Okumarts Games team up with GG Studios, New Releases Available From Dark Sword Miniatures, Divine Art Playing Cards up On Kickstarter, Comrades in Battle Stretch Goal Levels Lowered, Head set Multi Pack From Ramshackle Games, NPC For Hire Game Aid On Kickstarter, New Temple of Isis Bases From Tabletop-Art, Fusion Bases by Wamp Up On Kickstarter, Highway System Coming to Kickstarter, New Female Greatcoat Troops Available From Victoria Miniatures, and New Hordes Token Sets Available From Advanced Deployment.

How's everyone doing today? Ready for the weekend? I think I'm gonna keep mine rather chill, just putting together the last of my friend's Guild Ball stuff. They're already assembled. They just need greenstuff work done on 'em (filling in some small gaps, filling in the base slots, stuff like that). Other than that... not much. Plan for Thanksgiving, I guess.

But as for right now, it's time to nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today we have: New D&D Icons of the Realms Miniatures Starter Set Now Available, Steamforged Previews Steamcon/Black Friday Sale, Confrontation Evolution Fan-Made Rules Posted, Wamp releases Master of Roots Bust, Ever wonder what Kriegsspiel Dice looked like?, Super Chibi Round 2 - Reboot Late Pledges now open, Final Days for Portable Paint Station On Kickstarter, New Numidian Infantry Available From Victrix, Spot It! Dobble Coming Next Year, New Releases Available From Hitech Miniatures, German Language Version of Thunderbirds Board Game Up On Spiele-Offensive, and Kromlech New Release: Human Skulls.

If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, you'll probably want to start staying inside because it's getting cold out. If you're in the Southern Hemisphere, you'll probably want to stay in because it's getting so darn hot. Either way, you shouldn't be outside. You should be inside, painting. For extra incentive, Wamp has Wamped VI happening now.
Wamp has started another of their world-famous painting contests. This time the focus is on Mindwork Games. They're a brand new company out there in the big world of miniatures. Their first mini is the Mad Clown. Anyway, if you think your painting skills are good enough, get yourself set up and get painting.

From the announcement:
Wamp is running a Kickstarter campaign for some new set of miniature painting brushes. We all know how important painting is to the miniatures community, and Wamp is well-known for their regular painting competitions. As such, they wanted to make accessible a set of brushes that they thought would be the best possible. The campaign's more than 10x funded already, and is set to run for another 12 days.

From the campaign:
Wamp has their 5th annual year-ending painting competition up on their website.
Open to any manufacturer, scale, subject (including busts), you have until February to get your piece ready.


From the forum post:
Wamp has their latest mini now available over in their webshop. Say hello to Little Joseph.

Little joseph


From the release:

We have great pleasure in revealing our latest miniature 'Little Joseph'

He is 30mm scale and stands an impressive 76mm tall. Sculpted by Tytanowy Janusz.

Currently available on Pre-Order

Wamp is running another of their world-famous contests. This time it's for Hasslefree Miniatures.



From the contest sheet:


Yup the Whites are back to tempt you with their harem of miniature females (and the odd male or monster!)

We love Hasslefree here at Wamp and its always a popular contest. They are some of the easiest and most fun miniatures to paint, just as welcoming to beginners as world class painters.

So theres no excuse not to pick one up to paint but if you need your arm twisting how about the temptation that free goodies brings with it?

Wamp has a new contest up on their forums where they want to see what sort of crazy creation you can create by using bits from at least 5 different models.



From the contest form:

Wamp has launched a brand new contest aimed at convertors and scratch builders. the aim of the contest is to not only paint a fantastic entry but use various bits and pieces from a variety of miniatures,bit box or whatever you find in the dustbin!

Its a just for fun contest open to all and runs until the end of october. Full details via the link

Portal Magazine has posted issue 36 up online for your downloading and reading pleasure.

issue 36 cover_4Tj


In this issue:

Issue 36 of Portal Magazine, the FREE painting and modelling magazine is now available from the link below. Tutorials from JBT and Pepa Saavedra, as well as our usual regular articles.

There have been some issues with Android downloads, but if you are using a laptop or desktop you should be fine, so keep trying. We are working on this in the meantime.

Wamp is running another of their world-famous painting contests. This time it's Red Box Games.



From the announcement:

Wamp's monthly sponsored contests return after a brief hiatus with an old favourite, Red Box Games. Win upto $100 worth of RBG goodies.
Deadline is end of August
Full details can be found at Wamp

Wamp is holding another one of their painting contests. This one focuses on some Wyrd miniatures.


From the announcement:

Hi Folks,

the brilliant and rather dashing folks here at Wyrd are once again sponsoring one of Wamp's infamous painting contests. Some great prizes up for grabs.
Its open to any and all Wyrd Miniatures.

the deadline is end of April.
For full details (including the rules) visit Wamp

Wamp released their new Popeye Orc bust over in their webshop.
I still think he likes spinach, though.


From the release:

Wamps 3rd release is an Orc bust sculpted by Robby Crawforth.
Available exscusively at the Wamp Store

Cast in resin and the plinth is seperate so you can use an alternative plinth if you prefer

Wamp has another of their famous painting contests underway. This one's Studio McVey.


From the announcement:

Our latest contest is open to all Studio McVey miniatures (including Sedition Wars).

Deadline is 23rd March 2014

Some great prizes up for grabs and theres a 20% discount on Studio McVey Miniatures for participants

Full details at Wamp

Portal Magazine has issue #35 now available to download for free for your reading pleasure.


In this issue:

Issue 35 is here and its full of christmas goodness!

Tutorials from David Rodriguez, Pepe and Adam Halon
We review products from Wyrd,dark Art and Michael Kontaros Collectibles
Infamy Contest Gallery
Golden Demon: the early years
Creature Feature
News,Gallery,On The Radar, Crowdfunding and more

All this for free!

Wamp has the fourth year of their painting competition going on now over on their forums.


From the announcement:

Wamps end of year bash is back for its fourth year. This is our anything goes contest with no restrictions on genre,scale or manufacturer. Plenty of prizes (including spot prizes).

Contest open until end of January 2014

Full details via the link

Portal Magazine now has issue 34 available to download, for free, for your reading pleasure.


In this issue:

Hello everyone! You’d probably thought we’d fallen off the face of the earth! We’re really happy to announce issue 34 of Portal has finally made its way onto the internet for you all to download.

We’ve tried to make up for unintentional delay by adding a chunk of extra content, so this is a 93 page issue!

This issue has some great articles, including…
Part 2 of creating a display base (this time it’s the painting)
A very cool and ambitious freehand step by step!
Reviews of Painting Buddha’s Season 1.1 and some great models by Stephane Simon
All of our Hasslefree competition entries, including comments from the guys and gals at Hasslefree
A chat with Marrow Productions and their new game Journey- Wrath of Demons
Finally, we have also got our World Tour off to a great start and we explore what the miniature community has to offer in France. Turns out, it’s an awful lot!

Apologies again for the wait. We will try and get back on track for a Halloween release!
Any and all feedback welcome!

Wamp is now taking pre-orders for their Professor Sprocket and W.I.D.G.E.T. miniatures over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

Wamp's second release (but first miniature) is a mad-cap scientist called Professor Sprocket who is ably assisted by his hamster powered automaton W.I.D.G.E.T. (Wamp. Intelligent. Dynamic. Gadget. Engineering. Tool.)

Professor Sprocket and W.I.D.G.E.T. are the leading lights in Goblin Academia. The Professor's research has with the aide of his petulant automaton helped create such wondrous creations as the Gerbil Powered cannon and Grapefruit Goggles, although the highlight of his career was his appearance on Dragons Den with his Gnome operated Scouse detector though unfortunately he didn't secure funding after he accidentally blew up 3 of the Dragons.

Sculpted by Sergey Savenkov and cast in resin. The Professor is 15mm from feet to eyes with W.I.D.G.E.T. slightly shorter, they are 28mm scale. The professor comes holding beaker in one hand and pipe wrench in the other. The set includes both the Professor and W.I.D.G.E.T. as well as two round lipped bases.

We have now made him available for Pre Order. Awaiting casting we expect despatch to be December 2013 at the latest.

Normally priced at £9.99 for the set we are offering them for £8.99 for anyone that pre-orders them. As soon as the physical stock comes in we will end the pre-order offer so best to take advantage while you can.

To Pre-order simply purchase in the Wampstore

Wamp launched another of their world-famous contests. This one's for you sculptors in the audience.

From the contest:

Wamp in association with Black Dragon Castings has launched its first ever sculpting contest and aims to raise money for charity.

Winner will receive:
£100 cash
£100 Wamp Store credit
5-10 casts of their sculpt
Choose a charity of their choice for donations.

The winning sculpt will be cast and every sale will donate to a charity of the winners choice
Contest is open to any scale,genre or topic of sculpt including scenery or accessories.
Deadline is 30th November 2013.

Portal has issue #33 of their magazine available to download for free from the Wamp forums.

In this issue:

This month’s issue has been a tight squeeze to get it all ready for you, but we’ve got a great selection of treats for you this month! Our cover story and article features one of the biggest names in fantasy art, Mr. Paul Bonner, as well as a very thorough step by step sculpt of one of the largest kits of recent memory!

Other articles include…
- Doing Nurgle-style freehands
- Crystal Brush report from Conrad Mynett
- Kickstarter updates
- Some interesting sneak previews of sculpts
- An in-depth interview with French sculptor/painter Christian Hardy
- A look at some old but nicely painted models!
- All the usual new releases and updates,etc.

As always Portal is COMPLETELY FREE to download for everyone

Portal Magazine has issue #32 available for your downloading and reading pleasure (for free, as always).

In this issue:

Portal 32 is here and its a cracking issue, perhaps the best ever? It certainly needs to be good to live up to last months issue that smashed all previous records and firmly showed why Portal is the number 1 digital magazine for miniature painters.

Salute Show Report and interview with the Warlords
Army Painter and Reaper reviews
Brindie Interview
Dark Messiah Bases give-away
Wyrd Miniatures and Studio McVey contest Gallery
Painting Skin Tones
Infamy Miniatures and Darklands contest Details
Interviews with Daniel Gutl (Nathelis) and Scott Hockley
'View from the Tower' article
News,Mini Radar,gallery and more

Wamp is running another of their famous painting contests. This one's Darklands-themed.

From the announcement:

Wamp's latest contest is all about Darkland's the fantasy range of 30mm scale miniatures featuring everything from muscle-bound men to huge demonic creatures.

Deadline for entries is end of September 2013.

There are categories for Single figure, Units and Monsters.

There are prizes for each categories, overall winners and every entrant will receive a prize just for entering.

visit the link for full contest details

Wamp has teamed up with Infamy Miniatures to bring a contest that could get you models for life.

From the contest (note, everything is happening over on Wamp, not here):

Wamp has launched it's latest contest sponsored by Infamy Miniatures. The contest features a whole host of prizes. Every entrant will receive £8 Infamy credit, and a chance to win every Infamy release for a year.

There are also prizes for category winners too.

The Best In Show winner will receive a copy of every Infamy Miniature released forever!

For full details visit Wamp