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Recreational Conflict have posted photos and details of their upcoming 28mm Martian Skiff. From their website: I was going to put up a store update today, but late last night we found we had a coup
Catalyst Game Labs have sent their Leviathans Victorian Sci-fi boardgame off to print. From their announcement: It’s been a long, long haul, crewmen. But the sea trials are over and celebrations are
Reaper Miniatures have updated their Previews page with photos of several upcoming figures including a motorcycle and steampunk Female Mad Scientist.
Spartan Games have posted an article on their website showing and discussing the four "Specials" models they will be releasing for each Dystopian Wars faction. From their website: Moving on to the
The Dystopian Wars gallery page has been updated with the concept art for the Covenant of Antarctica Plato Class Cruiser.
Spartan Games have updated their Dystopian Wars gallery page with photos of painted samples of the Dreadnought, Escorts and Destroyers for each of the four main factions in the game.
Spartan Games have posted a preview of the waterline version of the Prussian Metzger Robot. From their website: As if the sight of this colossal metallic titan approaching from over a dusty hill wa
Spartan Games have updated their Dystopian Wars gallery with the concept art for the Antarctican Ptolemy Class Bomber.
Spartan Games have posted an updated Dystopian Wars Core Rule Book Errata & Clarifications document on their Downloads page.
KR Multicase is now selling cases for use with Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada miniatures. From their announcement: We have added 2 dedicated pages to the KR website for Dystopian Wars and Firest
Thanks to Chris at E-Figures for this list of US prices for the recently announced July 2011 releases for Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada. DWBS09 Dystopian Wars: Blazing Sun Kitsune class Escort
Wargames Foundry have released the Gentlemen & Miscreants Collection to their 28mm Victoriana range. From their announcement: Here are our latest Victoriana models. From the dark side of Victorian
Spartan Games have released images of the components for each of the Dreadnoughts and Land Ships they are releasing next month for Dystopian Wars.
Spartan Games have posted images and details of their Dystopian Wars releases for July 2011. We posted the first part of their July 2011 Dystopian Wars releases earlier.DWBS09 Empire of the Blazing Su
Spartan Games have posted images and details of their Dystopian Wars releases for July 2011. We have a second post with tthe rest of the Dystopian Wars releases for July 2011.DWPE09 Prussian Empire Wa
The June/July 2011 issue of Battlespace is now available.From their announcement:he June/July 2011 issue of Battlespace magazine is now available to view or download. Battlespace is a free digital, in
Catalyst Game Labs have posted a photo of the sprues for six of the miniatures that will be part of the Leviathans boxed set. From their website: As usual, I received the box this morning and as quic
Spartan Games have announced an upcoming set of free armoured rules set in, and using figures from, their Dystopian Wars game. From their announcement: Spartan Games is pleased to announce the immine
Lead Adventure have released two packs of Steampunk head swaps. From their announcement: Something for you bitz box - 20(!) conversion heads by Igor Karpov for our Steam-Punk range. Very useful and
Ironclad Miniatures have added several new products to their online store. From their website: First of our new stuff is a shop and a pair of outhouses for the shanty town range. For the VSF range th
Catalyst Game Labs have posted an updated version of the Leviathans Lieutenant’s Manual Quick Start Rules and are now making the PDF a free download. From their website: As I mentioned in the blog po
Euraka Miniatures have released a 28mm Martian Fighting Machine and Martian Cephalopod. From their website: We are pleased to welcome a new range to Eureka Miniatures from our associates at Ozbattler
The Armchair General has posted photos of upcoming 15mm/18mm VSF British and German troops for use with the When the Navy Walked rules. From their announcement: Have you been wanting to see what we
JTFM Enterprises and The ArmChair General have announced the release of the for the When the Navy Walked VSF rules.From their announcement:JTFM Enterprises, in association with The ArmChair General,