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Just about every company out there is having some sort of Black Friday sale (many of them already started). Well, I figured I'd help out by collecting a bunch of their announcements into one spot for
When people ask me what I'm doing on Sunday, I generally say, "As little as possible."Granted, considering today has included making breakfast, doing dishes, doing laundry, prepping to cook what will
It's always nice to get things for a bit cheaper than you'd expected to have to spend. I.E. - Everyone loves a sale. As such, everyone should love what Voodooworx Miniatures is up to, since they're ha
Busy Sunday here at the bear cave. The past couple days have been full of classic D&D action, and now it's catch-up-with-all-the-work time. For the record, the DM of the game I played in knows me well
Wednesday. The previous weekend is two days behind us. The next weekend is two days ahead of us. We are perched atop a precipice. Which isn't to say "it's all downhill from here," but I guess you coul
Here we are again. Half-through with the week. With any luck, you've had some gaming opportunities. Or at the very least, have some coming up. Looks like I've got D&D again this weekend. Should be a g
Voodooworx busts onto the miniatures scene with their first ever mini. Hau'rax The Butcher infamous warlord of the Blackskull clan would make a fine hero for an Orc and Goblin army, or as the leader o
Voodooworx Miniatures has their first previews up of the artwork for the fantasy minis they're working on.These certainly aren't your Tolkien-esque halflings.SourceFrom the preview:Voodooworx Miniatur
Secret Weapon Miniatures and Voodooworx have teamed up with SWM taking over the Voodooworx product line.Secret Weapon Miniatures is happy to announce that it will be adding the complete Voodooworx pro
Voodooworx has released some new cobblestone bases (of basically any size) as well as some new display plinths and new display base donutz (that's how they spell them).From the release:I've just uploa
Voodooworx has brand new bases on their webstore:From their announcement:We’ve just released our brand new Ancient Sands gaming bases, perfect for your desert armies. Prices start from just £2.00! Als
Voodooworx is having a sale on their plinth display pieces. From their announcement:From today until the end of October we are having a sale on all of our display plinths. Sale prices start from JUST
Voodooworx have released several new bases. From their announcement: We have just uploaded two new 60mm base designs to our online store, for our 'Alien Temple' gaming base range. The bases are a
Voodooworx have added an Oval Alien Temple Base to their online store. From their announcement: We have had loads of emails recently asking for us to release more base sizes for our Alien Temple th