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Voices of Mars

Voices of Mars gives you their thoughts on the top 5 board games to check out this holiday season.SourceFrom the article:It’s that time of the year again where you don’t know what to get for your frie
Voices of Mars has a review video up where they look at the Tablewar Minis Case.SourceFrom the video:Voices of Mars Reviews the Tablewar Mini Case from Kickstarter not too long ago. Great case for car
Voices of Mars talks about the new Soulstone mechanic in Malifaux 2nd edition in their latest video.From the video:Mars clarifies Malifaux 2nd Edition new Soulstone mechanics based on Wyrd Chronicles
Voices of Mars takes a look at the 2nd edition of Malifaux and points out the new changes.From the video:Mars takes a first look on the changes that are happening on Malifaux 2nd edition as a 1.5 play
Voices of Mars posted up another vidcast. This one's about traveling with your minis and also a review of the KR Backpack 2.From the video:Mars review the KR Backpack 2 that he acquired right before A
Voices of Mars vidcast has an interview up with Craig Gallant.From the interview:Voices of Mars Interviews Craig Gallant (Head Writer of Wild West Exodus & part of D6 Generation Podcast) on their upco
Voices of Mars talked with Mack from Wyrd Miniatures while at Adepticon about the future of Malifaux.From the interview:Voices of Mars Interviewed Mack from Wyrd Miniatures on Malifaux 2.0 and Through
Voices of Mars has posted up a video guide to help you during this holiday gift-buying season.From the video:Voices of Mars covers the 2012 Holiday Gift/Shopping Guide according do different budgets