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Visceral Impact Studios

Visceral Impact Studios is running a special sale on their website this weekend. Buy a print edition of the Warfare in the Age of Madness rules on sale and get the digital for free.SourceFrom the anno
Warfare in the Age of Madness posted up their Army Design winner's announcement.SourceFrom the announcement:Congratulations to Nils aka "Black Cavalier" of Sacramento, California! The ChallengeWe aske
Visceral Impact Studios is taking submissions only for the rest of the week. If you want to get your entry in, you'd better hurry.SourceFrom the website:Visceral Impact Studios reminds everyone that s
Visceral Impact Studios has announced Warfare in the Age of Madness, their new company-level miniatures wargame.SourceFrom the announcement:Visceral Impact Studios today announced their first release,