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For the month of July, Battlefront will be having a sale going on for their NVA Regular army figures for 'Nam, their Vietnam miniatures game. You can get these figures for 25% cheaper than you'd usual
Tomorrow is International Table Top Day. And Battlefront is celebrating with a weekend-long deal on their 'Nam miniatures game. They've got some new releases. And they've got a special sale. Get yours
Battlefront has been really busy over the past couple weeks. They've got a new website up for the 'Nam game, as well as they're currently running a sale over there. They've got a new FAQ for Tanks, wh
My dad was drafted for the Vietnam war. Though he never ended up in-country, he did train to drive an APC. Considering what I learned later during a Vietnam War History class that I took, I'm glad he
As we stand here, on Friday afternoon, on the precipice of the weekend, it seems appropriate to make a profound and meaningful statement about life, itself...... ... ... Anyone got anything? ... Anyon
Not sure why, but this week's been a time enigma. I woke up this morning going, "wow, already Wednesday!" But since I've been here at the office, it's been the exact opposite. "How is it only 10am? I
Friiiiiiidaaaaaaay! The gateway to the weekend. Hopefully you've got some gaming planned for the next couple days. I don't have anything specific lined up, but there's still plenty of time. At the ver
One of the things that made Vietnam such a difficult conflict was that just about anyone could be working for either side. Unlike previous wars, there was no real set "front." It wasn't so much that y
Battlefront helps protect your soldiers from overhead attack with the release of their Local Forces Anti-Air Company for Flames of War Vietnam. Used to great effect against enemy helicopters, these Ty
Battlefront might be busy dealing with Dust Studios right now, but they've not forgotten about the game that got them to where they are: Flames of War. They've posted up a look at what they have comin
Battlefront is having a big sale on their Tour of Duty minis over in their webshop.SourceFrom the announcement:As many of you may know, the end of March marks the end of the fiscal year for many compa
ToeHub has a whole new set of Tables of Order and Equipment for this brand new year.SourceFrom the announcement:New historical TOEs (tables of order and equipment) are now available from TOEHub via Wa
Battlefront is featuring a new mini for Tour of Duty with a look at the A-1 Skyraider.SourceFrom the article:In the early days of the US involvement in the Vietnam conflict, the Geneva Convention forb
Baker Company has posted up their August releases on their website including new ANZACs and a Victorian NW Frontier line.From the releases:Added to our web-store is a new range within our Victorian Wa
Battlefront is featuring a new vehicle for Tour of Duty over on their website. This one's the M42A1 Duster, though I'm not sure how well it would tidy up a room. Seems like it'd make a mess, rather th
Battlefront is featuring another unit for Tour of Duty. This one's the M551 Sheridan.From the website:M551 Sheridan (VUSBX06) includes three individually sculpted M551 Sheridan, five crew figures, one
Battlefront is featuring their Vietnamese Huts Battlefield in a Box set for Tour of Duty.From the feature: Vietnamese Huts (BB169) includes two pre-painted Vietnamese huts with seperate roofs.
Battlefront is featuring their Local Force Company for Tour of Duty over on their website.From the website:Local Force Company (VPABX10) includes one HQ Section with optional Type 58 LMG team & Type 3
Battlefront has a feature article up looking at the M113 Passengers and Crew box set for Tour of Duty.From the article:M113 Passengers & Crew (VUS710) includes ten Seated Passenger figures, four Morta
Battlefront is showing off the M577 Command Vehicle for Tour of Duty.From the website:M577 Command Vehicle (VUS200) includes one M577 Command Vehicle & one Vehicle Commander figure.The M577 is a deriv
Battlefront has a new featured article up. This one's for the M109 tank for Tour of Duty.From the website:M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08) includes three M109 (155mm) Self-propelled gun with M108 (105mm) option
Battlefront is featuring the OH-6 Loach for Tour of Duty over on their website.From the website:OH-6 Loach (VUSBX04) includes two plastic OH-6 Loach sprues, two Door Gunner figures, two plastic Flight
Battlefront has another Aussie feature over on their website. This one's for the Anzac Rifle Platoon.From the website:Rifle Platoon (ANZAC) (VAN702) includes two Command SLR teams, one Medic team, one
Battlefront posted up an article featuring their new Centurion (throw him to the floor!) Mark 5 tanks for Tour of Duty.From the article:Centurion Mark 5 (VANBX01) includes two Centurion Mk 5 tanks, tw
Battlefront has a preview up of their upcoming Anzac forces for Tour of Duty.From the update:Normally we post spotlights for new products a week before they are released. We thought we should do a sli