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Victory Point Games

Club Fantasci lets us know the answer to a very important question: who stole the cookie!
I did it all for the cookie.



From the post:

Have you ever been able to eat just one cookie? Of course not. Now your cookies are missing you need to find out who stole them before they get eaten by someone else!

Board Game Quest takes a look at the 3-player Trieste card game in this review article.


From the review:

When it comes to board gaming, 3 players can sometimes be the ugly duckling of gaming. With a couple of exceptions, games involving direct conflict are usually a disaster with only 3 players. Invariably, one player ends up being the target of the other two, making for a miserable experience for the player on the receiving end. Usually, when you have only three players, you are better off just reaching for a non-confrontational euro game.

Well the new card game Trieste, from Victory Point Games, seeks to solve that aforementioned problem. Trieste is a card game for exactly three players where each player takes one of three unique roles as they vie for control of this coastal city. Does Trieste really solve the 3 player problem with conflict games? Let’s find out!

Trieste is a quick playing, unique role card game that plays in about 20 minutes. You can only play Trieste with 3 players.