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Victory Force Miniatures

Victory Force has another deal going on for another set of zombies (it's sort of their thing).

From the update:

VFM Zombie Horde II is on Special for a very limited time.

Get one of every figure (100 total) from the VFM Zombie Horde II: First Responders for one special price. Available for a very limited time.

See the VFM Blog for more details.

Victory Force has the spirit of the season in mind and has a special going for their Zombie Horde I.

From them to you:

Continuing the October theme of Specials:
VFM Zombie Horde I Special

Get 100 Zombies of the Zombie Horde Set I for a special price.
Use these zombies as common zombie cannon fodder on your table. Figures made to look like the common zombie you might find on the street. A quick way to maximize your zombie horde.

See the VFM Blog for more info

Victory Force is having a special where you can get... like... all the zombies.

From the sales sheet:

Zombie Horde Sets I and II Special

Just in time for your Halloween Night Game.

Both zombie sets for one special price. Add 200 zombie figures to your zombie filled table with this one deal. Zombie figures included will be normal civilians, military, medical, police, patients, firemen, and others.

See the VFM Blog for more info

Victory Force really has been busy. Their catalog now has over 1000 entries in it.

From them to you:

I am very pleased to announce that there are now over 1000 figures available in the Victory Force Catalog! I am very happy this milestone has been reached, it has been a long time coming. Thank you to all that have purchased in the past and especially to all of you who have been collecting VFM figures for all these years.

Please see the blog for more info

Victory Force just released their King Jack model and now they're having a special where you can get him and his killer pumpkins for a special price.

From the announcement:

Gear up for your Halloween Game with King Jack and 6 of his Henchmen.

Special contains King Jack and 6 randomly picked Killer Pumpkins.

You will get repeats of the Killer Pumpkin figures, but because of the way they were designed and if you are careful, you can adjust the position of their arms and bodies to give them different poses.

See the VFM Blog for more info

Victory Force has even some more releases with their Heroes of OZ: Emerald Four models.

From the release:

The Heroes of OZ are now available in the Victory Store

Don’t face the dangers of the yellow brick road alone. Go with the Emerald Four and you just might make it alive.

Victory Force has been busy with releases lately. Here's the next one: Redd Redan Adventurers.

From the release:

New Release at Victory Force:
Redd Redan Adventurers and Lawmen.
New lawmen and Adventurers are available for your Apocalyptic, Sci Fi and Zombie games

Adventurers #1
Adventurers #2

See the VFM Blog for more info

Victory Force has released King Jack, leader of the Killer Pumpkins (as opposed to Billy Corgan, leader of the Smashing Pumpkins).

From the release:

Just in time for your Halloween games.

King Jack is the leader of the Killer Pumpkins found in the Storybook Wars Section of the Victory Store.

He is Stronger and more vicious than the rest of the Killer Pumpkins

Like the others, his strength comes from the Earth. He has many twisted vines that grab and tear apart his victims. A top his head, and between his gnarled horns, is a vine he can use as a whip to thrash his target.

Victory Force has released their new SuburbaKnights Conventioneers, the Chunk Bunch over on their website.
I think I saw all of these guys at GenCon a couple weeks back... the real-life ones... like, as in people.

From the release:

The SuburbaKnight Conventioneers: Chunk Bunch Pack and figures are now available in the Victory Store.

These chunky costumed heroes are ready to defend the game convention they are attending from the Zombie Hordes or Alien Invaders threatening the convention goers and booth inhabitants of the show.

Pack contains the following characters:
Dork Lord: wearing costume with horns, water bottle, cell phone with goodie bag and toy saber
Ham Sandwich: wearing name badge, bluetooth and goodie bag armed with toy laser pistol and maybe even a few ham sandwiches in his vest pockets
Thor: Holding hammer aloft in costume with goodie bag and cell phone
Lora Kraft: armed with two guns, shorts and purse
Fem Feline: wearing cat costume with whip, cell phone and goodie bag

Victory Force released their new McDaniel's Marauders models (fun with alliteration!) over in their webstore.

From the release:

McDaniel’s Marauders are now available in the Victory Store!

McDaniel’s Marauders are the reworked, remolded figures originally sculpted by JC McDaniel. I reworked many of his original pieces to make special packs that allow you to select packs that contain 4 – two piece figures. You select a upper torso type you like, as well as, the lower torso choice you like. This allows you to have many different variations of Marines on your table.

See the VFM Blog for more info

Victory Force gives us another glimpse at their workbench with a preview of the greens of their new Storybook Wars Oz models.

From the preview:

Some New Storybook Wars figures being worked on. All in various stages of completion.
Heroes of OZ

Scarecrow with his high speed calculating brain and ability to stay completely still for days on end, is one deadly sniper.
Tin Man has the ability to turn his heart on and off, when the need arises, allowing him to be a Terminating Machine. (Armed with grease gun and axe not pictured)
The lion is no longer cowardly, enough said.
Dorothy carries her 45 and a basket full of grenades and her little dog too.

Victory Force gives us another view of their workbench with some SuburbaKnights they're working on.

From the preview:

Since I changed the last group of figures from SuburbaKnights to Redd Redan I thought I had better do some SuburbaKnights.

I decided to do some more Conventioneers. I am calling these the Chunk Bunch since all are on the heavy side.

So far, I think I am going to call one the Dork Lord, others Ham Sandwich, Fem Feline, Lora Kraft, and Thor. At least for now.

Victory Force is having a coupon-redemption sale until Sunday.

Save 30% on orders over $50 until Sunday Aug. 12

The code is: giveme30

Use this code in the coupon redemption box when checking out of the
Victory Store to get the discount
Coupon code good for 30% off on orders over $50.
Some items and Specials are excluded from the 30% discount, but they
do count towards reaching $50 dollar minimum needed to activate the

This coupon code ends This Sunday Aug. 12, so hurry.

Read more at the VFM Blog

Victory Force is having a special on their Spacefarers. Also they've got some previews up from what they're working on in their work-area-thing.

From the update:

This week’s special is the Spacefarers 5 for 3 Special

5 Spacefarers Packs for the price of 3

Victory Force Miniatures is having a 50-for-60 sale on zombies.

From the sale sheet:

The Victory Force 50 for 60 Zombie Special is back!
For a very short period of time you can get 50 randomly picked zombie figures for $60
Thats a little over a dollar per figure!
Use this opportunity to fill in the gaps of the Zombie Horde that inhabit your game table

The zombie figures are randomly picked from the two available VFM Zombie Horde Sets
You may get repeats. Hurry, offer to end very soon. Offer to end without notice
See the VFM Blog for more info

Victory Force shows us a glimpse of what he's been working on lately: King Jack.

From the preview:

The Killer Pumpkins needed a leader.

I decided to make King Jack
He has 4 twisted gnarled vine arms on his torso and a twisted arm he can use as a whip on his pumpkin head.
You can find the Killer Pumpkins in the Storybook Wars section of the Victory Store.

I hope to have King Jack available in August.

Victory Force is now taking pre-orders on their website for their upcoming Mcdaniel's Marauders models.

From the announcement:

Victory Force Miniatures is accepting pre-orders for the Modern Marine figure packs, Mcdaniel's Marauders.

The figures are set to be released in August. By ordering now, you will be able to get the packs at a discounted price and free shipping.

See the VFM Blog for complete details.

Victory Force is having a one-day sale today. Now would definitely be a good day to get some of their products.

From the announcement:

Save 40% off on orders over $50 by using the coupon code happy4th in the coupon code box at checkout in the Victory store.

This coupon code is good for July 4th only. You must use the code. Cannot be used with any specials or other deals in the Victory Store. Some items are excluded from the coupon code. Subject to ending without notice.

Victory Force is having another special up on their website: two packs of Insurgents for one low price.

From the notice:

Insurgent Packs Special

Choose the special and get both insurgent packs in this special

Find it in the Specials Section of the Victory store

Victory Force is having a special "Pick 3" event on their SuburbaKnights over on their website.

From them to you:

Pick 3 SuburbaKnight Packs from this Special for one price
Choose your favorite SuburbaKnight Packs from this special.

Find it in the Specials Section of the Victory Store

Victory Force is having a 4-pack special on their WWII sets over on their website. Go and get yourself a good deal.

From them to you:

Choose 4 WWII packs from the drop down list of the Special.

Choose from
U.S. Paras and Infantry
German Infantry, Fallschirmjagers, and SS
British, Soviets and Resistance packs

Find it in the Specials Section of the Victory Store

Victory Force is concluding their Zombie Awareness Month specials with the biggest one of them all.

From the announcement:

Get Both Zombie Hordes Bundled together for one Special Price.

You get 200 Zombie figures that can be used to represent Zombie Soldiers, Doctors, Medical Staff, Patients, Firefighters, Paramedics, Police, SWAT, and Civilains on your game table.

Save $100 compared to buying the two hordes separately.

If you have been looking for a way to fill your table with Basic Zombie Extras, here is your chance.

Victory Force continues their Zombie Awareness Month sales with the next set of specials.

From the sale sheet:

On Special Now: Zombie random 25 Pack

Get 25 randomly picked zombie figures in this pack for a special price.

Find it in the Specials Section of the Victory Store

Victory Force Miniatures continues their Zombie Awareness Month deals with their Zombie Horde II: First Responders.

From them to you:

Your band of heroes has travelled for days to reach the safety of the reported secure zone. They were told at the secure zone there would be medical and military assistance. Upon arrival they find there is no help, the zone is not secure, and those that were there to help are themselves now zombies!

The VFM Zombie Horde Set II: First Responders is here, and VFM is starting the set off on Special!

Use this opportunity to save and fill your table with enough zombies to make a variety of scenarios involving hospitals, secure zones, or emergency personnel. Save over $50.

This pack has 100 zombie figures designed to represent zombie style medical, military, patient, police, biohazard, civilian, and firefighter figures

Victory Force knows it's tough being a Zombie and wants to celebrate all the Zombies out there with a special on miniatures that reflect your situation and sensibilities. So for all zombies and zombie-lovers out there...

From the announcement:

Zombie Horde Set I is on Special at Victory Force Miniatures for one week to celebrate Zombie Awareness Month.

To start Zombie Awareness Month off big, Victory Force has placed the Zombie Fan Favorite, Zombie Horde Set I on Special. There will be other zombie specials all this month. Look each week. The Month will end with the release and special of the Zombie Hordes Set II: First Responders.

See the blog each week for more specials