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And back to Friday. Monday seems so close and yet so far ago. Of course, I'm ready for the weekend. Little plans and lots of time. My favorite combination. We'll see what I get up to, but at the momen
Today, I've found myself alternately saying, "It's already Wednesday?" and also, "It's only Wednesday?" Gonna just be one of those kinds of days, I suppose. But it's alright. We'll make the most out o
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Sure. Wednesday. It can be Wednesday. Being out on Monday and basically clocking out and sleeping all of yesterday afternoon, my whole week feels screwed up. But since it's Wednesday, we should stick
Is it Wednesday? I think it's Wednesday. But... I'll be honest, I'm not entirely sure, even though I'm looking at the calendar and it's like, "Yeah, it's Wednesday." I just don't know if I trust it...
I just went, "Ok, time to make the 2pm post. Oh... hey, it's Wednesday already." Always nice when the week seems to be just skipping on by. Anyway, to keep up that energy, let's nosh on some bite-size
The time change here in the US is still kicking my butt. "Get up and get stuff done?" How about "stay in bed until noon" instead? No? I can't do that? I have, like, work and obligations and stuff to t
Honest thought when starting this post, "Oh... hey... It's Wednesday already." Seems like the week is going by rather quickly, I suppose. As always, no complaints from me on that. Bring me that weeken
Halfway through the week. We've made it this far. We can make it the rest of the way. But, of course, if we're going to do that, we should fill up on some bite-sized gaming stories to get a bit of ene
Halfway through the week. That's where we are. I don't know about you, but this one is being rough. Even though it's going by quickly, I'm like, "guh..." Ah well, as I say, we're halfway there (woooh-
All week, I've had a hell of a time figuring out what day it was. I thought I'd gotten it together yesterday morning, being like, "Yes. It's Thursday." But, by the end of the day, I was like, "Yes. It
It might only be Wednesday, but it's also like a Friday, since I've got the next couple days off because of Thanksgiving here in the US. I've actually got a ton of prep still to do since I'm making di
Halfway through the week already? You know that's not getting a complaint from me. Always ready to get to the weekend. It's been several weeks since I've managed to get to the international grocery st
Fridaaaaaaaaaaaay! WOO! And even though it's a low-key weekend for me, it's still a weekend. So, though I won't be doing terribly much more than watching Netflix and YouTube, I still need some energy
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Time has really been playing tricks with me this week. At times, it's both felt like it should be much earlier and much later in the week at the same time. That switched out to simply feeling like it
Hey everyone. Halfway through the week already? I'm certainly happy about that since the upcoming weekend won't contain much typing. I'm getting more used to not being able to use my right thumb, but
Wednesday already. That's what happens when you're off on Monday. Feels like Tuesday. It's already Wednesday. No complaints from me, of course. Always ready for the weekend. But before we can get ther
A semi-busy week is a quick week. At least, it was for me. Of course, that's not a complaint. It was busy enough to make time go by but not so much that it felt like too much was going on. Just perfec
What a busy week! I don't know about you, but I've gotten a ton done with still seemingly a ton more to do. I need all the energy I can get, so noshing on a couple bite-sized gaming stories will hopef
At the start of the week, I kept remarking how fast time was going by. Wednesday afternoon, it passed over what actual time it was and suddenly it felt like the days were going by slowly. Like, "wait,
Halfway through the week. Just gotta make it the other half and we'll be back to the weekend. I'll need to go grocery shopping, picking up whatever I plan on cooking for the next couple weeks. I have
Honestly, the week suddenly took a turn for "is it over yet?" yesterday for me. All day, I could've sworn up and down that it was Friday. Of course, it was not. It was Thursday. One more work week day
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I've mentioned before and I'm sure I'll mention again today that tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the US. I've got tons of prep to do. I'm making myself a full Thanksgiving dinner, even though nobody'
Well, well, well. We're back to Friday again. Gateway to the weekend. It's stretched ahead of us, full of possibilities. I've got gaming on Sunday. Saturday, I'll... ... ... ... I haven't gotten that