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As we tend to do after Friday, we are now deposited here on Saturday. That means all day getting the chance to do some gaming. It also means we have our Review Roundup.
So without further ado...

This week we have stories on: Rory’s Story Cubes: Batman, King's Pouch, Space Movers 2201, Warehouse 51, Neon City Rumble, Viceroy, Machina Arcana, 7 Wonders: Duel, Age of Tyrants Junkers and Viridians, The Minecraft Card Game, Battle Foam P.A.C.K 720 Molle Army Bag, Thunder Alley, Halo: Fleet Battles, and Starfighter.

If you're a regular reader, I'm sure you've figured out that my favorite day of the week is Saturday. And, I mean, it's gaming day. What's not to love about it? Hopefully you've found some gaming to be had.

And if you're looking for a new game, I've got just the post for you. Get a look at a game before you buy it and see what others are saying about it in our Review Roundup.

This week's Reviews/Previews include: Plastic Soldier Company's 45mm anti-tank gun set, Eaten By Zombies, Flip City, The Networks, Fate of Akalon: Tribes, Viceroy, Samurai, Imperial Assault, Metro 2033: Breakthrough, Less, Longhorn, and Dark Seas.

Welcome back to Saturday, everyone. With any luck, you're having some fun gaming with friends, or will be having such fun soon. I mean... it's Saturday. Gaming is just what you do!

But at the moment, what we are doing is looking at some review from the past week.

This batch we have reviews/previews of: Broom Service, Dragonwood, Res Publica: 2230, Murano, Viceroy, Dropzone Commander, Game of Thrones LCG 2nd Edition, Systema Gaming Base-0 Storage Silo, and Warlord Games' plastic M3A1 Half-Track.

Club Fantasci's David Lowry gives us his thoughts on Viceroy from Hobbyworld Games.


From the review:

Looking out your window at the snow-covered landscape bathed in the moonlight, watching the ice crystals twinkle their beautiful show you wonder if you have what it takes to lead your people. Do they trust you enough? Have you even earned it? What makes you think you understand this game of politics and can safely navigate it to protect Laan and bring her out of the cold, dark despair your predecessor has drug her into and back to an age of prosperity that will allow its citizens to be healthy, fruitful and happy? With a grimace, you turn back to your desk, sit in your brown leather chair and start to pour over the important documents that demand you attention. These are the days your legacy will be formed upon. Your opponents will take every shot they can at you. You must build the best team of people you can and consolidated as much power as possible. Today is the mantle you bear is a heavy one and soon you will define what it means to be Viceroy!