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Vesuvius Media Ltd

Winter is coming... No, really, it is. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we're just a couple weeks away from it. Winter is also coming to the land of Dwar7s. Vesuvius Media has announced the newest sta
The city of Covil is far away and isolated from the rest of the world. And yet, it seems everyone wants a piece of it. At least, a group of Dark Overlords all want a piece of it. And they're fighting
Occasionally, games will change hands. Sometimes a company acquires an already-existing project as they feel they will be able to help it grow by giving it a wider audience than the original company i
I've mentioned that Gen Con's a great place to show off games, well, Vesuvius Media is certainly taking the opportunity to do so over in Entrepreneurs' Avenue. They're going to be showing off some gam
Friiiiiiiidaaaaaaay!Woooooooooooooooooo!Can you tell I'm excited? What can I say? I love weekends and Friday is the gateway to the weekend. I'm like a kid in school ready to bust out and... well, I do
Humanity is setting out among the stars. Fleets of ships are heading into the black, vastness of space in order to colonize new worlds. Unfortunately, we're not the first ones there and other groups a