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Vesper-On Games Launches: Fanhunter: Urban Warfare Board Game Kickstarter

Humans are a pretty resilient lot. If you try and fight us, we'll fight back (generally speaking). So if an alien invasion were to try and succeed, it might go to some... odd lengths to make the going easy. For the Fenicious, they created a rather devious plan... they decided to bore us to death. But don't worry, even then, humanity is fighting back. The nerds of the Earth aren't going to give up their hobbies and tv shows so quickly. That's the story behind Fanhunter: Urban Warfare, a new board game from Vesper-On that's up on Kickstarter now.

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Home Raiders Now Available

As I've mentioned before, I absolutely love to see not only a successful Kickstarter campaign, but ones that are later-on released to the general populace. To me, that release is the real sign of a "successful" campaign. A new product was tested, created, funded, and now put on the market for everyone. Well, Home Raiders from Vesper-On Games is one such success story. It's available now.

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Vesper-On Running Home Raiders 1-1 Scale Game Kickstarter

Vesper-On Games has a brand new game system that they're bringing right into your living room. Home Raiders, which is over on Kickstarter right now, is a game of tiny inter-dimensional creatures invading our universe and battling for supremacy of your coffee table, office desk, or living room rug. Since the models are designed to be played on basically any surface you might have around, you can start playing just wherever you happen to be when you want to start playing (note: some places like "the middle of the street" and "in an active metal refinery" aren't as well-suited to stopping and playing a miniatures game as other places, so take care in choosing your gaming spot).

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Final week for Carnevale on Kickstarter

Vesper-On Games has a week left in their Carnevale Kickstarter campaign. They're closing in on 3x funded.



From the campaign:

We've just uploaded the reviewed Doctors of the Ospedale rules. You can get them both in ENGLISH and in SPANISH. We'll probably have the Strigoi ready tomorrow and the Vatican Forces soon after that.

But don't let me digress from a remarkable fact. In the wise -non literal- words of Tim Curry: "In just seven days... this Kickstarter will be part of the history of games!"

If you know anyone who's been sitting on the fence, or if you are reading this and you are not a backer yet, this is the best moment to jump in! Together we can keep this ball rolling in speed for this next few days.

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The Grand Carnevale

Vesper-On Games decided they wanted something a little bit different for their game, Carnevale. Not specifically fitting into the usual genres of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or even Steampunk, they have decided to make a world that's rather unique to just them.

vesperon logo

TGN guest reviewer, Sean Dooley, takes a look at much of the game's line and lets us know what he thinks on the subject.

TGN Reviews

So grab your accordion and your gondola tickets, it's time for another TGN Review. This time, it's Carnevale.

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Vesper-On launches Carnevale Kickstarter campaign

Vesper-On Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their new version of Carnevale. They're already 2x funded with still 26 days to go.



From the campaign:

This campaign will help us to fund the publication of the new Carnevale rulebook, both in English and in Spanish. We are running out of copies of our first rulebook, so we need to re-print it again. Also last year we tried to publish an expansion for it. We intend to cram all of that goodness together in one magnificent volume. Also we are taking the opportunity to review our award-winning game system and make it even more cinematic than before!

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Vesper-On posts an update about the status of Carnevale

Vesper-On has posted a big announcement about the status of the company and of Carnevale for the upcoming year.


From the update:

After a long silent while, the time to break it has come and we have to place our cards on the table.

This very month is the second anniversary of the release of Carnevale: the miniature game and Vesper-on Games' endeavor. The first sixteen months of our journey, whilst difficult, proved that Carnevale was a solid, profitable and marketable property that managed to make way in the busy shelves of miniature games. Our vision of an original game setting, with the best freelance sculptors available and a solid game system did well and our brand managed to earn its presence in our industry on a international level on a short time.

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Vesper-On cancels Fangs and Crosses Kickstarter campaign

Vesper-On has decided to cancel their Carnevale expansion Fangs and Crosses Kickstarter campaign.

From the post:

Dear backers,

It is a fact that the actual trend of this Kickstarter campaign is not taking us in the direction we expected to go. That is a really hard bullet to bite. We sure made a few mistakes at presenting this project to the world. Maybe we should have aimed straight to the £17,000 for the printed book, which at the end of the day is what we all really wanted to see. Maybe we could have done this in a different currency. Maybe the stretch goals... Maybe. But we didn't, and for whatever reason this is not working.

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Carnevale: Fangs and Crosses - Interview & Exclusive Art Work Preview on Pins of War

Pins of War recently sat down with the guys from Vesper-On Games and talked about the next expansion for Carnevale called Fangs and Crosses.

From the post:

Pins of War set down and talked with David from Vesper-On Games about their Skirmish Game Carnevale, their latest expansion Fangs and Crosses, and their Kickstarter campaign.

What's more, David shared an exclusive piece of concept art for a monstrous miniature that Vesper On is looking to fund!

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Vesper-On announces Kickstarter coming for Carnevale expansion

Vesper-On has announced that they're going to be running a Kickstarter soon for a new expansion for Carnevale.

From the announcement:

Hi from Vesper-on Games

In the next days we have a big surprise prepared for the Carnevale fans. Keep your eyes open, clouds are gathering over the Serenissima. We will be seeing a lot of new stuff.

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