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Vesper-On Games

This is never a story type that I like to post.Unfortunately, it seems as though Vesper-On will be closing up shop. In an e-mail sent to other game companies, they announced that they are looking to s
Humans are a pretty resilient lot. If you try and fight us, we'll fight back (generally speaking). So if an alien invasion were to try and succeed, it might go to some... odd lengths to make the going
Hellfire Club Mug
Oh solooooo miiiii-ooooo!I dooooon't know the woooooords!Vesper-On has the next set of releases available for Carnevale. These are figures that were unlocked during their Kickstarter campaign to relau
As I've mentioned before, I absolutely love to see not only a successful Kickstarter campaign, but ones that are later-on released to the general populace. To me, that release is the real sign of a "s
Vesper-On Games has a brand new game system that they're bringing right into your living room. Home Raiders, which is over on Kickstarter right now, is a game of tiny inter-dimensional creatures invad
Vesper-On Games has a week left in their Carnevale Kickstarter campaign. They're closing in on 3x funded.SourceFrom the campaign:We've just uploaded the reviewed Doctors of the Ospedale rules. You can
Vesper-On Games decided they wanted something a little bit different for their game, Carnevale. Not specifically fitting into the usual genres of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or even Steampunk, they have decided
Vesper-On Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their new version of Carnevale. They're already 2x funded with still 26 days to go.SourceFrom the campaign:This campaign will help us to fun
Vesper-On has posted a big announcement about the status of the company and of Carnevale for the upcoming year.SourceFrom the update:After a long silent while, the time to break it has come and we hav
Vesper-On has decided to cancel their Carnevale expansion Fangs and Crosses Kickstarter campaign.From the post:Dear backers,It is a fact that the actual trend of this Kickstarter campaign is not takin
Pins of War recently sat down with the guys from Vesper-On Games and talked about the next expansion for Carnevale called Fangs and Crosses.From the post:Pins of War set down and talked with David fro
Vesper-On has announced that they're going to be running a Kickstarter soon for a new expansion for Carnevale.From the announcement:Hi from Vesper-on GamesIn the next days we have a big surprise prepa
Vesper-On has updated their FAQ for Carnevale over on their website. Make sure you're playing with the most up-to-date rules!From the update:It seems like we have a missing Universal Ability in our ru
Vesper-On has released to the public their Baba Yaga model for Carnevale.From the release:Hi from Vesper-on GamesAnd something you might have seen before, but now available to the public for the first
Vesper-On is showing off a new mini for Carnevale, the Maid.It's time to leave now or get the fryin' pan!From the preview:Are you ready for some new stuff? Here we have the Maid, an absolutely amazing
Vesper-On has another preview up for Carnevale. This one's the White Collar Thief.From the preview:Hi from Vesper-on GamesFinally we present the spectacular White collar Thief!This model along with th
Vesper-On is previewing another model for the Cult of Dagon. You can't have a cult without cultists. So here they are...From the preview:Second instalment in this month's release. The Officiants of th
Vesper-On will be releasing their new Priest of the Cult of Dagon model this week and wanted to show off what it looked like.From the preview:From the hand of the same sculptor that has two Carnevale
Vesper-On has another new Carnevale release up. This one's a Noble or a Barnaboti (depending on which head you use) for the Patrician's faction.From the announcement:If this Syphilitic Noble doesn't g
Carnevale is getting some bite, thanks to the new February release from Vesper-On.From the announcement:Finally comes the first new Carnevale’s miniature! Emerging from the deepest Ospedale’s cells, m
Carnevale, from Vesper-On, will be running a world-wide, one-day campaign event in February. Are you hungry? Starvation is coming.From the announcement:We're entering a very interesting period for Car
Vesper-On has released those two previews they posted up recently for Carnevale.From the website:Next 10th new release!!The conspicuous Barber and the shady Rialto Assassin join forces with the monstr
Vesper-On has teaser photos of 2 new Carnevale pieces and will be at Tabletop Nation this weekend if you want to stop by and say, "Hello."From the update:Hi from Vesper-on Games,Will you come this wee
Vesper-On is giving their Indiegogo backers something special with an event-exclusive model: Dwarf Pulcinella.From the update:Just ten days to go in our indiegogo’s campaign, But that's not all, we're
Carnevale, from Vesper-On, is just going up and up through stretch goals. Here's the next: The White-Collar Thief.From the update:Hi from Vesper-on Games SL We're half way through this campaign, and t