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Vampire Hunters

Don't you just hate when you miss out on a Kickstarter? All those stretch goals and exclusives, along with the great deal that's to be had. Well, thankfully, the Kickstarter, itself, isn't the only ti
Alright, everyone. We've made it halfway through the week. With just a bit more work, we can make it once more to the weekend. I'm confident that we'll be able to do it. But before then, we'll need to
The folks over at Dark Gate Games have been chugging along with their Vampire Hunters Kickstarter campaign. It's certainly been a successful relaunch of the campaign. The funded in 14 minutes and have
It's the Saturday before Gen Con. A week from now we'll be shoulder-deep in the show.Of course, that means this weekend is full of running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to get ev
You know, vampires are a tricky group. Just when you think you've got 'em, they can suddenly slip away, forcing you to chase after them all over again. Dark Gate Games is tenacious, though, and they'r
The week keeps on keepin' on. We've gotten past the first half, with the second coming right at us. If we're going to be making it to the weekend (where I plan on doing as little as possible), we'd be
Dark Gate Games will be bringing Vampire Hunters back to Kickstarter in a couple months. In the run-up to the campaign, they've got a special contest that they're running. In order to spread the word
Dark Gate Games has made it over their funding goal by more than double for their Vampire Hunters board game over on Kickstarter. They've made it through several stretch goals already, but could alway
Dark Gate Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Vampire Hunters, their new board game where you... well... hunt vampires. In the game, 1-4 players must work together to remove the vampire mena
Dark Gate Games is holding a contest on their Facebook page to give away a copy of their Vampire Hunters board game. Simply head over there and share their promo video. Then, when their Kickstarter is
Hey there again, dear TGN Readers.We've got another batch of News Snippets for you.By the way, we've fixed the issue with galleries. So photos will be showing up where they should be (hopefully, anywa