Z-Man Games Posts New Preview of Valletta

For centuries, fortified cities were the best way to protect your population from attack. In Valletta, players will be looking to protect the residents of Malta from an attack by the Ottomans. They'll do this by building up the fortifications around the city. In this preview, Z-Man Games gives us a look at Jean Parisot de Valette's role in the game.

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Z-Man Games Announces Valletta

I live in Atlanta. Driving around the city, I certainly go, "... I could've laid out the city better than this! You can't get anywhere!" I'm sure many of you have done much the same. Well, Valletta gives you the opportunity to build your own city. It's 1566 and you're one of several builders in charge of creating the capital city of Malta. The game is a mix of resource management, worker placement, and deck-building all wrapped up into one.

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