Interwar Tanks Rules & Counters for Use Me Now Online

Barking Irons has more Use Me content up online. This is for Interwar Tanks, including both rules and counters.

From the article:

Heya Folks,

Today sees the release of the third and last article in the series by Alistair McBeath presenting some cracking counters you can print to represent vehicles in your games.

The third set of counters, Interwar Tanks, contains no less than 6 tanks along with full stats to use them in's USE ME series of wargames.

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Interwar Aircraft Rules & Counters for USE ME Now Online from Barking Irons

Barking Irons has yet another USE ME update available. This one's for Interwar aircraft.

From the announcement:

Heya Folks,

Yesterday saw the release of the first article in a series by Alistair McBeath presenting some cracking counters you can print to represent vehicles in your games.

The first set, Interwar Aircraft, contains no less than 14 planes along with full rules to use them in's USE ME series of wargames.

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New Optional USE ME Mechanics Online Now at Barking Irons

Barking Irons has posted up some optional rules for the Use Me gaming system. Add some variety to your game.

From the update:

Heya Folks,

The sensational USE ME wargames series by is a complete Ultra Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements (clue's in the name) but today on Barking Irons you can find optional additional rules for use in your games...

You do not need to use them, you can pick and choose from them to fit your own games. USE ME is very much a base for you to build your own gaming universe upon.

Advanced Mechanic for Firing into Close Combat
Shallow and Deep Water with Aquatics on the Table
Trenches and Razor Wire in Play
Vehicles and Ramming in Play
Optional Rule for Firing at the Rear of Vehicles

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Dropship Horizon posts Danger on Outpost 32 review

Dropship Horizon got themselves a copy of Danger on Outpost 32 for the USE ME game system and posted up an unboxing and review of the contents.

From the review:

It's been just over a month since 15mm.Co.Uk released Danger on Outpost 32 (their introductory boxed game for the USE ME series), and they've already announced the follow up title. Sales of this boxed game completely exceeded their expectations. So what's the secret of their success? Well, here's a close look at Danger on Outpost 32's contents, scenarios, and the irresistible appeal of the USE ME system.

Gavin Syme was kind enough to send me a review copy upon the game's initial release. I've been playing 15mm sci fi for just a few years now, and have found the experience to be very different compared to commercially-popular 28mm games. I have an expectation when I receive a package in the mail from 15mm.Co.Uk... and that expectation certainly doesn't include something like this!

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New USE ME templates available on Barking Irons

Barking Irons put up some templates for use in their USE ME gaming system.

From the update:

Heya Folks!

Wargamer Alistair McBeath has put together some templates for use in your games of USE ME which Gavin Syme, the games' creator, has in turn passed on to me for publication on Barking Irons.

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USEME Boxed Set Success - New Title Announced

Barking Irons has a new Use Me boxed set available and has a new name for the set.

From the announcement:

Three weeks ago we released the first in a planned series of starter packs for the popular USE ME wargame system. We would like to thank everyone who supported this by buying a set and also by suggesting other titles we could create in the series. We have already exceeded expected sales to the point where extra boxes have had to be brought in!

With this support we can announce the title of the next USE ME Starter Pack - UMS02 The Ziggurat of Clem IV. The Zidhe wish to capture the secrets of the Progenitors but will the Octopods let them have their way? This next pack will be coming this autumn. If you wish for more information please email us and ask. In the meantime here is a re-cap on the first starter set.

UMS01 Danger at Outpost 32 is a boxed USE ME Starter Set which contains the following items: UM001 USE ME 15mm Science Fiction rulebook, 27 White Metal Miniatures 15mm scale, 27 Plastic Round Bases, 2D6 Dice, Set of UMS01 Scenario Sheets including Rosters. Can the militia defending the outpost survive the attack by Grey Aliens?

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Noble USE ME Support Pack, USE ME Cyberpunk, USE ME Eldritch Horror now out as downloads

Barking Irons now has several more of their USE ME sets available as downloads.

We have added three more titles to our paid downloads page for the USE ME Series taking the total to twelve titles. UM010 Support Pack gives you all you need for Tactics, Stategy, Terrain Building, Weather and more adding to any other USE ME title. UM011 Cyberpunk gives you rules and more for skirmish wargaming in an age of tech and corporate war. UM013 An Eldritch Horror presents a twisted vision of the British Isles in the 1930's filled with creeping death for your skirmish wargaming. Each download purchase contains a full version of the title, seperate colour covers and an 'ease print' plan version for home printing should you so desire. Designed from scratch for on screen viewing and searching. Each is an instant download for only $5.00 by Paypal. Superb Value!

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Danger at Outpost 32 - USE ME Starter Set Now Available

Barking Irons and bring you the new USE ME starter sets.

From the announcement:

Danger on Outpost 32

“Craft Delta Tango 3 please identify yourself. I repeat this is Outpost 32 controller traffic please identify so that we can direct you to landing pad Alpha for customs inspection.”

Lorn Abbott had attempted contact with the incoming star craft for more than ten minutes and it was becoming clear that who or whatever was on the ship was not in a talkative mood. Lorn tried again and then waited as the broad spec beam gave him nothing but empty signal in return. He turned to the assistant controller.
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New Eldritch Horror scenario available online

Barking Irons has a new Eldritch Horror scenario up online. Will you keep your sanity?

From the update:

Heya Folks!

Today Barking Irons brings you a free scenario for the latest USEME ruleset, Eldritch Horror!

Captain Standish has come to Buresmouth as the mysterious cult of Vegatatus are rumoured to be the ne'er do wells who have kidnapped his son and Standish wants the boy back!

Find out what happens in "An Evil at the Buresmouth Tavern" over on Barking Irons.

Continue Reading » puts out Eldritch Horror USE ME has the next in the USE ME line available with their Eldritch Horror setting.

From the update:

The world we see is nothing, an illusion, of banal normality that covers a richness of cosmic horror that would blind and destroy the minds of men and render them senseless in the gaze of things far greater and older than imagination can conceive. But despair not! We refer not to the real world but instead to that of the thirteenth (no coincidence!) title in the USE ME series... An Eldritch Horror.

This title was born out of a fire of creativity in only a few weeks in a joint effort by O.G.Joel and G.B.Syme and given the thirteenth code in the series, as befits it, in response to a growing number of wargamers requests for a simple system to cover this genre of cosmic horror. The D6 engine is fast play and well suited to 15mm scale miniatures. Lead your party of characters against cultists, against insidious forces and against the Elder Gods themselves...but will you or madness prevail?

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From the release:

Now available from UM010 USE ME Cyberpunk

USE ME author O.G.Joel penned this title following up upon his success with USE ME Post-Apocalyptic (does he have a thing for nightmare futures?) as he has an interest in Cyberpunk. Taking the fast play rules of the D6 USE ME engine suiting 15mm scale miniatures (though it will work with smaller or larger scales with ease) he has given wargamers the future city of Neo-London with all the facets you could expect to see in this genre from corporate ronin to hackers and bioware. Lead your characters into adventure or turn them into cyborgs dedicated to winning a war against the corrupt system.
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USE ME 10 support pack released now has USE ME 10 support pack up and available.

From the release:

Now available from UM010 USE ME Support Pack

USE ME means 'Ultra Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements' and the system delivers just that. This title is an expansion to the basic rules and does require a rule book to make full use of it. The USE ME Support Pack gives you a lot to add to your games!
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The Season 1 conclusion to the Terminus campaign now online

Barking Irons brings the Terminus sci-fi scenario season 1 to a close on their website. How did your group make out?

From the announcement:

Heya Folks !

Barking Irons today bring's you the finale of season one of the Terminus mini-campaign for USE ME 15mm Science Fiction.
The Challenger's scientists have located and identified a central node that seems to have been responsible for co-ordinating all the attacks so-far. If they can get hold of it they could make a huge step towards understanding Terminus and perhaps even catch a break. As a strike force is assembled, hopes among the Challengers begin to rise.

Terminus, however, is ready...

"A Node in the Right Direction" by Gavin Syme

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