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Spot It! is the game of speed and eyesight as players look to find matches. The game has numerous versions, and two more are now available. One's Spongebob Squarepants while the other is based on the
A horror classic, The Shining has been loved in many forms. Now, you can engage with it in a whole new way. Will you be able to make it out alive from that haunted hotel in The Shining: Escape From th
The OP Games has a new version of their Rising game line available now. This time, they head to one of the darker corners of the DC universe, where one of the most notorious villains lays. It's The Ba
Throughout the school year, the four houses in Hogwarts are all trying to earn points to win the prestigious House Cup. You can bring that competition home in Harry Potter: House Cup Competition, comi
How well do you know your hip hop trivia? What songs were on which albums? What group had issues with other groups? Put your money where your mouth is and gamble your way to the top in Hip Hop Bid to
Plankton is always trying to find the secret formula for the Krabby Patty. It's up to you to keep it from happening. Way down under the sea in Bikini Bottoms, SpongeBob and friends are on the case. Th
There's all sorts of classes the students must master during their training at Hogwarts. They should be spending all their extra time studying. Well, maybe if they played Hogwarts Battle, they might c
When you go Trick or Treating, you get free candy! Well, The OP Games is looking to give away more than just a tasty treat this month, as they're running their Ghoulish Games Giveaway where you can wi
Munchkin is the long-running card game of kicking down the door, defeating the monsters, and grabbing the loot. Soon, a new entry to the catalog will be released. It's Munchkin: Critical Role and it b
The latest expansion for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle has hit store shelves. It's The Charms and Potions expansion and it brings lots of new components to the game, including a new student: Ginny Wea
40k. The chances are, many of you out there have played it at some point. Risk. Again, the chances are, many of you have played it at some point. But have you played 40k Risk? No? Well, of course not.
I can't draw well. I need a drafting machine and a set of French curves to make a passable stick figure. So, you definitely don't want me on your team when you play Telestrations. Though, my drawings
The OPGames is bringing some spookiness to your summer (or winter, if you're down south of the equator). Just in time for things to start getting spooky, they've released Friday the 13th: Horror at Ca
During the school year at Hogwarts, all the different houses compete with one-another to earn points through good deeds, high academic performance, and winning athletic competitions. In the end, it's
Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist brings the thrills, chills, and spills of everyone's favorite Christmas movie to your tabletop. But how did game designers capture all of that action and put it in a littl
I love Scrabble. I've got the deluxe edition on the lazy Susan and the plastic overlay for the board that keeps the tiles from sliding around. And I know we don't normally post about new editions of s
The various parks in the world are locations of great beauty and majestic wildlife. And while wildfires are a natural part of the natural cycle, they can sometimes get out of hand. That's where you co
When you're not around, your toys can come to live and have adventures all on their own. And what a life they lead. Thankfully, by working together, they can overcome any obstacle... hopefully, anyway
Zoinks! That old mansion looks like it's haunted! We'd better get in there, gang, look for clues, and solve this mystery! That's where you find yourself in Scooby-Doo: Escape from the Haunted Mansion,
The continued partnership between The OP Games and Steve Jackson Games when it comes to new versions of Munchkin is taking another step forward. This time around, it's a pretty big step, too. The OP G
Spot It (also know as Dobble to some) is a great, family-friendly card game that won the praise of gamers and critics alike. Soon, new versions of it will be coming out that have been reskinned with v
A vicious robo-dog is on the loose! All the super powered felines want to be the one to take it on, but they need to decide who it will be. Thankfully, there's an easy way to decide this: rock, paper,
All work and no play makes Polar a dull bear. I mean, right now, it can certainly feel like we're isolated in a remote hotel, snowed in and unable to get out. Hopefully, though, ghosts in your home ar
The colors, Duke! The colors!
Games Workshop and The OP Games are teaming up once more. This time around, they're bringing one of the most popular stories ever told to your tabletops in a new way. They're happy to announce Talisma