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The Simpsons. It's amazing to think about how long that cartoon has been part of our world. Hell, I'm betting that many of you reading this have literally always had The Simpsons as part of your life. I remember when it started. I wasn't allowed to watch it as a kid, but I did watch it later on. Seasons 1-10 are sitting on my DVD shelf as I type this. But soon, I'll be able to add a Simpsons box to my board game shelf as well, as USAopoly has announced Codenames: The Simpsons.

Pet owners know that they're mischevious little furballs. Leave a plate of food unattended for even a moment and there's a good chance your burger or pizza might not be yours anymore. That's what's happening in Furry Foodies, a new game from USAopoly that's availble now. Kitties have infiltrated the kitchen table and are out to grab all the best food for themselves.

You ever have that dream where you're in school and you're taking a test and you don't even know what class you're in? That's not 100% what's going on in Dungeon Academy, but you are in school and you are taking a test. But this isn't some Scantron-thing. Nope. You've got to traverse your way through a real dungeon. Will you graduate with top honors?

How well do you know your friends? Can you think like they can? Can you guess what they're going to say? If so, you'll be a shoe-in to win Match-O-Rama, a new party game from USAopoly that's available now. Using the prompt card, come up with your answer, but also guess who near you will also guess that same answer. The closer to the person you know best, the better.

Talisman, the classic game of adventure, is getting a new version soon from USAopoly. They're bringing in some of Disney's most beloved characters in Talisman: Kingdom Hearts. USAopoly has posted up a preview video and article so you can see what to expect in this newest edition.

Many of us know someone who knows every Disney movie inside and out (or maybe that person is you). If so, I've got a game for them/you. It's Geek Out! Disney edition from USAopoly. Test your Disney movie trivia in multiple rounds of questions, trying to get the high score. Just don't get answers wrong, or you'll lose points. Will you live your happily ever after in the winner's circle?

The streets of Gotham are notoriously dangerous, with all manner of thugs, thieves, gangsters, and the occasional super-villain hanging out in every dark alley. But there's one man who's made it his goal to clean up this crime-infested town: Batman. Take on the role of the caped crusader in Talisman: Batman Super-Villains Edition, available now from USAopoly.

USAopoly has a new Harry Potter game in the works. It's called Death Eaters Rising and it pits the gang of misfit wizards against the evil Lord Voldemort and his cohort of Death Eaters (I mean, I eat some super-hot pepper sauces, but I wouldn't say that I eat death).

USAopoly is celebrating all things Toy Story with a couple of new releases coming soon based on the franchise. There's a new Chess set. But probably more exciting for you all is the Obstacles and Adventures deck-building game. Players must work together to get through the events of the different movies, each contained in their own box of cards. As players progress through, new heroes and villains will join the mix. Both of these sets will be available soon.

It's always nice when a Kickstarter gets to its backers and then to the public. And while Court of the Dead: Mourner's Call isn't quite to that point yet, the light is at the end of the undead tunnel. USAopoly has announced that backers should be getting their product in August, with a regular retail release shortly thereafter.

Every time we blast something off into space, it leaves a little bit of junk behind. This has accumulated over time and we're actually surrounded by a cloud of astro trash. Speaking of, getting rid of it is your goal in Astro Trash, a new board game now available from USAopoly.

Ok, so it doesn't have Tim Curry as Pennywise, bu the new IT movie was still really good. And soon, you'll be able to bring all the floating action down to your tabletops in IT: Evil Below, a new horror board game coming from USAopoly. They've posted up a new preview as well as a little video showing off how the game works and what you'll be getting inside the box.

Charlie: Bart?
Bart: What?
Charlie: Am I wrong? Or is the Dark Side Rising?
Bart: I don't know. But whatever it is, I'm gonna play it.

USAopoly has announced Star Wars: Dark Side Rising, a new cooperative card and dice game that'll be hitting store shelves sometime Q3.

The regular school year might almost be over, but that doesn't mean the classes come to an end. At least, not if you want to earn your diploma from Dungeon Academy. Only the best adventurers will get one, as they have to compete through several Tests in the custom dungeon. Each round, the dungeon is created by rolling 16 dice, giving a whole new layout each time you play. In the end, only one will get top honors.

It might be called USAopoly, but that doesn't mean that the States are the only place that they sell games (or that they only sell Monopoly variants). In this particular instance, they are announcing that they've entered an agreement with Disney to sell Star Wars games in European, Middle Eastern, and African markets. So, while their company name might be entirely a lie in this instance, that's a good thing.

If you've been looking to get into the gaming industry, USAopoly has some new opportunities for you. They're looking for a Brand Manager, Communications Coordinator, and Director of Communications & Marketing Services. Think you might be the right gamer for the job? Head over and apply now.

"Yippie Kie Yay (can't finish this line because we keep the site PG-13)!" Everyone's favorite Christmas movie will soon be making its way to your tabletops. USAOpoly and Fox have announced that they're working together to create a Die Hard board game. One player takes on the role of John McClane, while the rest become members of Hans Gruber's gang, looking to stop him at any cost.

The next version of Talisman is up. As you know, USAOpoly has the license to make new versions of the classic game. They've announced that their next version will be based on the Dark Knight, himself, the world's greatest detective, Batman.

I know I don't normally post about all the different iterations of classic board games that USAOpoly comes out with, but these two really hit a, "well... that's interesting" chord with me. They have announced that they'll be releasing both a Clue and a Monopoly variant based on the IT movie (the most recent one. So, no Tim Curry, unfortunately), along with another game called IT: Evil Below.

It wasn't that long ago that we got the announcement that USAOpoly was going to be making reskinned versions of the Talisman board game. Well, they're delivering in style with the first one. Talisman is getting a Kingdom Hearts variant. All the Keyblades and Disney characters you could stand.

There's a new Marvel movie coming out soon in the form of Captain Marvel. In it, the titular Captain must take on shape-changing Skrulls who are trying to take over the world. Now, you can do the same. USAOpoly has released Captain Marvel: Secret Skrulls, where one player takes on the role of Captain Marvel while the others could be Skrulls, could be allies, or could be a Skrull defector. But who is who?

USAOpoly, masters of branded, licensed versions of games, and Games Workshop, the biggest hobby miniatures company, are joining forces. USAOpoly will start making licensed versions of the venerable game, Talisman. If you've enjoyed the game, but felt it could use a bit of a reskin and some updated artwork, this is the announcement for you.

If you'd like to get your hands on some fantstic beasts and don't quite know where to find them, I've got a game for you. USAopoly has released Fantastic Beasts: Perilous Pursuit, based on the popular Harry Potter universe movie. Go out and collect the beasts for yourself before anyone else can.

Saturday! Woo!

I know some of my friends are down at AWA downtown. I'm currently safely at home, grooving to some Sims 4 while I wait for this evening's D&D session. Gotta go take care of that Strahd murder house, y'all! But I know what you are here for are the reviews I know you so desperately desire. So let's get to it.

Today we have: Super Mario Bros. Party Card Game, Snow Time, D100 Dungeon, Tower of Madness, The Deck of Many Animated Spells, Kariba, Deities Domination, Seal Team Flix, Nanty Narking, Brass, Yellow & Yangtze, Menara, and Quests of Valeria.

USAopoly is bringing the Dragon Ball Z crew to your tabletops in a new game. Jump up the various levels as you train harder and harder. Get your power levels over 9000 and reach the top in your quest for the legendary Dragon Balls. Dragon Ball Z Power Up is coming later this fall.