Myriad Miniatures announces Age of Tyrants

Myriad Miniatures has started posting up previews of a new mass-battle, 6mm game based in the Urban War universe. The game’s called Age of Tyrants. Go have a look.

Age of Tyrants


From the post:

We are now previewing artwork and miniatures for our forthcoming 6mm big-battle game Age of Tyrants due for release later this year. This is set in the Urban War universe but further back in time during “The Age of Tyrants” in 2769 VSY.

We have set up a new forum.
There we have uploaded a draft set of the rules for comment as well as preview of forthcoming stuff.

Urban Mammoth releases new wave of minis for Urban War

Urban Mammoth has a new wave of minis for Urban War available now.


From the announcement:

The 3rd wave of the Neo-Iskandrians releases are now available to order. This instalment includes a final blister of Companions, armed with entropic carbines, but the stars of this release are the elite Hypaspists, no self-respecting Neo-Isk player should be without them! There are 3 blisters in total, two twin packs: one set armed with Entropic carbines the other with Xyston and a single figure pack of a Marksman armed with a DMR. Look out for the Myrmidons in the next wave!

New Neo-Iskadrians available from Urban Mammoth

Urban Mammoth has some new blistered releases available for their Neo-Iskadrian line over in their webshop.

From the release:

The first batch of blistered reinforcements for the Neo-Iskandrian starter strike team are now on general release.
Featured are:
13801 Companions w/Xyston (2 Figs) £12.00
13803 Companion Serg £7.50
13804 Companion w/DMW £7.50
13805 Companion w/Entropic Wave £7.50

New 300 point starter deals for Urban War from Urban Mammoth

Urban Mammoth has created some new 300 point starter force bundles for Urban War. Go take yourself a look.

From the announcement:

These 300pt faction deals have been put together by gamers for gamers and are therefore an excellent starting point for your Urban War games.

Better yet, take advantage of these bundle deals with great reductions on normal RRP.

Join our Facebook Promotions Program and get a discount coupon of up to 20%

Urban Mammoth previews November Urban War releases in 3D render format

Urban Mammoth is gearing up for next month’s Urban War releases and is giving us a look at the 3D renders of what’s going to be available.

From the preview:

Urban War Neo-Isk November Release Render Previews

13801 Companions with Xyston, 2 Figs
13802 Companions with Entropic Carbine, 2 figs
13803 Companion Serg
13804 Companion Marksman
13805 Companion with Entropic Wave

Shipping later next month

Urban Mammoth now taking pre-orders for Neo-Iskandrians

Urban Mammoth has started taking names of people who want the long-anticipated Neo-Iskandrians as soon as they’re available. Be the first gamer on your block with them!

From the announcement:

Long anticipated and worth the wait, we can finally note down your pre-orders!

Shipping starts October 19th and the Starter Strike-Team is fully playable, even without the Faction Supplement. The Starterset comes with 2 dice and Stat-Cards and will cost 30 pounds.

Urban Mammoth giving away Neo-Iskadrian Box Sets

Urban Mammoth is having a contest to give-away 3 boxes of Neo-Iskadrians.

From the contest:

Simply “LIKE” our Facebook page to have a chance of winning, if you COMMENT on this announcement post then you’ll double your chances and if you SHARE that post you’ll even quadruple your chances.

Three Neo-Iskandrian Starter Strike Teams are available in this offer, shipped free of charge to your door.

Draw will be made on the 17th of September and announcement will be posted on Facebook.

Urban Mammoth has new previews of Neo-Iskandrians

Urban Mammoth has some more photos up of their Neo-Iskandrians. Take a look.

From the update:

Finally we get to see painted miniatures, Painted by G, from the forthcoming Neo-Iskandrian faction! We have the standard ‘Companion’ trooper and the ‘Companion Marksman’ for you. More will be coming very soon on our Facebook page!
Wondering what all that weird looking weaponry and backpack does? Read up on the accompanying background on our site.

Urban Mammoth posts up new previews and book cover art

Urban Mammoth gives us a pair of new previews for Urban War as well as the book cover art for their Neo Iskandrians.

From the preview:

This time I have for you a preview of three forthcoming Urban War releases. The Macrosynth Heavy Walker, sculpted by John Robertson and painted by Adrian Walters, the Sandrunner Decurion, sculpted by Tim Prow and also painted by Adrian Walters as well as the cover art of the supplement for the new Neo-Iskandrian faction by Wayne England.

Urban Mammoth gives us some previews for Urban War

Urban Mammoth gives us some new previews and some news updates for Urban War.

From the update:

Due to the 3D printing company not delivering the quality they said they would, we had to find a new printing company at the last moment. We succeeded in this, but unfortunately, this does mean a small delay in the launch.

Urban Mammoth new releases available for ordering

Urban Mammoth has their next set of releases available to order on their website, as well as some announcements for the near future.

From the update:

Order your April releases now and later this month we’ll have the May releases as well as a special pre-order offer for the big release we have all been waiting for, the new faction!

The Neo-Iskandrian Starter Strike-Team will be released in June, followed by monthly blister releases in order to bring the faction model choices up to the level of the other factions.

Order your April releases now and check out the upcoming releases on our New Releases schedule.

Urban Mammoth releasing new Urban War fiction pieces

Urban Mammoth is coming out with a new fiction series on their website set in their Urban War universe. Here’s what they have to say about it:

It starts with a ripple.

The slightest of temporal distortions heralds the return of Iskander and his armies to the Urban War universe. Power Armoured legions using weapons and systems fueled by a new type of energy appear to not only retake Iskandria but all of the worlds once under Iskander’s rule. The Tripartite Confederacy is caught flat-footed and popular uprisings and fighting spread across more than 30 worlds. Will Iskander prevail? Only time will tell.

The return of Iskander and his Neo-Iskandrian army will be chronicled in a series of short pieces by Steve Wood and John Robertson with illustrations by Wayne England. Urban Mammoth will be posting one new work of fiction each week, starting Wednesday, on their website as well as on their Facebook and Google+ pages. Follow the story and read how the battle develops and spreads across the Confederacy.

Urban Mammoth new releases now available

Urban Mammoth has the next wave of new releases now available on their website.

The latest releases for the Urban War Second Edition sci-fi skirmish game are now available for purchase from the Urban Mammoth website ( These figures should soon be available from Urban Mammoth’s distributors and partners.

13637-Dune Raider Decurion
Pack contains 1 Dune Raider and Decurion rider with 50mm plastic base.
Price: £15.00

13728-KV72 Starfire
Pack contains 1 KV72 Starfire and 50mm plastic base.
Price: £15.00

13238-Vulcan w/Riot Shotgun
Contains Vulcan with Riot Shotgun and a 30mm plastic base.
Price: £6.00

Urban Mammoth preview new Dune Raider photos

Urban Mammoth Games have posted new photos of the progress on the painting of the Junker Dune Raider Decurion model for Urban War.

From their release:

Urban Mammoth has added new photos of the paint job for the upcoming Junker Dune Raider Decurion. Ángel Giráldez continues his progress on the model and has put down the first series of base coats on the figure.

This figure is part of the February new releases for the Urban Mammoth Second Edition sci-fi games.

Urban War Facebook and Google+ Pages Unveiled

Urban War have taken the first steps in their new social media program with the creation of Google+ and Facebook pages for their Urban War sci-fi skirmish game:

From their announcement:

These pages will enable fans and interested gamers to get information from the writers and developers of the game and to also communicate with other gamers to share photos, events, battle reports. These new pages will also let fans communicate with the Urban Mammoth team and even get advanced news about new miniatures and game releases for Urban War.

You can visit the Urban War Facebook page at:

You can visit the Urban War Google+ page at:

Urban War 2nd Edition now available for pre-order

Urban Mammoth is now accepting pre-orders, and selling digital copies of, the Urban War 2nd Edition rules.

Urban War 2nd Edition

From their announcement:

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Urban War website. The new site has vastly more content than the previous and there will be regular additions of new modules with a particular focus on player support and organised play.

Of note also is the Iskandria Online section which is a direct digital translation of the printed Iskandria source book with the addition of concept art galleries. This will also be expanded as the war on the city-planet unfolds.

Pre-order Urban War 2nd Edition
Finally after much blood, sweat and tears it’s here. You can now pre-order the 2nd Edition rules; shipping 25th July

Pre-order Urban War 2nd Edition Starter Sets
To accompany the launch of 2nd Edition rules we also have a new range of Starter Strike-Teams, these sets not only include miniatures but also; quick-start rules, stat cards, ref sheets and dice

Urban War version 2 update

Urban Mammoth have posted some new details about their upcoming Urban War 2nd Edition rules.

From their announcement:

Some of you may also be aware that we are planning the release of our Urban War 2nd Edition Game. This has a planned release date of the 1st of June 2011. Please be assured that ALL our miniatures will still be valid for the game; the only difference being that we will also supply a STAT card with each figure in the blistered range from the 1st of June onwards.

The Starter Strike Teams will also be updated; they will contain the original miniatures but will also come now with quick start rules, faction reference sheet, quick reference sheet, 2 D10 as well as STAT cards for each of the miniatures contained within the set, again this will be from the 1st of June onwards. However we still have stocks of the original sets (and the figures within will be valid for 2nd Edition) so we are also offering them in our online store at 20% until the 16th of May 2011. You can buy them here.

For those of you with existing miniatures stat cards will be available on our new website from the 1st of June, so any miniatures you have or buy before then are still valid for the game.

We will be sending out lots of info on the new 2nd Edition rules shortly as well as launching our new website, however please feel free to contact us directly via the forum post if you have any queries.

Finally, for those of you how don’t’ have a copy of the 1st Edition rules and would like one to complete your collection we are offering the last remnants of our Urban War STA stock at a 40% discounted rate.