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Urban Mammoth

Urban Mammoth has a new wave of minis for Urban War available now.


From the announcement:

The 3rd wave of the Neo-Iskandrians releases are now available to order. This instalment includes a final blister of Companions, armed with entropic carbines, but the stars of this release are the elite Hypaspists, no self-respecting Neo-Isk player should be without them! There are 3 blisters in total, two twin packs: one set armed with Entropic carbines the other with Xyston and a single figure pack of a Marksman armed with a DMR. Look out for the Myrmidons in the next wave!

Urban Mammoth has some new blistered releases available for their Neo-Iskadrian line over in their webshop.

From the release:

The first batch of blistered reinforcements for the Neo-Iskandrian starter strike team are now on general release.
Featured are:
13801 Companions w/Xyston (2 Figs) £12.00
13803 Companion Serg £7.50
13804 Companion w/DMW £7.50
13805 Companion w/Entropic Wave £7.50

Urban Mammoth has created some new 300 point starter force bundles for Urban War. Go take yourself a look.

From the announcement:

These 300pt faction deals have been put together by gamers for gamers and are therefore an excellent starting point for your Urban War games.

Better yet, take advantage of these bundle deals with great reductions on normal RRP.

Join our Facebook Promotions Program and get a discount coupon of up to 20%

Warheads has issue 5 coming up soon and wanted to show off some renders they've been working on.

From the preview:

Hi Guys,

After a long hiatus Warheads: Medieval Tales is back with its penultimate chapter in the tale of Sir Hugo and Gui le B@tard’s ongoing rivalry.
In this episode, Sir Hugo travels into the foothills of the Black Mountains. Gui is of course on hand to dog Sir Hugo’s steps every inch of the way, in what develops into a battle between the very forces of life and death.

Previewed here are Gwen, Mortimer and Snagglebones.

Sister Gwen is a warrior Nun with a stout heart and a strong blade who pitches herself against Mortimer, the vile Necromancer from the village of Goole, and his undead, monkey familiar- Snagglebones- a wicked and mischievous character!

For weekly updates and videos of these renders please visit our Facebook page

Urban Mammoth is gearing up for next month's Urban War releases and is giving us a look at the 3D renders of what's going to be available.

From the preview:

Urban War Neo-Isk November Release Render Previews

13801 Companions with Xyston, 2 Figs
13802 Companions with Entropic Carbine, 2 figs
13803 Companion Serg
13804 Companion Marksman
13805 Companion with Entropic Wave

Shipping later next month

Urban Mammoth has started taking names of people who want the long-anticipated Neo-Iskandrians as soon as they're available. Be the first gamer on your block with them!

From the announcement:

Long anticipated and worth the wait, we can finally note down your pre-orders!

Shipping starts October 19th and the Starter Strike-Team is fully playable, even without the Faction Supplement. The Starterset comes with 2 dice and Stat-Cards and will cost 30 pounds.

Urban War posted up artwork for the Brood Hybrid.
I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley... or in a lighted park for that matter.

From the preview:

Previously unseen Koralon concept art for "Brood Hybrids" by the fabulously talented Adrian Smith!

Urban Mammoth is having a contest to give-away 3 boxes of Neo-Iskadrians.

From the contest:

Simply "LIKE" our Facebook page to have a chance of winning, if you COMMENT on this announcement post then you’ll double your chances and if you SHARE that post you’ll even quadruple your chances.

Three Neo-Iskandrian Starter Strike Teams are available in this offer, shipped free of charge to your door.

Draw will be made on the 17th of September and announcement will be posted on Facebook.

Urban Mammoth now has their Urban War releases for September available in their webstore.

Graven Games has posted a review up of the Junkers Exosuit from Urban Mammoth.

From the review:

Today we are taking a look at the Exosuit with Cestus and Chaingun, a 25mm heavy infantry model from Urban Mammoth. This heavily armed and armoured miniature is part of the Junkers faction of Urban Mammoth’s tabletop skirmish game: Urban War 2nd edition. The Junkers are one of 8 factions in the Urban War universe and are known for their use of vast, aggressive armies made up of legions of convicts.

Urban Mammoth has some more photos up of their Neo-Iskandrians. Take a look.

From the update:

Finally we get to see painted miniatures, Painted by G, from the forthcoming Neo-Iskandrian faction! We have the standard 'Companion' trooper and the 'Companion Marksman' for you. More will be coming very soon on our Facebook page!
Wondering what all that weird looking weaponry and backpack does? Read up on the accompanying background on our site.

Urban Mammoth gives us a pair of new previews for Urban War as well as the book cover art for their Neo Iskandrians.

From the preview:

This time I have for you a preview of three forthcoming Urban War releases. The Macrosynth Heavy Walker, sculpted by John Robertson and painted by Adrian Walters, the Sandrunner Decurion, sculpted by Tim Prow and also painted by Adrian Walters as well as the cover art of the supplement for the new Neo-Iskandrian faction by Wayne England.

Urban Mammoth gives us some new previews and some news updates for Urban War.

From the update:

Due to the 3D printing company not delivering the quality they said they would, we had to find a new printing company at the last moment. We succeeded in this, but unfortunately, this does mean a small delay in the launch.

Urban Mammoth is coming out with a new fiction series on their website set in their Urban War universe. Here's what they have to say about it:

It starts with a ripple.

The slightest of temporal distortions heralds the return of Iskander and his armies to the Urban War universe. Power Armoured legions using weapons and systems fueled by a new type of energy appear to not only retake Iskandria but all of the worlds once under Iskander's rule. The Tripartite Confederacy is caught flat-footed and popular uprisings and fighting spread across more than 30 worlds. Will Iskander prevail? Only time will tell.

The return of Iskander and his Neo-Iskandrian army will be chronicled in a series of short pieces by Steve Wood and John Robertson with illustrations by Wayne England. Urban Mammoth will be posting one new work of fiction each week, starting Wednesday, on their website as well as on their Facebook and Google+ pages. Follow the story and read how the battle develops and spreads across the Confederacy.

Urban Mammoth has the next wave of new releases now available on their website.

The latest releases for the Urban War Second Edition sci-fi skirmish game are now available for purchase from the Urban Mammoth website ( These figures should soon be available from Urban Mammoth's distributors and partners.

13637-Dune Raider Decurion
Pack contains 1 Dune Raider and Decurion rider with 50mm plastic base.
Price: £15.00

13728-KV72 Starfire
Pack contains 1 KV72 Starfire and 50mm plastic base.
Price: £15.00

13238-Vulcan w/Riot Shotgun
Contains Vulcan with Riot Shotgun and a 30mm plastic base.
Price: £6.00

Urban Mammoth has some long-awaited models now available on their website, as well as some more goodies for you.

March saw the start of our release schedule of this year, bringing you the long awaited missing models from the Rule Book and in May a new faction, the Neo-Iskandrians!

Order your March releases now and check out the upcoming releases on our New Releases schedule.

Urban Mammoth posted up some previews of their Neo-Iskadrians on their website. Now they're here, too.

From the preview:

Some preliminary poses of the Neo-Iskandrian Powered Armour Trooper with two-handed weapon.

Urban Mammoth gives us a preview of some more of their upcoming weapons.

From the preview:

This week we feature two designs for energy powered hand weapons as well as the first concept art for the Neo-Iskandrian team weapon, a rather fearsome looking energy beam weapon which will come with a dedicated crew.

Urban Mammoth gives us a look at some new 3D concept art for their Neo Iskadrians line.

From the update:

Urban Mammoth is pleased to preview the first pictures of a work-in-progress version of the 3D sculpts for the Neo-Iskandrian Powered Armour for the Urban War Second Edition sci-fi skirmish game.

These images show the upper sections of the Powered Armour with the original concept art underneath as a way to illustrate how the 3D sculptors are transforming Wayne England's pencil drawings into 3D models that will be used to pose and create the final 28mm Neo-Iskandrian troop models.

Next week we will be posting more images of the Powered Armour as the sculptors continue to expand on this work and add more details.

Urban Mammoth is having some unfortunate delays in their February shipping.

Due to circumstances out of their control, Urban Mammoth ( has been unable to deliver their February Urban War Second Edition ( releases on time. Card production and delivery for the February releases was delayed and cards were unable to be shipped to the casters for packaging due to a family emergency that required one of the Urban War team to leave for Romania. This emergency ultimately lead to the death of a family member and this tragic loss resulted in a further delay to the release of cards to the caster.

Stat cards have now been sent to the caster for the February releases and those are being packaged and will be available from the Urban Mammoth online store starting March 27th.

For all of us here at TGN, our hearts and minds go out in sympathy to those on the Urban Mammoth team. We are extremely sorry for your loss.
Urban Mammoth posts up some more concept art.

From the preview:

Urban Mammoth have released the second set of concept art for the upcoming Neo-Iskandrian faction for the Urban War Second Edition sci-fi skirmish rules. This latest preview features the powered armour suits that the Neo-Iskandrians will be equipping their troops with.

Urban Mammoth gives us a look at the concept art for some upcoming weapons.

From the preview:

Urban Mammoth have released the first set of concept art for weapons from the upcoming Neo-Iskandrian faction for the Urban War Second Edition sci-fi skirmish rules.

Work progresses on creating new miniatures, background, art and fiction for the newest addition to the Urban War universe, the Neo-Iskandrians. This new army will be making their impact felt in the conflict for Iskandria and further afield hopefully by the end of the year. While work progresses we will be releasing art, 3D designs and more starting with concept art for some of the new Neo-Iskandrian weapons and powered armour.

Urban Mammoth is pleased to post photos of the upcoming Junker Sand Raider Decurion model for the Urban War Second Edition rules:

From their post:

Junker Dune Raider Decurion Code: 13637 Price: TBA
Dune Raider units are equipped with rugged quad bikes that are usually fitted with heavily modified versions of standard infantry weapons. These legionaries are generally employed for scouting out enemy positions, harrying isolated pockets of enemy resistance and providing support to the slower foot based elements of the army. These fast attack elements of the Junker Legions also have a well-deserved reputation for depravity, and mobile strike forces are often detailed off to pillage and despoil regions deep within enemy territory.

As is the norm in the Legions, Dune Raider Decurions have gained their rank through merit and many hard fought battles. They invariably lead from the front and will always be found in the thick of the fighting, or hunting out the richest loot.

The Junker Sand Raider Decurion model will be released as part of the Urban war February 2012 releases.
Urban Mammoth is pleased to announce the addition of Zac Belado, the founding editor of Tabletop Gaming News, to the Urban War team

From their website:

Zac will be bringing his experience with marketing and promotions in the tabletop gaming industry to the company to help Urban Mammoth expand the audience for Urban War. In addition to his many years of writing and marketing experience he will also be bringing to the company his unique experience in building online communities. He is not only a long-time tabletop gamer but has also been playing Urban War, and its precursor Void, for years and was one of the early Void demo team members.

"Some of my favourite gaming memories involve Syntha Grape Gunners, Viridian Shock Troopers and the VASA Archangels. Some people got into sci-fi mass combat via games like Warhammer 40K, but VOID was my first large-scale sci-fi game and the Urban War universe has been a part of my gaming history ever since."
Urban Mammoth announces next year's schedule of Urban War new releases

From their announcement:

The schedule list releases from February to April next year. It is our plan to have a 3-month rolling schedule so that by the end of January next year we'll post May's releases too. With each subsequent month we'll add on a further months worth of releases.

Also don’t forget our Xmas Special Deals for Urban War: 2 Starter Strike Teams and 2nd edition rules for only £50.

All the best,
Team Mammoth