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Urban Construct

The work week continues. We've made it over the middle and are working our way back towards the glorious, glorious weekend! Mine's going to be filled with prepping various articles for the next couple
Seeing as yesterday I was awake but my brain was 99% asleep in "post-con mode" from such a full weekend and then an incredibly long drive back home, I took it a bit easy. But that obviously means I mi
Urban Construct has a new Fuel Storage Tank terrain piece available over in their webshop.I wouldn't suggest using flamethrowers near it.SourceFrom the release:An important addition to any industrial
Urban Construct helps keep your little mans safe from the enemy little mans with their new Command Bunker and Trenches terrain pieces.From the release:This new addition to our 28mm resin trench range
Urban Construct will be at Salute tomorrow and will have some new sci-fi buildings with them.From the announcement:Urban Construct present their new 20mm-28mm resin near future/sci-fi building, Ultra
Urban Construct has some new 28mm sci-fi colonists available over in their webshop.From the release:Urban Construct present their new set of 28mm metal Near Future or Ultra Modern Colonists. The Earth
Urban Construct released their new flyover interchanges and slip-roads over on their website.I want to get a whole bunch of their stuff and recreate Gorillaz - 19-2000 on the minis table...From the re
Urban Construct has made new access ramps that are compatible with their "flyover" terrain bridge piece.From the release:Urbanconstruct are pleased to present their new resin 25/28mm ramps that are de
Urban Construct makes sure to not just bar the windows, but to fortify them so nobody's gettin' in here! They'll also be at Triples, Sheffield, this weekend with some new products as well.From the upd
Urban Construct has a new bridge terrain piece they want you all to see. So here it is.From the release:Urbanconstruct are pleased to present their new resin 25/28mm ‘Flyover’ raised roadway, central
Urban Construct shows off their new modular castle builder terrain pieces.The model builders have this to say:Urbanconstruct are pleased to present their new resin 25/28mm Castle Builder range for his
Urban Construct is Having a Sewer Sale:From their announcement:There’s 25% off the price of sewers. Order your 25/28mm resin sewer models now for collection at Warfare (postage will be refunded) or fo
Urban Construct have a new terrain piece available:From their announcement:Following the raid on the Third Reich's secret rocket development factory at Peenemunde, the production of V2 rockets was del
Urban Construct have released a pre-painted Battletile terrain piece. From their announcement: Urban Construct have released a new Battle Tile. A limited number of Discounted price, painted resin m