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Uproarious Games

There's tons of high praise out there for The Grand Carnival. But if you missed out on it the first time, don't worry. There's a reprint on the way. But that's not all. Uproarious Games is bringing yo
In Gravity, the main character was looking to get back down to Earth after their space station got wrecked by space debris. Well, if you've ever thought that'd make a pretty cool game, so did the folk
The Carnival's in town. Or, should I say, the Carnivals are in in town. Seems that more than one have showed up, and now they're competing to see who will attract the most customers. That's your goal
You've done it. You've pulled off the perfect heist. You've got the money and the jewels and the artwork, and now you've just gotta get out of town. Unfortunately, maybe it wasn't so perfect, as the c