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MYST, the groundbreaking video game series by Cyan Inc. is a game that many of us have played over the years. Well, with the success of a recent Kickstarter campaign, you can now play it on your tabletop. InkWorks Productions has released Unwritten: Adventures in the Age of MYST and Beyond. You can pick up your copy over on DriveThruRPG.
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Unwritten is a new RPG based on the popular Myst series. Should be interesting.

From the update:

What many of our most brilliant physicists have long suspected is, in fact, true: beyond our universe, there are limitless others in mind-boggling variety. But humanity had never realized that the secret to those worlds was beneath its feet. For ten millennia, the D'ni lived in great caverns, ignoring the savages on the surface. Using their linking books, they built an empire that spanned dimensions. Its glory was ended abruptly a few centuries ago, and their city has stood empty. Until now. Discuss