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Some new expansion packs are coming soon for Unmatched from Mondo and Restoration Games.

Welcome to Jurassic Park! *movie theme score plays, but we could only afford the version on kazoo*

That's right, the game about fighting for control will pit humans vs dinosaurs with InGen vs. Raptors later this year, with Sattler vs. T Rex and the Dr. Alan Grant solo sets coming sometime in 2020.

So, seriously, I thought the game looked cool before, but the prospect of playing dinosaurs, particularly a T. Rex has me giddy with anticipation.


Mondo Games and Restoration Games will soon be bringing you Unmatched, a new card-driven miniatures skirmish game where players take on the role of history's and mythology's greatest fighters in a one on one grudge match to the end. They're also excited to announce that the first single-hero expansion pack will feature Bruce Lee.