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Universal Adventures

Dungeons.Players love dungeons, so I've found.It's like a nice concentrated packet of XP and treasure. Sure, it's fraught with all sorts of danger (that XP isn't going to just jump onto your character
All good adventures must come to an end. You just have to hope that it's not the end for the adventurers as well. Such is the case with Caverns of the Blood Howlers, a new Universal Adventure module t
Hellfire Club Mug
Randomly stumbling across something that'd been previously considered lost is generally a good thing. "Oh hey, here's my watch!" "Ah, so that's where I put my phone charger!" "Look at this treasure ch
This weekend's activities for me will include the start of a new RPG adventure. It's a group I've been playing with for a while, but we're starting out with new characters going on a new adventure and
New Realms Publishing has another adventure for your players (no matter what system you might be playing at the moment). This time, your adventuring group is headed to the rugged northern lands of Rav
As summer transitions into fall (my local grocery store has had Halloween candy displays for 2 weeks now), it's time to start thinking of spooky and horrifying things to inflict upon your players. A t
The citizens of Ravenor spend their nights terrified. There are... things... that haunt the town and nobody dares stay out after sunset. It is into this town your adventurers find themselves. Can they
It's Sunday (at least at time of posting in much of the world... stupid time zones...). I hope you were able to get out and get some gaming on yesterday (or perhaps some today). My party did not get T
Fishing is a dangerous profession (Mike Rowe of Deadliest Catch taught me that). And I don't just mean if you're out on the Bering Sea going after crab. Fishing on rivers can be just as dangerous (Jer
New Realms Publishing sends you down further into the depths with their Universal Adventure Module #4, Death Knell Delve Part II. This is their largest module to date, with 108 cards of monsters, trap
New Realms Publishing has a special deal going over in their RPGNow webshop. Until Sunday, they have 5 bundles of some of their most popular products (3 to a bundle) on sale for only $5 apiece. They h
New Realms Publishing sets off for further adventures with their Module #2, Scourge of the Scurvlings. Good with any fantasy RPG rules set, the module comes with set-up cards, monster cards, gold and
New Realms Publishing has bundled together their Universal Adventures core books and is offering them at a special sale price for the rest of September.SourceFrom the announcement:Spend more time gami