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Underground Lasers

Underground Lasers has only about 5 hours left in their third Kickstarter campaign. They've made it over their funding goal, but it's just barely over. With some extra pledges, though, they can maybe
Underground Lasers is back once again with a new Kickstarter campaign. This time it's for their Mining Outpost Alpha terrain sets. To set themselves apart, UL is bringing in non-right angles into the
Underground Lasers (which sounds to me like the standard armament that the mole people use) unveil their planet gate terrain piece as part of their Kickstarter campaign.Not being an avid Stargate watc
Underground Lasers has their 2nd Kickstarter campaign up and running. Want some new sci-fi terrain? Check these guys out.SourceFrom the campaign:We are looking to purchase a second laser and maybe a
Underground Lasers is opening up their doors for business. Check out this new laser-cut terrain company and get some good deals on their first offerings.SourceFrom the grand opening:After a successful
Underground Lasers is showing off some shipping containers terrain pieces in their modular terrain Kickstarter as well as having revealed some new stretch goals.From the announcement:These are the new
Underground Lasers is a new laser-cut terrain company making 28mm terrain pieces up on Kickstarter.From the campaign:Underground Lasers, a Newark, NJ based game scenery and terrain company, has announ