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Underestimated Games

I don't always feel competitive. Sometimes, I'd rather just work together with my fellow gamers for a common goal. Or, there's no other gamers around and it's just me wanting to sit down and play a so
Purgatory is looking to expand. There are those in the world who have seen what Moloch and Erinshkigal are doing and think that enough's enough. They're tired of sitting on the sidelines and they're g
A new faction will soon be making its way to the world of Purgatory. Underestimated Games has announced that at end of February, they will be launching a Kickstarter for the Refugees of Religion. The
You all know that I love when companies post rules for free online. You can check out what's going on and get your feet wet before you dive fully in. Well, Underestimated Games has posted up a version
Underestimated Games has completed the rulebook for their miniatures game, Purgatory, and have posted it on their Facebook shop for your downloading, reading, and playing pleasure. The book also has 4
We're halfway there, everyone. Midway point of the week. The weekend's coming ever-closer. Hopefully you have some sort of gaming plans scheduled. I mean, it's the weekend. Don't want to just be sitti
We've once more made it to the weekend.Well, almost to the weekend, anyway. We've still gotta finish today. But hopefully that won't be too painful to get through. Then... Yeah, I just love weekends.