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Under Fire Miniatures

Under Fire Miniatures has remoulded and rereleased some of the minis they've not had around for quite some time.From the announcement:The observant amogst you will have noticed the disappearance of It
Under Fire Miniatures has the second half of their March releases now available over in their webshop.From the announcement:Newly released for Mid March. A command pack for the Westerplatte Poles rang
Under Fire Miniatures marches into March with their March releases.From the release:Newly released for March. A 4 man pack of Rhodesian African Rifles troops & a four figure pack of ZANLA insurgents.
Under Fire Miniatures has two new squads they've released over on their website.From the announcement:Following on from my early February release of a new range of Chechen Militia packs, come a range
Under Fire Miniatures has several new Chechen squads available for their February releases.From the release:I am pleased to announce that the first three packs in my new Chechen Militia range are avai
Under Fire Miniatures posted up their December releases over on their website.From the release:Newly released for December are 3 new packs for the Germans. These are 2 early war great coated engineer
Under Fire Miniatures released their new Bumblebee drone over on their website.From the release:Newly released today & available now from the Under Fire online store a 'Bumblebee' tactical UAV. This d
Under Fire Miniatures has several new release up on their website for July. Duck and cover!From the release:New for July. 3 x 4 figure packs for the 2010 Helmand British range. Gamers will find a 'com
Under Fire Miniatures has their new June releases posted up for you to go and see. It would be nice if you did that.From the update:New for June. Two new packs of ZANLA insurgents to compliment the ex
Under Fire Miniatures will be headed to Phalanx 2012 Wargaming Show. And if you want to make pre-orders, they'll be happy to bring them with to the show so you can pick 'em up.Under Fire Miniatures wi
Under Fire Miniatures has a couple sets of new armed police miniatures for you. They're available now on their website.From the release:A completely new range of modern, armed, UK Police. 8 figures in
Under Fire Miniatures previews some of their new Armed U.K. Police they've got coming out soon. And here they are:From them to you:Soon to be released are a new range of armed U.K. Police. Scale is 20
Under Fire Miniatures shows off some new WWII figs they've got.From the release:A fellow gamer with a passion for Poland 1939 has very generously allowed me to sell the figures he has had commissioned
Under Fire Miniatures are showing previews of their upcoming figures based upon the Polish Westerplatte garrison of 1939:From their post:The first batch of these superb figures went off to be moulded
Under Fire Miniatures have released new 20mm figures for the Taliban and Afghan National Army. From their announcement: Announcing the release of 2 new 4 man packs & a 2 man gun team plus gun for t
Under Fire Miniatures figures will be available for sale at Campaign 2011. From their announcement: Sheffield Wargames Emporium will be stocking the following Under Fire Miniatures ranges at the Camp
Under Fire Miniatures have added several new packs of 1:72nd scale figures to their online store. page12.htm" target="_blank"> From their announcement: Hello. Announcing the release of 4 more packs