Uncharted Seas

Spartan Games shows off new Rulebooks, Campaign Books and Ships for all their games

Spartan Games has a whole new set of releases for Dystopian Wars, Firestorm Armada and Uncharted Seas.

From the announcement:
Spartan Games is excited to bring to your gaming table a whole host of new releases for Dystopian Wars, Firestorm Armada and The Uncharted Seas.

Dystopian Wars sees the introduction of its first campaign book, Hurricane Season, along with brand new models to use when playing out some of the thrilling scenarios the fully-illustrated campaign book details. For Firestorm Armada, the Hardback Edition Master Rulebook is released, bringing everything needed to begin plotting your terrorising crusade in the Storm Zone. Finally, the ongoing conflict in the Uncharted Seas escalates with several new ships, new scenery, and a unique proposition for Iron Dwarves fleet admirals.

These models will be shipping from July 4th 2012. From today, you can place your advance orders in our Online Store to ensure you do not miss out on these exciting new models.

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Uncharted Seas Phase 2

Spartan Games have posted images and pricing for the Second wave of releases for their relaunch of the Uncharted Seas fantasy naval combat game.

From their announcement:

STE001 Thaniras Elves Starter Fleet
Like a dagger in the hands of a skilled assassin a Thaniras Elves Starter Fleet is ideal for players looking to stab at their enemy, carefully removing threats from the gaming table and striking at the heart of the opposing fleet. The stylised design of the Elves makes them elegant to look at, but at the same time they carry a hint of danger. In the hands of the right player any opponent will be crushed by this fleet.

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Spartan Games previews new models

Spartan Games has previewed new 3D renders for Dystopian Wars and Uncharted Seas.

From their announcement:

The Prussian Empire - Gewitterwolke Class Airship

The dull pulsing engines of the Gewitterwolke Class Airship are often heard, but rarely do you see this airship emerge from the stormy skies until it is too late. With a crackling, thunderous shriek the Fore Tesla Coil unleashes hurt on any unfortunate enemy foolish enough to stray into the path of this aerial Armageddon. You may also want to reconsider your position should you be ill-fated enough to be darkened by its shadow; the arsenal of bombs this flyer carries ensure it leaves little standing in its wake.

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More Uncharted Seas relaunch releases

Spartan Games continues to post images and pricing for the first wave of releases for their relaunch of Uncharted Seas fantasy naval combat game.

More Releases

SMON01 Generic Sea Monsters
This pack of Sea Monsters contains three creatures from the murky waters of the Uncharted Seas: Octopoda, Kroken and Naitaka. These monsters can be used to spice up a game, by providing a 'random event' to a tabletop game, or be used as part of a scenario. Rules for these models can be found inside the Master Rulebook. You can also download a PDF of the rules from www.spartangames.co.uk

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Uncharted Seas relaunch first releases

Spartan Games have posted images and pricing for the first wave of releases for their relaunch of the Uncharted Seas fantasy naval combat game.

From their announcement:
Spartan Games is proud and excited to be going back to where it all started a little over 3 years ago: Uncharted Seas. As we announced in July, Uncharted Seas is being given an overhaul and now we can show you what our design team have been up to.

Since we announced the re-launch the roll-out plan has changed slightly. The Uncharted Seas range has grown in 3 years and so instead of re-launching everything together we’ve decided to split it into 4 phases to make it more manageable. There will be 2 weeks between each phase.

Stock for Phase 1 releases will be available to ship from October 19th

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Bone Griffons Nightmare Class Flagship preview

Spartan Games have posted images of the 3D sculpt for the Bone Griffons Nightmare Class Flagship as well as the Bone Griffon Destroyers and Frigates. Bone Griffons Nightmare Class Flagship From their website:
The Nightmare Class Flagship is the terror of the high seas, a mighty floating fortress full of undead warriors. The centre piece of its construction is a temple dedicated to the Bone Griffons revered totem, the Abyssal Griffon. Enemies of the Bone Griffons quake in fear at the appearance of such temple ships, because the dreaded influence of their priests’ magical aura can be felt at a great distance.

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Spartan preview Ralgard Tervak’Nar Flagship

Spartan Games have posted a preview of the Ralgard Tervak’Nar Flagship for Uncharted Seas.  Ralgard Tervak’Nar Flagship (with Vantak Battleship) From their website:
There are many ships across the Uncharted Seas that strike fear into the hearts of fleet admirals when they are seen on the horizon. There is a special curse among the Orc Raider clans for Imperial Human martyr vessels who rob hard won victories from even their fiercest captains. Dwarven engineers spit at assignment to piston ram cruisers, for their precision engineering requires endless maintenance in sweltering and dangerous conditions. There are ships which are known for good luck and safe travel and there are ships cursed for everything under the sun, but there are some reputations that go beyond simple hatred.

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Uncharted Seas Battleship previews

Spartan Games have posted images of the 3D sculpts of the Bone Griffon and Human battleships. Bone Griffon battleship From their website:
We thought it was time to show you some more ship models from the upcoming, digitally re-sculpted Uncharted Seas range. Watch out for more images next week. What we’ve got for you in this post is the Bone Griffons Reaper/Plague Class Battleship and the Imperial Human Eagle Class Battleship:

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Uncharted Seas relaunches

Spartan Games have announced the relaunch of Uncharted Seas with new digital sculpts of the fleets. Orc Raiders Assualt Cruiser From their website:
Spartan Games is excited to announce that it has concluded a major project in taking its highly successful Uncharted Seas fantasy naval tabletop game and moving it into the digital age. This project has seen all 7 current fleets, which had been previously hand sculpted, completely rebuilt using state of the art digital technology. This has been a huge undertaking, involving over 70 new models, and reaffirms Spartan’s commitment to enhancing and supporting the fantasy realm that it created some three years ago.

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New Uncharted Seas and Firestorm Armada releases

Spartan Games have announced four new releases, shipping June 1st, 2011, for Firestom Armada and Uncharted Seas.

Rense System Navy Siren class Escort
With a Point Defence (PD) rating of 4 the Siren Class Escort is all about stopping incoming weapons from getting through to the vessel it is escorting, which in most instances is the RSN Banshee Dreadnought.

Rense System Navy Phoenix class Destroyer
This vessel is a good all rounder, capable of laying down weapons fire to all arcs. Its killing potential, however, comes from a central weapons system that is powerful out to Range Band 4, and at its most lethal at Range Band 3. Fixed Fore Torpedoes add to its killing prowess, making the Phoenix a useful weapon to any player that likes to take it head first to an enemy.

Imperial Human Kingfisher Class Cruiser
The Kingfisher class was designed by an Arkos captain, retrofitting equipment from their existing Terkash hunting ships onto a Heavy Cruiser hulls for use in battle. Since its introduction the massive harpoon gun and large crew have proven to be a potent weapon for dragging in and boarding enemies both on the sea and in the air.

Dragon Lords Arcane Class Cruiser
Some of the greater Dragonlord families can afford to equip their Cruiser squadrons with highly skilled wizards to provide enhanced magical support in battle. The power of their castings break through mystical defences making them a valued asset against fleets with strong anti-magic and they also carry a supply of short ranged firebolt scrolls for use in close combat.
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