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Ulfsark Games

You've seen the previews, now it's time to back the project. Ulfsark Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Tayio Dynasties, their new fantasy skirmish miniatures game based in an alternate-reality Feudal Japan. Grab your clan and fight for your place in the world.

Taiyo Dynasties will be hitting Kickstarter in just a couple weeks. To help entice you to back, Ulfsark Games has another faction preview for you. This time around, it's the Atsuda Vanguard. Have yourself a look.

Taiyo Dynasties - War of the Falling Petal will be coming to Kickstarter in May. Ulfsark Games is showing off minis that'll be in it, including this look at the Imperial Army. Have yourself a look.

Making games isn't easy. There's a ton of moving parts to make sure fit just right, and it takes a dedicated publisher to make sure it all goes smoothly. Ulfsark Games is currently looking for a publisher for their Taiyo Dynasties game. They've got it all just about ready to go. They're just looking for someone to help make sure everything goes smoothly.

Moving locations can be exciting. There's a new place with new opportunities, new neighbors, new local restaurants, a new shops. However... you've gotta pack up all your stuff into boxes and carry it over there. That's... not so much fun. That's why a lot of people will try and sell off a bunch of their stuff, first. Well, Ulfsark Games are moving. So they're having themselves a sale.
Ulfsark Games mostly makes custom dice, coins, and tokens, but they're working their way into making a new game. It has a far-Eastern feel, teamed up with anthropomorphic animals (I'm hoping for a "Chinese Boxing Ursus Maritimus" will be included). They've got a Beta version of the rulebook and some stats cards posted online for you to check out.
Ulfsark Games is running a Kickstarter for their Polyhedron Dragon Scales Metal Dice. They're most of the way to their goal with still 17 days to go, so check 'em out.


From the campaign:

Themed dice for miniature and role-playing games. Precision cut by CNC machines to give you the best metal dice possible.


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