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UK Games Expo

I've never been able to go to the UK Games Expo before. But, since conventions are all online this year, I'll get a chance to go, in a way. Free League Publishing will also be there. And since you can
The folks over at Battlefront have a lot going on in this update. First off, with Free Nations coming out next weekend, they've got various previews up for that. Then, they also have a look at an upda
The UK Games Expo continues to grow, becoming one of the more-anticipated shows of the year. GCT Studios will be there, as usual, and they're showing off what they'll be doing while there, including h
Steady as she goes, everyone. We're halfway through the week. The weekend will be here soon enough. *hears someone call out, "That's not soon enough!"* Hush, you.Anyway, we should push on ahead and ke
While those of us here in the US are getting ready for things like Momocon, Origins, and eventually Gen Con, our friends across the pond are getting ready for the UK Games Expo. Mage Company is certai
Well, it's not just Gale Force 9 that's looking for volunteers for the upcoming conventions. Shadows of Esteren is still pretty new, just getting into the hands of those that backed their Kickstarter,
Coiledspring Games will be making their way to the UK Games Expo this weekend (the show starts tomorrow!) and will be showing off some new games while at the show. One's great for people who like to g
GCT Studios will be headed to the UK Games Expo next week and they're bringing their Bushido Grand Masters Tournament with them. Is your kung-fu the best to be able to come out on top? If it is, you c
Black Box Games sat down and chatted with Polyhedron Collider while at UK Games Expo.SourceFrom the video:At the UK Games Expo 2014 I got to interview Martin Vaux from Black Box games on behalf of the
Unit Forward will be holding the Dust Warfare UK Open on June 1st in Birmingham.SourceFrom the announcement:The Dust Warfare UK Open 2014, presented by Unit Forward, will take place at UK Games Expo i
The online booking system for the UK Games Expo will be live tonight at 8pm GMT. From their announcement: The wait is almost over. UK Games Expo's booking system will go live at 8pm today: Tuesday 19