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Txarli Miniatures

The football season continues on. And as we learned yesterday from Mantic, the Rugby season is on as well. Want to bring some of that action to your tabletop? Well, there's several fantasy sports game
Txarli Miniatures is in their final days over on Indiegogo for their Fantasy Sports Lizardmen team. They added a new star player for that rush to the end(zone).SourceFrom the campaign:Available!! go g
Battle Game Mat -3X Double Sided Battle Board
Txarli Miniatures made it past another stretch goal on their Lizardmen Indiegogo campaign, unlocking the Breaksaurian Star Player.SourceFrom the campaign:We just unlock the Breaksaurian star player :)
Txarli Miniatures has added block dice to their Lizardmen fantasy sports team Indiegogo campaign.SourceFrom the update:Only available at indiegogo
Txarli Miniatures has made it up and over their funding goal for their Lizardmen fantasy sports team over on Indiegogo. So it's on towards stretch goals for the next 42 days.SourceFrom the campaign:Th
Txarli Miniatures has launched their Indiegogo campaign in order to fund a new Lizardmen fantasy football team.Perhaps my Pangaea Punishers might get a few new teammates...SourceFrom the campaign:Help